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Judge Jerry Sheindlin on The Peoples Court

A Biography of Judge Jerry Sheindlin on The Peoples Court

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Judge Jerry SheindlinJudge Jerry Sheindlin Bio

A native of New York, Sheindlin was a street kid from the Bronx before joining the Navy in 1951 during the Korean War. It was in the Navy that he turned his life around, going on to attend Long Island University (initially on probation due to his low high school grades), where he earned straight As and completed his studies in only two and a half years.

Sheindlin went on to Brooklyn Law School and received his J.D. in 1959. He spent the next 22 years as a partner in Adlerberg & Sheindlin, concentrating in trials of criminal cases as a defense attorney. In 1980, he was appointed a United States Administrative Law Judge and held that post for two years. Sheindlin was next appointed a Criminal Court Judge in the City of New York in 1983, by then-Mayor Ed Koch (former jurist of "The People's Court").

Judge Sheindlin on The Peoples Court

Judge Jerry Sheindlin joined "The People's Court" in September 1999, bringing 40 years of legal experience to the bench, as the show began its third season.
Judge Sheindlin was quickly elevated to the New York State Supreme Court in 1986, where he presided until his retirement in 1999 to take over as the presiding Judge of "The People's Court". During his judicial career, Judge Sheindlin authored more than 65 published judicial opinions, as well as a number of legal articles and books, including Blood Trail and Genetic Fingerprinting. Sheindlin lives in New York with his wife Judy, better known to millions as television√Ęs Judge Judy (who Mayor Koch also appointed to the bench). He and Judy have five grown children (three lawyers, a doctor and a homemaker) and four grandchildren.