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Jerry Springer Stick Figure TV Show

The Jerry Sticker Animated TV Show Cartoon Is Directed by Rob Lewis


Jerry Springer Stick Figure Cartoon Show Summary:

The following cartoon/animation video chronicles the reaction of a guest on the Jerry Springer TV show when the male guests' girlfriend reveals, during the taping of the show, that she is in fact a man. Mayhem and pandemonium ensues, Jerry Springer style.

The Jerry Sticker Show is based upon the Jerry Springer TV Show and features a fictional guest that comes on the show called Joe, this character is made to represent an "average Joe". Joe's girlfriend Roberta reveals to him, and the audience, on the show that she is actually a man. Joe does not react well to this revelation and a classic Jerry Springer on-stage disaster ensures. The only thing missing from the cartoon animation are Jerry's on-stage security guards, also known as "slingers", which had included Steve Wilkos. The slingers could have fixed this problem. But that's still good TV.

Jerry Springer Animated TV Show

Legal Disclaimer For The Jerry Sticker Show Cartoon

The stick figure cartoon is purely fictional and any connection to any person (or persons) living or deceased is purely co-incidental. New York Show Tickets Inc. does not condone taking weapons or firearms to any TV shows or acting in a violent or aggressive manner towards anyone for any reason at any time. This website apologizes for the rudimentary portrayal of all personalities portrayed in the cartoon, but all characters are displayed as parody.