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John Edward Transcript from Lary King Live

John Edward Transcript from Larry King Live back in 1998

thin blue line The word Psychic is a most interesting word. It seems to be made up of PSY, the shortening of Psychiatry and Chic meaning conforming to the current fashion. Then we admit that John Edward is both these things, he has certainly demonstrated some telepathic abilities and captured the momentum of an ever growing number of TV viewers.

Larry King Live

John Edward: An Alleged Psychic Who Claims to Communicate With the Dead

Aired June 19, 1998 - 9:00 p.m. ET

LARRY KING :Good evening. Special guest for the full hour tonight is John Edward, the Psychic medium and lecturer. He has a tape out, a book coming. We'll give you more information on that. A lot of people have told us that he is Extraordinary. This is our first meeting. As you can remember James Van Praagh who did similar things, appeared on this program some months back -- Had a book out that went to number one on the "New York Times" Best-seller list the following week and impressed a lot of people so, we thought it might interesting to have John Edward, join us. A lot has been said about him as a medium and a lecturer. What by definition is a medium? What do you do?

Basically I act as a bridge, I go between the physical world and the non-physical world. And what I do -- I'm somewhat of a waiter -- I go to the other side, not literally go there, but I go to the other side and get information and I bring it out and I serve my client the information and hope that they understand it.

KING: Always from the other side?

EDWARD: Mostly -- most of my work is geared toward communicating with relatives and friends...

KING: Who have passed on.

EDWARD: ... who have crossed over.

KING: Do you explain -- how do you explain those psychics who don't do that but who in turn tell you, your house had a fire last week and your sister Selma has run away with Jim?

EDWARD: Well, actually those psychics are also working with what I believe are spirit guides, so it is a spiritual type of energy that's coming through and they might use different types of instruments or tools, astrology, numerology, cards, and that helps them to divine or focus their minds so that they can interpret the symbols that are coming through.

KING: How do you deal with all those who say this is in one sweeping movement, cultish?

EDWARD: I don't. I honestly don't. I really respect everybody's opinion and there are many people who have like come to me and said listen I really don't believe that you do this and I go, OK. First when I had to convince myself that I could do this.

KING: Weren't you ever -- what age were you when this happened?

EDWARD: Fifteen.

Were you a doubter?

EDWARD: I was a big doubter. I was a huge doubter.

KING: How did it happen?

EDWARD: I had a reading with a psychic from New Jersey named Lydia Claire (ph) and she just blew my mind and she told me things that there is no way she could have known. And the first part of the reading was that this was the path that I was supposed to be on and that I was supposed to be a teacher and help people and -- I thought she was nuts.

KING: You're a New York City kid, right?

EDWARD: I'm a New York City kid.

KING: First thing you must think of is she's wacko?

EDWARD: I thought these were skits and based upon the personality that she was sitting with, you know -- so I figured I'll be a famous psychic, great. When I came downstairs and I told my family -- they said what are you going to be and what did she tell you and I started telling them what she had told me and they're all looking at me like I had six heads. She didn't say anything like that. OK. That's what she told me and after that, a lot of what she said happened. There is no way possible she could have known this information -- no way.

KING: Do you know why you have it and I don't?

EDWARD: I have no clue. I really don't. I believe that we all have it, actually, and one of the things that I feel, when I lecture, when I go around the country. I'll be in Atlanta next month. When I go there I try to empower people to understand that what I'm doing is really not amazing; that you can do it and anybody watching this can do this. They just need to pay attention to the energy.

Do you not, John, have an edge in that we all would like to know there is something after this physical being, so your edge going in is tremendous, because we want you to be right. Even the biggest skeptic, hopes you're right?

EDWARD: Right.

KING: It would be crazy to want you to be wrong, right. Isn't that an edge for you?

EDWARD: To a degree, but sometimes, I've had so many people that have sat with me. They've wanted so much for this to be true. They want to make that connection with that child. They want to make that connection with mom and sometimes they need to first accept that the information is coming from that person from where they are, being on the other side and a lot of times it's not about what we want to hear. Sometimes they'll come through and talk about something completely different than what we're hoping for and the validations that they're coming through with don't always validate in the way that we want.
KING: Therefore, you must have been in a position to learn an awful lot about the afterlife?

EDWARD: As much as I possibly could.

KING: From the various people who communicate to you. How do they communicate to you?

EDWARD: They communicate with an energy and what happens is the energy comes to me.

KING: Into words?

EDWARD: Well, it comes in three different ways: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience -- and what that means is that I see pictures; I hear -- I don't want to say voices but I hear thoughts. I'm hearing in my -- for example, if you count, in your mind, from one to ten, that voice that you are hearing in your mind is how I receive the information. Except that I have two voices happening at the same time, so I have to learn how to fine-tune it and listen to it and then I get feelings or sensations. What I do in my frame of reference is that interpret what it is that I am seeing, hearing, and feeling and try to give it to the client and hopefully they understand it. Many times they don't. Many times I say please write this down and they'll validate it for me later. Well they might be aware of it at the moment and it might come out later for them when they talk to mom or they talk to dad.

KING: You mean things that a grandmother might say to them...

EDWARD: Right.

KING: ... that they didn't believe or weren't aware of?

EDWARD: Or things that they didn't know. I mean I know that when I had a -- I was out in California, and James Van Praagh read me and he sat there and he said to me, your grandmother is coming through and -- here name was with a J and I said, yes that's true and he stopped and said no, she's telling me she went by another name. And for twenty minutes he struggled with this thing about my grandmother being known for another name. And I'm sitting there going, no my grandmother's not known by another name. Two weeks later I got home and I'm driving on the Long Island Expressway and the theme from the "Golden Girls" came on, "Thank You For Being A Friend," and I started thinking about my grandmother because when that show came out. When Estelle Getty's character Sophia debuted, I went "That's my grandmama" and I nicknamed her Sophia and I called her Sophia for like since the show started. I went, "Oh my God," I can't believe I did this. I forgot it.

