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Tony Danza Free TV Show Tickets in New York City

The Tony Danza TV Show is Shot in New York City and Tickets To The Show Are Available To The Public

line tony danza UPDATE: The Tony Danza is no longer in production.
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The Tony Danza Show:

Tony Danza is an American actor and professional boxer. He is recognized for his TV series Who is the Boss? , in which he was nominated for an Emmy Award. Danza also won an award for Favorite Male Performer.The Tony Danza Show is a variety talk show that premiered in Septemeber 2004. The show airs immediately after Live with Regis and Kelly on ABC. Host Tony Danza is joined by co-hos tEreka Vetrini in the show.

The Tony Danza Show Update:

Due to weak ratings The Tony Danza Show came to an end. The last episode aired on May 26, 2006 with reruns continuing until September, 2006. Tickets to the show are no longer available.

Tv Show Taping Schedule:

The Tony Danza show tapes live Monday-Thursday at 10:00am with a second (not-live) taping on Thursday at 12:00pm.

So, How Do You Get Tickets to The Tony Danza Show in New York City?

Standby and Short Notice Tickets:

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Age Requirements:

You must be at least 18 years old to attend this show without adult supervision. Children under 10 years old are not admitted.

TV Studio Address:

ABC New York Studios
30 West 67th Street
New York, NY 10023

Show Transmission:

The show is taped and broadcast live Monday through Thursday at 10:00am

Travel Plans:

Want to make it to the show on time? Here’s the latest local transit information.