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SNL Cast Interview

An interview with several members from the cast of Saturday Night Live.

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Saturday Night Live Cast Interview:

Here is the interview with the cast of SNL:

Ann Gasteyer: : Its Ann Gasteyer, hello
Ana Gasteyer: Hi, how are you doing ?

Which SNL performer, past or present, do you think best epitomizes the show?
It's hard to say since it's an ensemble show. I'd have to say it's a conglomerate.

Who was the funniest host you worked with?
Well, a large number of our hosts were the funniest people, but I probably was most impressed with Kevin Spacey.  - So many impressions, comedic insights and acting skills. But everybody really. They do a good job at picking hosts and I am good at sucking up - hey how do you think I got this job - Talent ?  Its certainly not on my ability - comedy is Sh#% work and we have to suck it up all the time - thats what we do !

Is it fun to be on SNL or is it just bull ? 
It is insanely fun. The most fun ever. 

Do you  enjoy doing what you do?
:I'm happier than I've ever been. SNL is one of the only places you can both act and create characters for a living. 

Ana! Is it true that your a Liberal trapped in a conservative. 
 No. I'm a liberal trapped in a liberal body.

Does the cast ever regret some of the sketches they do? 
Generally, not, we're in the business of making fools of ourselves.  Is there a special man in your life right now? 
I'm married but...the special man is my dog henry.

Who would you say is your best friend on the cast?
We're all close in different ways. But the girls tend to stick together.

What's your favorite character that you do? 
I love all of them...Right now I'm on a Bobby of Bobby and Marty kick.

Who is your best friend out of the cast members?
Too hard to say... sorry, it's unsatisfying (the answer)

 Do you ever feel that you have done a sketch too much? 
 I'm still relatively the new girl,but I'm sure by next season I'll feel like I've done them all too much...See you all on the net....Thanks for watching the show.

Tracy Morgan: Its Tracy Morgan, hello
Tracy Morgan: Hello, what fuckin time is it ?

Eh..Sorry Tracy - What characters, if any, did you bring to the show when you came? 
Dont be a asshole  - I had one character name, Dominican Lou and he was on the update. I also brought Mike Tyson to SNL.

Do you have any future plans besides acting on the show?
I plan to explore film, stage, and whatever is in front of me. Right now I'm enjoying SNL and it's wonderful

Tracy-are you gonna do more Dominican Lou sketches in the future.
If you want to do more Dominican, I'll do it, because Dominican Lou loves you. Well, actually no, because any character can be cut from the show, but it's all in me. But I can tell you this. Every character I do on the  show, I'll try and make as hip as possible. 

Tracy how did you get into acting? 
I couldn't even tell you. It's just something I do very good. I guess I don't see myself selling shoes after  being on the SNL show. Wow, that's a shock. I'm black. I didn't know that. If I mean, it doesn't matter for me if it's primarily black, if it's funny. I wouldn't care if it were black, white, or Chinese, as long as it was funny. 

Tracy - Talk about your first stand-up gig. [Chazz King-Santa Barbara, CA] 
My first stand up gig. I pretty much knew when I watched the other comedians before me. I saw the other  comedians getting laughs and the thunder roars. I pretty much knew that that's what I wanted to do, so my first show was fortunately a great show. I thank God for that.

Darrell Hammond:
NYTix.comWe'd like to welcome, Darrell Hammond!
Darrell Hammond:
 Hi,. How's it going? Am I getting paid to do this shitty interview - you media types are a bunch of dicks, wheres the free food?

Darrell I heard you met President Clinton what does he think of your impersonations... Did he beat you up?
He loves my impressions. No, he didn't beat me up, although a secret service agent did though. I met Clinton in the oval office for about 20 minutes with the guy. We were doing a schtick. He's just a very  charming fellow with unbelievable charisma. I can see how he can get away with saying to a woman, if you'd only take your clothes off, it would make us closer as friends.

Chris Kattan is about to join us........