KING: He picked that up. What's the spirit world to your knowledge, like? For example, are they in this room now?

EDWARD: To a degree, I believe that they are.

KING: They're not in any physical form?

EDWARD: No, it's an energy body and I believe that the other side is made up of different levels and based upon the level of experience that we gain here or the lessons that we learn both in every day life and on a religious level, we cross over to that place that we create.

KING: Do they have ups and downs, do they have pain, and do they have sadness and gladness? Do they have emotions?

EDWARD: I believe that they do somewhat have emotion, but I wouldn't describe it the same way that we feel emotion. It's more universal. It's more bigger, it's more looking a the bigger picture rather than in the mix. So, if we were talking about our world as being a pool that we're in, standing and the water being the emotion, they would be above that looking down at it and they could still be a part of it and still see it but it's not the same.

KING: But how would they react when they see something terrible happening, to someone they left behind?

EDWARD: To give a that there -- I believe that they are there to give us, support. They there to help us, maybe get us through it or sometimes try to warn us about it.

KING: They might give you a health warning?

EDWARD: They can give you a health warning. They can give you information, but they're not going to intercede and take your lessons away from you for what we're here to learn.

KING: So you don't believe in pre-destined too...

EDWARD: To a degree. I believe that there are -- what I refer to as destiny check-in points, but in between there you get from point a to b, it's free will.

KING: John Edward is our guest. We'll be back with more, we'll be including your phone calls of course. Don't go away. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

KING: We're back with John Edward. We'll be going to calls shortly. By the way when you do call in you can certainly have questions about the entire field. We would certainly allow that. If you're calling in specifically for contact, all you have to do is give your name and who you wish to contact and we can expedite a lot of calls. Your services -- you have private clients?

EDWARD: I see clients privately, lecturing around the country, doing group stuff.

KING: And the tape you have is what?

EDWARD: The tape I have is called "One Last Time" and also the name of the book when it comes out in the fall.

KING: Who's publishing it?

EDWARD: Berkeley. And it is basically -- it's excerpts of different lecturers that I have done around the country and it shows people different types of readings, average readings, nothing stellar, nothing amazing, but real, validated readings that I feel people can learn from.

KING: It's a tape of you working?

EDWARD: It's a tape of me working and also answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

KING: That number we will repeat it later is 1-800-967-4100, if you would like information about ordering that tape. 1-800-967-4100. And the book will be out in the fall. It is called "One Last Time."

EDWARD: "One Last Time"

KING: Meaning saying goodbye to someone who is gone.

EDWARD: Yes, I had an experience my mother when she had passed, where she came through to me and gave me somewhat of a "one last time" in a dream, which was a really wonderful experience, and for those people who have had experiences where their relatives have come through directly to them, it's a phenomenal experience and it's a complete validation for us when that happens. It's better than anything any psychic can tell you.

KING: When a strong individual dies, who has had a lot of immense effect on the people around him or her and that people talk about feeling that spirit, what is that.

EDWARD: That is called clairsentience and it's basically sensing the energy of the person and many people will say that after somebody passes, whether it's at their wake or right after they pass, they'll say I don't feel like they're gone. It's because they're not, they're still there.

KING: I know people gone years that I don't feel like they're gone.

EDWARD: That's because they're letting you know they're still here. You're sensing their energy.

KING: They are doing that?

EDWARD: I believe so; I also believe that not every time the lights flicker, you know, that's a message from mom. Sometimes it's just that you need to change the light bulb, but there is a need to understand the signs and symbols on how they come through.

KING: You don't do famous people and a fair question would be why not?

EDWARD: Well, I'll equate that to reading your family and my family is probably laughing right know. I don't like reading family or people who are celebrities only because there is a lot of stuff about them that you know and the validation when you're doing this is so important, I would prefer to read a stranger than to read somebody that I know.

KING: But if you had Franklin Delano Roosevelt's grandson here, you, if that's possible, could learn a lot about what he thinks, about what is going on now. I mean, I'd go nuts -- that would be the first thing.

EDWARD: Probably not, because if he was to come through, he'd probably had evolved so much that he wouldn't care, to be honest with you. He'd probably come through talking about something more mundane.

KING: Like his grandson's school.

EDWARD: Like his grandson's school or like the couch that they just got or something that's really so pedestrian.

KING: Some of the things you do are facilitate grief recovery. By?

EDWARD: I think just by the nature of having this process and being a part of it. I mean sometimes when I do lectures, obviously I can't get to every person that's there, but being in the room is like being part of that. Everybody who comes to something like this or sees a show like this or reads a book about this, what they are doing is they are becoming part of the experience and even though the reading is not from them, they learn from it. And every time I sit down and do a reading it's from me. If I know I can talk to somebody -- somebody else's relatives, then they came to that persons wedding then I know my mother was at my wedding.

KING: How can since -- no psychic forecast Hurricane Andrew to my knowledge -- how do you forecast the future?

EDWARD: Energy. I look at energy as being somewhat on a line of probability. If you took a ball and tied a string to it and the ball was the energy that string would create a line and it's that's the line of probability in someone's life that a psychic can tune into and read that line of energy.

KING: But you can change your future, can't you?

EDWARD: I believe to a degree there are certain things in our lives that we can change and that's the reason why people go for readings, why they would have a psychic reading.

KING: How did you get into interpreting dreams, which seems to be a psychiatric ball field?

EDWARD: I got into interpreting dreams only through doing workshops. I studied dreams when I was in college actually, and I almost failed the course, because I thought I was going to ace it, and I didn't. But it was very interesting to learn that, but from learning what I learned in the course and knowing what I do in learning how to interpret what you're seeing, what you're hearing, what you're feeling, and that it's not always exactly what you think it is -- by writing the things down and analyzing it sometimes the dream has a completely different meaning from what you think it is.

