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Dr Joy Browne Free TV Show Tickets in New York City

The Dr Joy Browne TV Show is Shot in New York City and Tickets To The Show are Available To The Public

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SHOW UPDATE: Dr Joy Browne is no longer in production in New York City. To see the latest list of TV shows in the NYC area CLICK HERE

Dr Joy Browne:

Got a problem in your life? With her psychological and medical training, Dr. Joy Browne will tell you how you can take control and solve the problem yourself. Dr. Joy Browne offers more than astrological advice or questionable "common sense". She stresses heartfelt compassion and occasional "tough love" rather than value judgements.

The Dr Joy Browne Show Closing:

She obviously didn’t predict her miserable ratings as her show was cut after a couple of short seasons. I wonder what advice she would have for herself?

So, How Do You Get Tickets Dr. Joy Browne in New York City?

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