Chris Kattan: Do you find that you are compared with past casts of SNL too much? 
Chris Kattan:
 Not too much. sometimes the only person is Mike Myers. 

Are there any new characters you're working on? 
I have one character, named Mango. He's an exotic dancer. I have another character based on my father and he's kinda crazy and overbearing. 

Who were your influences?
Buster Keaton, Chaplin, and Peter Sellers. 

Who is your favorite character to play? 
I like doing the jibberish guy. 

What's your favorite band that has been on SNL? 
 Jewel Gave Me a Kiss. 

Who was your favorite host to work with? 
Kevin Spacey and Tom Hanks

How are the guests chosen? How are they prepared for live TV? 
Availability has a lot to do with it, and to answer your preparation question, it depends on what they want to do and what they're good at

Whats up with the Roxbury guys movie, any regrets - critics are panning it and this is being tied back to you
Chris Kattan: Yes. But they have good things to say in small towns and not a lot to say in big towns. 

Do you ever review the skits from the very early years. 
Yes. some of the best skits were from the early years. And some of the worst were good to learn from. 

How long does it take to prepare a skit? 
Writing it or performing it? Writing a script takes one night. Rehearsing takes one day. 

How much of an average skit do you think is spontaneous? 
Maybe 10 to 20% of it during the performance. Thank you for your questions and keep watching. The show will get better and better! Welcome, Norm

Norm Macdonald: I know you guys have professional writers, but do you guys get to put any of your own stuff into the sketch? If so, how much? 
Norm Macdonald:
 We have professional writers, but we also get to put our own stuff into the sketches. 

Norm, you gotta tell...what is the funniest thing that has happened on the show? 
 One time I got punched in the stomach by Tommy Lee Jones. Oh no, it wasn't Tommy Lee Jones. It was Pamela Lee. 

What does it feel like when no one laughs at a news item? 
 Well I feel like Tom Brokaw. He never gets laughs. That guy is really not funny.

What are you guys doing there? 
What are any of us doing here when you stop and think about it. 

Norm, will you ever do another episode of NewsRadio? 
I would except that I'm having a show business feud with Andy Dick. Oh, no, did I say Andy Dick? I meant Pamela Lee.

Will your real brother be on with you soon? 
Yes, he's going to be on the show soon. Oh, no, did I say my real brother? I meant Tommy Lee Jones. No, not Tommy Lee Jones. That other guy. Pamela Lee, I think, is her name. 

Will you ever have letterman on? I mean come on aren't you guys friends? 
Yeah. I love Letterman. I'd love to have him on. He's the greatest - Schmuck Goodbye.

Jim Breuer: Have you ever been abducted by aliens? 
Jim Breuer:
 No, I can't say I have. 

Do you ever feel like you just gotta dance? 
I feel that way right now. 

Jim Which gets you more laughs Goat boy or your Alanis Morsette impression. 
 Definitely Goat Boy. 

I would like to be on SNL someday how can I get on
Hope God blesses you with some talent and follow your dream - then you will get on a good show, Otherwise give me money and I'll hook you up. 

Who's your favorite person to work with? 
My favorite person to work with is Molly and Tracy Morgan. 

How did you come up with Goat boy? 
Going to many zoos and imitating. Having a lot of time on my hands with nothing to do but impersonate goats...Bah! 

Jim any pressure to perform better then the casts of years past?
None whatsoever. the only pressure I have is what I put on myself. 

Did DeNiro and Pesci scare the guys who played them? AWESOME! 
Jim Breuer: No, but that question does. 

 How old were you when you realized that this is what you want? 
I would say, sixth grade. Goodbye.

Colin Quinn:

Colin Quinn: Hello. Somebody better ask me a question right now. 

 Do you enjoy being on SNL and enjoy your company on SNL?? 
Colin Quinn: Well, I enjoy SNL. What company do you mean? The company I bring up to the offices on the off weeks or the people on the show? 

Are you married? I'll be your wife... 
I'm not married. Yes, you can be my wife. How old are you? 