KING: The famous neurosurgeon, not a psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Rustag (ph) believes that dreams are overrated, that they are not Freudian and that there's a lot read into them that shouldn't be read in. What's your thought? Are dreams important?

EDWARD: I think they are, I think dreams are a release for us. I think that we can get a lot accomplished in our dreams. I think that we get answers sometimes in our dreams and it is the number one way for our friends and relatives to come through to us, inside a dream.

KING: But we can fly in a dream, what is that?

EDWARD: That's referred to as astral projection, where the soul leaves the body and is able to feel like it is either falling...

KING: Superman, you could be anything you want.

EDWARD: Man you could be whatever you like.

KING: And all of it you think is important?

EDWARD: I think it's all connected; it's all about energy.

KING: Out of body experiences, what is that? (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

KING: We're back with John Edward. We're going to go to your phone calls. This is the video; we'll be giving you that number again. But first, let's have some calls for the psychic medium and lecturer. Elizabeth, New Jersey, hello.

CALLER: Yes, hello.


CALLER: Hi, I can't believe I got through.

KING: You're through. Go ahead.

CALLER: Yes, John, I listen to you all the time on "Scott and Todd."

EDWARD: Oh, my friends.

CALLER: I'm calling about my mother.

EDWARD: OK, stop right there. Your first name?

CALLER: Linda.

KING: Just give us your name and who you're asking for.

CALLER: My mother.

EDWARD: OK, Linda, the first thing I want talk about is, I know you're looking for your mom but I'm getting an older male who's also there on the other side. I feel like this is somebody who would be above you, which means it's like a father figure, or an uncle, and he passes from either lung cancer or emphysema, tuberculosis; it's all problems in the chest area. OK, that's the first thing. And I feel like there's a J or a G-sounding name attached to this.

CALLER: That's my mother.

EDWARD: She's got a very dominant personality.

CALLER: That's my mother. Her first name starts with G and she had emphysema.

EDWARD: Hold on. Does the month of August have a meaning for her, or the 8th of a month?

CALLER: Not that I know of.

EDWARD: OK, I want you to write this down, because she's telling me to say "eight" then. I have to tell you that this is coming through so strong there's a male, it's got a very dominant energy, but this is how I'm interpreting it, and she's telling me to talk about "eight." "Eight" to me would indicate that the month of August has a meaning, or that the eighth of a month has a meaning. She's telling me that there's a father-figure that's there, so I don't know if your father's passed but there's a father-type figure...

CALLER: No, my father -- I just spoke to him on my son's phone and he wanted me to ask...

EDWARD: Wait a second.

KING: He's nodding, yeah, your mother was tough.

EDWARD: There's a father figure...

KING: I can see your father, yeah.

EDWARD: ... who's with her, from what she's showing me.

CALLER: Her father?

EDWARD: It's not her father. It's connected to you. So I don't know if there's a father-in-law for you who's passed, but there's a father-figure who's there. It's a male figure who's there.

KING: But the important thing is, how is she doing?

EDWARD: Your mom is fine and I think it's important that you know that she was around -- somebody missed seeing her from what she's showing me, and she's telling me to let you know that.

KING: Old Bridge, New Jersey, hello.

CALLER: Hi. This is Peter.

KING: Hi, Peter.

CALLER: I'm looking about -- asking about my brother Michael.

EDWARD: OK, hold on Peter. Again, I get a lot of information through dates. The first thing that's coming through is I'm getting the feeling that April or the fourth of a month holds some type of a meaning. In the family does April have a meaning? Birthday or anniversary?


EDWARD: On your mom's side of the family, Peter. They're telling me "April."

CALLER: Not that I know of.

EDWARD: Hold that thought. On your mom's side of the family there's an older female who has crossed over. It's either her aunt or your grandmother. There's an M-sounding name that's attached to this, besides your brother, who you said is Michael,

CALLER: Mavis.

EDWARD: And they're telling me that there's something to do with the fourth month or the fourth of a month, and I'm also getting the feeling of being out of state, so I don't know if your brother was away from you or at a distance from you, but I see something as being debilitating and affecting the body. But I think your brother is OK.

CALLER: That's good to know.

EDWARD: All righty. Also, there's a congratulations going out to the family, which is either a happy birthday or some sort of a wedding thing that's coming out.

KING: Now that comes through you how?

EDWARD: I see pictures. Like the pink rose on the video is their way of expressing their love. When I see like a white flower, that means happy birthday or congratulations.

KING: Easton, Pennsylvania, hello.

CALLER: Hi, this is Cindy. I would like to talk with my grandfather and ask him a question.

KING: Can she ask him a question?

EDWARD: She can if he comes through.

KING: What's the question?

CALLER: I just want to know if he can see if we're going to have any kids in the future.

EDWARD: The first thing that I'm seeing is they're talking about -- and don't get alarmed, I think this has already happened -- they're talking about something burning. I don't know if there was a burning thing or if somebody had a fire in their house, or this is going back a few years. But they're telling me to talk about something that I would see as being like a fire or a barn fire or some type of a fire- type thing. Is there anything that used to happen in the backyard or something that he used to do?


EDWARD: Some type of outside fire or a fire thing?


EDWARD: OK. This is what they're showing me, so remember what the symbol is to me, I'm interpreting this as being some type of fire, or like fire-thing, but that's what's coming through. As soon as you -- as soon as I listened to your voice, and I'm tuning into your vibration, this is what's coming through. And I know you're asking me about kids, but I'm seeing boxes, and when they show me boxes it's their way of telling me that you're moving. Or that there's a move that's coming up.

CALLER: Uh-huh, yes, we just moved.

EDWARD: OK, so that's a confirmation of what they're telling me.

KING: But his -- her late grandfather couldn't tell her if she's going to have children or not.

