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Saturday Night Live Free TV Show Tickets in New York City

SNL is Shot in New York City and Tickets To The Show Are Available To The Public

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SNL Spare Tickets:

Spare tickets to Saturday Night Live (SNL) at the NBC studio in NYC are a rare quantity. Even then, holders of said SNL tickets may not even get in, as the ticket clearly states that the SNL ticket is not a guarantee of admittance, and boy is this show popular. There have been unfortunate stories of people who have traveled a long distance only to be told at the last minute that their SNL tickets would not be honored because the celebrity host brought too many people in their entourage or that the skit that they are doing that night requires some extra space, so less seats for the audience.

SNL TV Show Taping Schedule:

SNL has two performances every Saturday night from September through May. The SNL dress rehearsal begins at 8:00pm with an arrival time at the studio of 6:30pm. The SNL live show begins at 11:30pm with an arrival time at the studio at 10:00pm. Each show has a different studio audience. The rehearsal is recorded to tape and is used for backup in case the live show cannot air. Many skits in the rehearsal do not make it into the live SNL show. Many fans prefer to see the dress rehearsal because its more relaxed and enjoyable and some of the best skits have been cut-out in the live show because they are too risque for NBC execs, who have the final say over what makes it in and what does not.

Mail In Requests for SNL Tickets

Since the Anthrax letters to NBC in October 2001, SNL (in addition to all the other shows taped at NBC) no longer offers a mail-in service for ticket requests. Please do not waste you time and expense sending in requests for SNL tickets this way because NBC are forced to put them in the garbage.

Email Requests for SNL Tickets

SNL officially promotes an email based lottery system for SNL ticket applications which they claim is open in the month of August every year.
During a recent straw poll that we conducted with an exiting SNL audience, none of the people questioned said that they received their SNL tickets in this way - It appears that the email lottery system is either not used or is ineffective. Most were standby, many were "friends" of the SNL production staff, others were NBC employees and the smallest groups consisted of celebrity entourage and regular SNL ticket holders.

Regular SNL Ticket Holders

Some regular fans of the show have open invites where they can come back to the SNL every week if they choose. These people have the enviable position of always having SNL Tickets reserved for them, that will be taken by a standby ticket person if they don't show up. SNL Ticket  - Standby Ticket for the Dress Rehearsal

Standby and Short Notice SNL Tickets:
Standby tickets to Saturday Night Live are available. If you want to see the Saturday Night Live TV Show in New York we can tell you how to do it. Our complete research guide to TV Show tickets will give you access to all the latest information including methods, phone numbers and the secret details.
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Advance Ticket Requests:
The Saturday Night Live TV show does not accept phone or mail-in requests for advance SNL tickets.
Officially, advance SNL tickets, for future shows, can only be requested over the internet.
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Group Policy:
The Saturday Night Live TV show does not offer group SNL tickets.

Age Requirements:

You must be at least 16 years old to receive SNL tickets and to attend either of the SNL Shows. Identification will be required to match the ticket.

TV Studio Address:

SNL is taped at the NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Center
The entrance is on 50th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues in New York City

SNL TV Show Show Transmission:

The show is aired live! (well, thanks to Janet Jackson, it’s not quite live…)
If you are watching NBC over the summer, it is a re-broadcast of an old show from the previous season. Comedy Central also re-broadcasts old shows since they bought the rights to the shows, but they are usually very old and in no particular order. Although Comedy Central owns the rights to broadcast the very first 4 shows (Before the show even had the name SNL), they chose not to re-broadcast them because the quality of the show was so poor.

Travel Plans:
Want to make it to the show on time? Here’s the latest local transit information.