What you do see yourself doing after SNL? 
Hi would like to buy a ranch in Texas. And start my own family. 

What is it like working on SNL? 
If you like New York City, it's great. If you don't, it must be terrible. 

Have you ever seen a rastefarian monkey named Joe? 
No, Joseph, but not Joe . 

What are your favorite bands? 
Beatles, The Who, Zeplin, New Bands--Pavement, and Wilco. 

Does performing skits live intimidate you?
No. Performing live sex acts intimidates me. 

What do you do for fun big guy. 
Hang out with my friends, insult each other, go to ball games, start fights with people smaller than me. Bye, Bye. 

Will Ferrell:

What was your favorite pick-up line? From Will (a different one) 
It is, Is that a mirror in your pocket because I can see myself in your pants. Does that make sense?

The sketch with you and Chris Kattan as the club hopping idiots is hilarious!!!! Do you use those moves in real life? 
We use those moves not only in real life but in a movie we're shooting set to be released next year. 

Did you go to school to be funny ... or just natural?
Will Ferrell:Just natural, I guess! 

r u single
No. I have a wonderful girlfriend. 

The Unabomber? Ever afraid he'd get you? 
Well, as long as he's locked up, I guess I'm okay. However, I'm sure he's flattered by all the publicity. 

Who's got the Cocktails? 
Are you talking about the two girls standing behind? 

What is A NIGHT AT ROXBURY about!!!????!?!?! 
It is about the Roxbury guys and their quest to get into the best club in town. They also hope to open their own club. This is Vivica, my girlfriend. And

Molly Shannon:

Molly Shannon: Welcome, welcome. Thank you for welcoming me. 

Molly - Dig-IT in Station Square----When you did commercials, did they give you free samples of the products for a year? 
I did a Kellogg's Meusilix cereal. I played a waitress. Hertz, Denny's, just a lot more--I can't remember right now. 

In acting, who are your biggest influences? 

I love Sean Penn, Rosalind Russell, Judy Garland, Jack Nicholson, Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro. 

What got you interested in joining the cast? 
I wanted to make a lot of dough and be on t.v. 

Which do you prefer, Boxers or Briefs? 
I haven't had too much experience with either. I guess I like boxers. 

Were you ever abducted by aliens? 
No. Actually, I used to sleep in this apartment on Fountain and Vine and I used to feel crazy things at night. Things that were holding me down. And I used to think it was my roommate playing tricks on me. The rumor had it that ghosts lived in the apartment. 

Are you a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers? 

Do you like The Doors? 
Yes, I like the Doors. 

Whats your favorite sport to watch? 
Gymnastics is my favorite sport to watch.

Is it hard to keep a straight face when doing your skits?
Yes, Norm Macdonald makes me laugh the hardest. It's hard to be serious with him. 

Where do you get your ideas.. for the show? 
Molly Shannon:They come from my personal life. I just want to say, thanks for asking me all these nice questions.

Cheri Oteri Joins us..

Cheri Oteri:

Cheri, Did any of your comedy come from abbott and costello? 
What? No, I'm not a hack. Everything I've done is--Abbott & Costello, where did that question come from? 

What do you think about Mike Tyson? 
I think he better learn how to fight fair--no biting. I don't think about him actually. 

Who are all the schmos standing around you? 
We like to call that schmo, Mike Shoemaker, one of the producers of Saturday Night Live.  He's my favorite schmo. Everyone else is just here for the free food. 

When will you bring back the Cheerleaders
The 12th of Never--I'm kidding. As soon as we have a great idea. And a host to incorporate in that great idea. 

Which of the other cast members, do you think is the funniest. 
That's a loaded question. I'm going to be a Miss America and say, All of them. 

Do you receive any injuries whili jumping around as MKG
Yeah, to my ego because I don't do MKG.

Is it true that you are a former opera singer?
Cheri Oteri:Yes, it's all true. I was an opera singer for the CIA.

Thanks to the whole SNL gang for the interviews !