EDWARD: I'm not getting...

KING: Or could he?

EDWARD: He could. He could.

KING: The spirits would know that.

EDWARD: They could come through and say stuff like that.

KING: We'll be back with more of John Edward on LARRY

KING LIVE. Monday night, Leon Panetta, Bob Schieffer, Stuart Taylor, on the investigation of the investigator. Don't go away. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

KING: By the way, this is John Edward's videotape, called "One Last Time: After-Death Communication." A lovely rose on the cover and that's available at 1-800-967 -- don't call here -- 1-800-967-4100. There's a book coming, same title, this fall. Northport, New York, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Jackie; I'm looking for my grandmother.

EDWARD: Hey Jackie, how ya doing? Um, the first thing I'm getting is I'm getting an M-sounding name; that's maybe like a Mary or Marie. Is that on your mom's side of the family?

CALLER: Um, no.

EDWARD: No, I'm saying is this the grandmother on your mom's side of the family?

CALLER: Augustine.

EDWARD: No, is this your grandmother on your mom's side of the family?

CALLER: yes it is; I'm sorry.

EDWARD: OK. Connected to her, she's talking about M-A-R. That's maybe like a Mary or Maureen, a Margaret; it's an M-A-R sounding name.


EDWARD: She's also telling me that there's a younger male figure who has crossed over who is there also. I don't see if this is a cousin or -- it's a younger male figure who's passed.

CALLER: She had a baby that died.

EDWARD: OK, well she's got him who's with her. Um, she's also waving a flag at me, so I don't know if she passed around July 4th, or there's some type of governmental holiday that she passes around, 'cause I don't think she's buried with the flag. But she's waving a flag around me, so I want you to know that. And what it symbolizes to me would be that the person passes around something significant like a Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Labor Day, there's some type of like a governmental holiday that she's showing me. Now, does your -- is this -- this is your mom's mom?

CALLER: My mom's mom.

EDWARD: Is there an Anne in that family?


EDWARD: Who is the Anne?

CALLER: Her niece.

EDWARD: OK, do you know if she just miscarried or if somebody's just lost a baby there?

CALLER: Not that I know of.

EDWARD: OK, 'cause they're making me feel like, besides the child that she was talking about, there's another child who's also over there in that side of the family. Please let them know the child is OK.


EDWARD: And they're also talking about November or the 11th, something about the 11th. 'Cause she's showing me "11."


EDWARD: But she's telling me to let you know that she's OK, and let your mom know.

KING: Do you see a miscarriage, or do you feel it? How could you come up with miscarriage?

EDWARD: OK, my background -- I used to work in a hospital -- so a lot of my health care information comes through very, very clear to me from different parts -- from seeing different parts of a hospital. And it's just an image of something that I see that I can identify with.

KING: And how did Anne come into you?

EDWARD: I saw my aunt.

KING: To Morrisville, Pennsylvania, hello.

CALLER: Hi. My name is Toni and I'm trying to contact my mother.

EDWARD: OK, Toni, the first thing I want to talk about is I'm seeing pink roses and I see thorns on these roses. Now bear with me, here. When I see pink roses it's their way of expressing their love to you. When I see thorns on it, it lets me know that there are issues that were not settled or complete before your mother passed, OK.


EDWARD: I'm also feeling that there is a something that affects her mind that would either stop her from being able to communicate with you in the way that she needed to, or something that would affect your being able to communicate with her, OK. This is what's being told -- this is what's being shown to me. They're also talking about either Josie or Joey or something with a J-O sounding name. Is that connected to her?


EDWARD: OK. Does she have a brother who's passed?

CALLER: A long time ago.

EDWARD: OK, 'cause she's telling me to tell you that she was greeted by the brother. Also, somebody's missing a finger or had a deformity attached to a finger; do you understand that?


EDWARD: OK, is that your dad?


EDWARD: It's an older male though; who is this?

CALLER: Possibly could be an uncle.

EDWARD: OK, she's also talking about the male who had the drinking problem, because she's showing me a beer mug. Whenever they shows me that, I always joke around and say "They're hanging out at the Other Side pub."

CALLER: That was my brother.

EDWARD: OK. Is he also there?


EDWARD: OK, can you please know that your mom, your brother, her brother; they're all coming through together. Did somebody there commit suicide?


EDWARD: OK. 'Cause they're telling me to let you know that they're OK also. And to tell me to wish you a happy birthday. Is your birthday coming up in the next week?

CALLER: Not mine, my sister's.

EDWARD: OK, they're jumping up and down about this birthday. They're saying Linda or Lindy or Leslie; who's this L name?

CALLER: No L name.

EDWARD: OK. When they show me L, it's gonna be like an L- sounding name, like Lisa or Len or -- when they come through with names, it's either who they are, who they're with, or "Please say hello to." They're also -- they also have a, you'll laugh, but they're making me hear a dog, so that means there's a dog who's passed also. So your mom's telling me to let you know that the dog is with her.

CALLER: She had a dog that passed.

EDWARD: All righty. But your mom's great.

KING: Thank you. What a phony; he got everything wrong there. Missed everything. All right. We'll keep him with us. John Edward is the guest. More phone calls after this. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

KING: By the way, when you order that tape, in the tape comes information as to where John Edward is lecturing and where you can reach him. To Coram, New York, hello.

CALLER: Hello.

KING: Go ahead.

CALLER: Yes, my mother passed away, quite a while ago, and I'd like to get in touch with her.

KING: What's your name?

CALLER: My name is Karen.

EDWARD: OK, Karen, the first thing that's coming through is not your mother, but I want to tell you that there's another female figure who is older than you, who's making you feel like she either helped raise you, or was around when you were growing up -- is coming through. And she tells me she either passed from breast cancer or lung cancer. I see blackness in the chest area, but I don't think that this is related to you. I think that this might be either a friend's mother or a mother-in-law -- I don't feel like there's a blood connection here.

CALLER: My stepmother.

EDWARD: OK, because I don't feel like there's a blood connection -- is she passed?

CALLER: She just passed away recently.

KING: From what?

CALLER: Lung cancer.

EDWARD: OK. Please, you need to -- this is important. I feel like somebody is questioning the medical care that this woman received, and they're saying that there was nothing wrong here. OK, this is what's being shown to me. Now, is there a Ganette or a Janet --

CALLER: Janet.

EDWARD: Who's this?

CALLER: That's my stepsister.

EDWARD: OK. She's living, though?

CALLER: Yes, she is.

EDWARD: She's out of your state?

CALLER: She's out-of-state.

EDWARD: Can you please let her know that mom came through? I feel like there is a lot of tears and a lot of crying over -- either missing seeing her before she passed, or not getting a chance to say good-bye, which is very, very important. But I think what we need to do here is clean the slate for her; and there is an issue about relationships, or about being involved with the wrong person, or not liking her husband or something like that. I don't know what this is, but I feel like you need to let go of all this stuff, and let her know that she's OK; and that she's got Maggie or Margie, or some sort of M-G-sounding name, who's with her, and know that she's OK.

CALLER: OK, I'm not sure about the MG.

EDWARD: Remember what I said -- it's an M-G-sounding name -- not just Mary -- its like Margie or Maggie.


EDWARD: All righty. Thanks for calling.

KING: Maybe she liked monosodium glutamate. (LAUGHTER)

KING: Secaucus, New Jersey. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, my name is Julie, and I'm trying to contact my mom.

EDWARD: OK, Julie, the first thing that's coming through is not your mom. Sorry, sometimes I gotta talk to them; I'm not an operator; I can't place calls. What is coming through is a younger male figure, who is passed over, and I feel like he passes because of a car accident, or because of an impact to his body -- something that impacts his body. He's telling me, "He's connected to R" -- like Rich or Richie or Robbie; and he's connected to somebody beneath you. So I don't know if you have a son, and this is a son's friend who's trying to come through to his family. But there's somebody younger coming through like this; and it's in your area, it's not out-of-state. It's not far away --

KING: Do you know anything about that?

CALLER: No, I don't.

EDWARD: I want you to remember this. This is really important, because many times clients come to me and you wind up becoming the medium; you become the messenger. But it's important that you let the family know that he's with the older male, which is either his father, but most likely going to be his grandfather. And I think -- to let you know this -- they either died in the same month or their birthday's -- there is a parallel between dates or months, which would mean -- he died in the grandfather's birth month, or vice versa, or something connected like this. But the biggest connection is the R -- like Richie or Rickie -- or there's that kind of R connection that comes up.


EDWARD: When you find this out, you can -- you know -- let them know here, or let me know, but--

KING: What about her mother?

EDWARD: I'm not getting her mom. That's what is coming through.

KING: Elizabeth, New Jersey, Hello.

CALLER: Hi, my name is Kathy, I'd like to talk to my mother.

EDWARD: Kathy, did your mom pass from congestive heart failure?


EDWARD: I'm seeing congestive heart failure, filling up with fluids, a lot of problems in the chest, but it's heart-related. That's what's coming through.

CALLER: Probably, yeah; towards the end.

EDWARD: OK. Did they have to make it -- was there -- this is strange -- did they have to make a split-decision at the end, whether or not to treat her -- or something?


EDWARD: OK. She's telling me that -- they didn't do this, correct?

CALLER: They did.

EDWARD: This is incomplete, from what she's making me feel, like something was not done or something was not completely done; and she's telling me it's OK. She's telling me either Ellen or Helen, or Eleonore --it's like an Ellen-sounding name; and she's making feel like it's either -- hello to -- or it's who she's with -- or some type of connection to this name, from what she's acknowledging. Do you understand this?


EDWARD: She's also showing me my birthday, which is in October, so it's something symbolic to October for her, from what she's also acknowledging; all righty, so I don't know if there's a birthday -- I think it's around the 16th or the 6th, from what she's showing me.


EDWARD: Write the date down. It's October -- it's around the 6th or the 16th. OK. It's the 10th month, and it's around the 6th. She's fine, and I feel like she's OK.

KING: When you ask people to write down things, that's because checking out later, they'll find something usually associated with October 6th or 16th?

EDWARD: Well, usually I used to say: "OK, I'm wrong. And then I had a lot of people have come back to me and say: "Oh, you know, I found that out." So now, I know that I could be wrong, but however, I don't feel it's about me -- sensing what's coming through. So I take my clients with me on the roller coaster ride of information

KING: Do you ever -- draw a total blank? A guy calls in, says: I want to talk to someone. (INAUDIBLE)

EDWARD: Yeah, sometimes nobody comes through. Happens.

KING: Now if they come through -- being practical -- it's difficult to be practical -- where are they? Are they here -- I've had psychics say they can see -- my mother standing next to me.

EDWARD: I don't see them.

KING: You don't see them?

EDWARD: I do not see them.

KING: Do you think they're in this--

EDWARD: --I feel them. I can feel them standing next to you. I can feel their energy; I can feel their presence. It takes an awful lot of energy for them to show themselves to you. And if they're showing themselves to you like that, they're working really hard to do it. It's a lot easier for them to facilitate the information to you in a dream -- so that you can -- you know, your conscious mind opens up and acts like a slide and allows the information through. Otherwise, it comes through in signs and symbols.

KING: it is a total spirit world, though, right?

EDWARD: Absolutely.

KING: It's not a world of day and night, food --

EDWARD: Nothing --

KING: ... riches, poor people, rich people?

EDWARD: No, nothing that affects the physical body affects them there. From what I'm shown -- and I think it's important to remember that -- and I might be a little global here when I'm saying this -- that everybody who does what I do are showing glimpses into the other side --glimpses of what it's like -- and, collectively, when we learn about these things, and when you get it over and over and over again, the philosophies and the theories are created; however, I believe that we will fully know when we get there ourselves. So when people say: is it like this, or is it like that? I'm like: I don't know; I live here, not there.

KING: Why do you think they don't come more clearly to everyone, so to put away all this suspense, and ending a lot of grief about dying. You would think -- I think, if I go on, I'd like to come back and say: Shawn (ph), it's okay -- you know what I mean? I think I'd scream it out.

EDWARD: But they do. It's just a matter of what we're able to understand in the process of them doing that. We put limitations on what we expect from them. A lot of people feel that -- well, if you're psychic, you should know everything -- you shouldn't get everything wrong; everything's got to be 100 percent. But that's not expected of any other field, and we can't put that on them -- because they've got to do what they can to get the information through to us in a way that we can understand it.

KING: So when you pick up, like a J -- investigation -- you're sure, they'll find some J that they might not know about?

EDWARD: Well, listen, you can go back as far as you like in your family and find some J -- you know. But I believe that -- I try to leave out as much validation, and say: don't deviate from this -- stick to what they've shown me. And that's how you're going to know what it is.

KING: Back with more of your phone calls for John Edward, right after this. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

KING: Again, if you're calling about the tape and the information, it's 1-800-967-4100. They do have operators standing by. We're taking calls for John Edward, and the tape is called "One Last Time: After Death Communication." Back to the phone calls. Rio de Janeiro. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, my name is Dennis, and I lost my father three months ago.

EDWARD: OK, Dennis, hold on. Was he in a different country from you?

CALLER: No. He was in a distant city.

EDWARD: OK -- I'm sorry, did you say he was away from you?

CALLER: He was in a distant city, yeah.

KING: A distant city?

EDWARD: What's coming through is I'm feeling that there is a distance, but I feel like it's a pretty big distance. That's why I thought it might have been a different country. This is going to sound really strange: did anybody around you pass like in a plane crash or in an accident that they were up high and then fell down -- or was high and then went low?


EDWARD: I want to you remember this -- because I'm getting it really strongly -- they're making me feel somebody being up high, passing because of an impact, and then falling. There's normally to me what I perceive to being a plane crash.

KING: What about his father?

EDWARD: I'm not getting his father.

KING: OK. We can't do everyone. Fallon, Nevada. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. This is Pam, and I'm calling about my grandfather, who passed away about 50 years ago.

EDWARD: Okay, Pam, there's somebody more recent, who also crossed over -- about three years -- three or four years ago -- and I feel this is somebody, to the side, someone like a husband, a brother, a brother-in-law. It's a male figure, that I feel has crossed over. He passes because of something that affects his head area. It's either brain tumors, or an aneurysm, or an embolism; something that goes to the head. It's more physiological, from what they're showing me. Do you understand this?

CALLER: Uh-huh.

EDWARD: OK. It's important that his family hears from him, because they keep teasing him: well, if you were there, you'd be able to do this. And he's telling me: he's trying to do this. They're not listening. So if you can get that message across to them; there is something regarding a phone -- I think he's trying to do something with them, either over an answering machine, or a phone. But it's got his likeness, so it's probably and answering machine. Pass that on. Is Jimmy connected to you, or is that to that family?

CALLER: No, un-huh.

EDWARD: It sound like they're saying: Jimmy, I'm going to leave that with you, but put it to that family. Again, when it comes (INAUDIBLE)

KING: Not her mother?

EDWARD: I'm not getting -- I'm not getting who she's looking for.

KING: There's no explai -- explanation of that?

EDWARD: No, there's--

KING: It's on her dime.

EDWARD: That's right. It's a party line.

KING: New Milford, New Jersey, hello.

CALLER: Yes, hello. Hi, john.

EDWARD: Hi. How are you?

CALLER: This is Charlene, and I'm trying to reach my mom.

EDWARD: OK, Charlene. Is dad also passed?


EDWARD: OK. Did dad go first?


EDWARD: Dad is coming through first.


EDWARD: Dad is telling me to talk about -- does he have a badge, or do you have a badge?


EDWARD: Who has got the shield or the badge -- who is in the police? Or there's some sort of badge that they're showing me.

CALLER: No one that I'm aware of.

EDWARD: Yes, you do. They're showing me the father figure, and they're telling me to talk about the badge. Is there a second father, like is there a father-in-law who has also crossed?

CALLER: A grandfather.

EDWARD: No, like a father-in-law -- or an uncle who has passed? It's an older male, but not that old?

CALLER: Older male, but not that old, with a badge.

EDWARD: Who had the leg missing?

CALLER: Nobody that I know.

EDWARD: Yes, you do. There's somebody coming through, and they're making my leg feel like it's not here.

CALLER: OK, well -- well, my aunt is still living, and she did have a problem with her leg, almost losing it when she was younger.

EDWARD: That's not what I'm seeing. This is a male figure, who has crossed over; he's talking about the leg, which means it's either not here, or he was paralyzed and couldn't use it. He's talking about being an older male, which is above you; which is like a father, a father-in-law --he's telling me to show you the badge. Like, the badge is the clue here. The badge is the thing that's supposed to validate who he is. That's what's coming through. However, you're looking for you mom, but these are the people that are coming through with her.


EDWARD: Do you have roses, or something, a flower that's pressed of hers?

KING: Hello? I don't know what happened to the call. I'm sorry -- I didn't cut you off, so I don't know what happened. Point Pleasant, New Jersey, hello.

CALLER: Hi, John. How are you? My name is Gene; I'm looking for my mother and my brother. I'm a little nervous.

EDWARD: That's OK. Makes two of us. Is there a Katherine or Kathleen connected to you?

CALLER: My brother's name was Keith.

EDWARD: I'll take that. Sounds the same to me. Do you guys have the same birthday or something?

CALLER: Mine was in January; his was in November.

EDWARD: What's the similarity in dates -- that he's showing me?

CALLER: I don't know. Mine was -- his was November 9th; mine is January 2nd.

EDWARD: Nope, that's not it. There's a similarity -- there's a parallel between dates. I similarities between -- between you and your brother, from what' being acknowledged to me. Is his middle name with a J?

CALLER: His middle name was Michael.

EDWARD: Who's got the J name?

CALLER: My wife's name is Joan.

EDWARD: Is she new to the family from when one of them passed? Hold on. Let me just say this. They're welcoming somebody to the family, like they need to welcome somebody; and they want you to know that they see this person as being part of the family now, and they're connecting this to a J. It's a J-sounding name. Did somebody just have a baby or something?

CALLER: No, but neither one of them knew my wife -- or met my wife -- before they passed -- well, my brother did.

EDWARD: OK. I want to tell you that they're acknowledging your wife, but they also want to tell you congratulations; because there's a baby coming.

CALLER: That's surprising.

EDWARD: They're rocking a baby for me, which means that there's a baby that's coming to the family -- and they're telling me DN -- like Donna or Dan -- or something, like Diane. There's a DN-sounding name that coming through. Who had cancer?

CALLER: My mother.

EDWARD: Was she misdiagnosed?


EDWARD: OK. She's telling me she had it twice; she's telling me it was in two separate parts of the body. Is this true?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. She had it in her back, and then she had it in her breasts.

EDWARD: OK. She's telling me to tease about you the slippers. I don't know if you have her slippers -- or if you bought her, like, funky slippers -- like pullover's, or something. But she's showing me something about slippers or feet, and it's like a funny thing; and she's, like, trying to be humorous with me. She's got a very comical feeling; she's very light-hearted. She letting me to let you know that she's OK, and that she also acknowledges your wife; and your wife's father, I believe, is there. Is that true?

CALLER: No, he hasn't passed. No.

EDWARD: There's an older male on your wife's side of the family, connected to the J, who is there.

CALLER: I don't know.

EDWARD: Remember, I said this: the guy passes from either a vascular thing, like a stroke, or it's an embolism.

KING: Well, you were nervous when you called in. Right?

CALLER: I'm even more nervous now.

KING: Why? You're going to be a father. I think you ought to go tell her.

CALLER: All right. OK?

KING: And name the kid with a J. What the hell? Or the Kidd will be born on the 9th. Who knows? We'll be right back with John Edward. Don't go away. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

KING: Zurich, Switzerland for John Edward, hello.

CALLER: Yes, hello, my name's Kathleen. I'm looking for a student of mine.

KING: A student?

EDWARD: I'm not making a connection with you. I'm not feeling anything, although, however, I feel like that there's -- I said it earlier, I'm seeing boxes. When I see boxes, that indicates that somebody's moved or is moving. Usually the person that I'm speaking to. I'm feeling that, and I'm getting more life stuff now, around you. Something affecting, like, the emotions and relationship and that kind of stuff. I'm not getting anything from the other side.


KING: Thank you very much. To Brooklyn, New York, hello.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: Hi, John.

EDWARD: Hi, how ya doing?

CALLER: OK, thanks. I'm looking to find my nephew and my dad.

EDWARD: OK, I believe it's your nephew that's coming through, 'cause I was getting this before we even came back from break. I was getting a younger male figure. I thought it was a son, though. Is it gonna be two years that he's gone?


EDWARD: OK. Yeah, he's been trying to come through to me while we were on commercial break here.

CALLER: He came to before about the badge, too.

EDWARD: That was -- he's telling me -- hold on a second -- he's telling me to talk about "two," which that means he's gone in the last two years.


EDWARD: He's telling me to talk about -- I know this is gonna sound really common, but he's telling me to talk about Joe or J-O like John or Joey or -- this feels like it's somebody that's connected directly to him, somebody that he wants to acknowledge. Now, is this -- is this your sister's son?


EDWARD: OK, because he's telling me that his mother is your sister.


EDWARD: And she's still here, correct?


EDWARD: OK. Is his dad and him separated? Or was there a problem with their relationship?


EDWARD: OK. It's very important that dad knows that he does not harbor any ill feelings, and that he knows that his father was proud of him. This is really, really important.

CALLER: Right.

EDWARD: Again, you need to stress this. Who's Anthony or Antoinette? Or -- who's the AN name?

CALLER: Antoinette is a neighbor of his.


CALLER: A neighbor of my sister's, rather.

EDWARD: OK. She's still here, though, right?


EDWARD: OK, 'cause they're telling me it sounds like Anthony. Do you know if Antoinette lost her husband?


EDWARD: There's a male figure who's connected -- not to your family, but to the long AN-sounding name. I see it to the AN side, which would be a husband or a brother-figure who has passed who's also coming through. But your nephew's telling me to let you know that he's OK. He's he's got a big mouth. Was he like that when he was alive?


EDWARD: OK, 'cause he's telling me he's like Martha Raye.

CALLER: Yeah; he kids around a lot.

EDWARD: OK. He's also telling me to talk about painting the house, or painting the inside of the house, not doing a painting. And that somebody messed up doing this, and he's laughing at this.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

KING: By the way, before you came on, he said to me, "There's a young person who died, who's coming through."

CALLER: Larry, I'm with U.S. Customs; I meet you all the time when you come through.

KING: You're the guy. I haven't gone through U.S. Customs in years, but I feel U.S. Customs. Anyway -- little joke there, folks. Terre Haute, Indiana, hello.

CALLER: Hello. This is Gloria, and I lost two sons in the past four years.

KING: Oh, my God.

CALLER: Could you tell me anything?

EDWARD: I can try, Gloria. The first thing that I'm -- the first thing that I'm feeling is that they're showing me the letter S, which would indicate that either the person who has crossed over is an S-sounding name or there's somebody connected here who's an S. Gloria, is your dad passed?

CALLER: 'Scuse me?

EDWARD: Is your father passed?

CALLER: Yes, he died.

EDWARD: OK. Was your dad not your dad?

CALLER: No, he was my dad.

EDWARD: OK. Was there somebody else who was like a father who wasn't your father?


EDWARD: I have two father-figures coming' through, and one's telling me that he was your father, and one's telling me he was like your father but wasn't your father. That's just what's coming through as I'm getting this. They're telling me to -- they're -- they're showing me a nun. Is there somebody in the family who would be of the cloth or who would be religious who's passed?

CALLER: No there isn't.

EDWARD: OK, I want you to remember this, 'cause symbolically if they're showing me a nun, there's somebody who is very, very religious, or extremely spiritual, but I'm going more towards religious, who's passed, who's coming through with these two male figures. Again, I know you're looking for one of your -- looking for you sons, but I'm only feeling one younger male figure who's coming through, not both. Did one of them pass because of either an asphyxiation, or was out of it and passes in their sleep or something?


EDWARD: OK. That's the one that's coming through, 'cause I see everything going black. They're telling me to call out to Chrissy or Kristen or Chris, who is the C or K?

CALLER: Um, I don't know.

EDWARD: OK, remember this and put it in his frame of reference. He's telling me to say -- it sounds like this -- it sounds like Chris to me, but he's coming through with your father. That's what's coming through.

KING: Thank you. We've got to take a break. We'll come back; we'll have more one more segment to go. We'll get as many calls in as we can. If you want to order the tape 1-800-967-4100. Richard Holbrooke tomorrow night. Don't go away. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

KING: We're back. By the way, Dr. Wayne Isom (ph), my heart surgeon, who's been on this show a few times, his father is probably the number one viewer in the history of LARRY

KING LIVE. He's 92 years old, he's in Idalou (ph), Texas. He's never missed a show, never missed the LARRY

KING LIVE. This is a record even for the spirit world. He's a little bit under the weather; he's going to get better, right? Tell me he's going to get better or you're off the show. All right, to -- he will get better. North Babylon, New York, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Bill, my mother.

KING: It's -- his name is John.


KING: I understand. It's OK. Your name is Bill -- you're calling yourself again, Bill, see.

CALLER: I always do that.

KING: All right. John -- his mother.

EDWARD: All right. The first thing that's coming through is they're showing me number three, and that to me indicates that the third of the month means something, or the third month, March, holds a meaning to the family. Either birthday or an anniversary.

CALLER: The third is my birthday.

EDWARD: The third is your birthday, OK. Again, that's just a validation of your mom coming through. Was there a problem with her right foot?


EDWARD: Who had the infection on their foot?

CALLER: Nobody I know of.

EDWARD: OK. They're showing...

CALLER: My wife does now.

EDWARD: She's got that happening right now?

KING: Nobody you know of, except your wife. OK, Bill, go ahead.

EDWARD: Your mom is coming though. Can you make sure -- I know this is going to sound strange and it might be nothing, but I'm seeing a caution about this. Can you make sure your wife gets that checked out?

CALLER: OK, thank you.

EDWARD: Is she taking care of this?


EDWARD: And congratulations on the new vehicle.

KING: Salem, Virginia, hello.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: This is Sherri (ph); I lost my husband about a year and a half ago.

EDWARD: OK, Sherri, the first thing that's coming through is I'm seeing a red rose, and a red rose to me marks an anniversary of a death or a wedding. Did your husband pass, either around your own wedding anniversary or around the anniversary of someone else's death?

CALLER: He passed close to my birthday.

EDWARD: OK, 'cause what he's showing me is that he passes around a special date, or something that you would celebrate. Do you understand that?


EDWARD: OK. He's telling me -- this is strange, but did you bury him with cigarettes?


EDWARD: OK. He's telling me -- I know this is going to sound strange -- was this the wrong brand?


EDWARD: He's joking with you. He's making me feel like...

KING: Wait a minute, wait a minute. OK. He was buried with the wrong brand than what he smoked?


KING: OK. Was any of the Republican -- never mind, I was gonna say if the Republican majority was at the funeral, since they're very involved in this. How did you see that?

EDWARD: They just showed me cigarettes and they put a line through it, and like a red circle like "no smoking" and -- but I feel like I needed to acknowledge that the cigarettes were there.

KING: So that can't be a wild guess. I mean -- that's can't be a wild guess. And he's doing all right?

EDWARD: He's fine.

KING: Well they're all all right, right? Is there any spirits did doing badly?

EDWARD: Well, I won't say they're doing badly, but I refer to them as dropouts. Like, they don't want to get with the program so they kind of just don't move on.

KING: And don't they -- you said they don't have emotions. Don't they feel sad if they see their loved ones?

EDWARD: They do have emotions, but it's more universal. It's not the everyday kind of emotion that we have. They see the bigger picture, so what bogs us down, here, doesn't bog them down there.

KING: Last call, very quickly, Boca Raton, Florida, hello.

CALLER: Hi, this is Maria. I'm looking for my father.

EDWARD: Hey, Maria. How ya doing?

KING: You've got 30 seconds.

EDWARD: The first thing that they're showing me is -- are you getting married or did somebody just get married?

CALLER: I'm getting married.

EDWARD: Congratulations from your dad. He'll be there.

CALLER: Thank you.

EDWARD: He wants you to know that. You're gonna change -- I don't know if you've changed the date or you're gonna change the date, but he's showing me something about the date. But he's just telling me to let you know that he will be there.

KING: You're amazing.

EDWARD: Well thank you.

KING: John Edward. The book, "One Last -- the book will be out in the fall. The tape, "One Last Time: After Death Communication," contains all the information about how you can contact him directly. You call 1-800-967-4100. 1-800-967-4100.