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The Chris Rock Show Viewed as a Mixed Blessing

For the longtime Saturday Night Live fans, the news that comic Chris Rock had landed his own show was a mixed blessing. The chance to see the creator of Nat X and other tell-it-like-it-is characters at center stage sounded promising, but we don't get HBO (Home Box Office), the US channel that has aired the hip series since 1996. Well, you can stop plotting those desperate cross-border TV-watching expeditions to see The Chris Rock Show. The Comedy Network has snapped up 17 episodes of the comedy/variety show for a rather fitting, pre-SNL 10 p.m. Saturday time slot. It's a half-hour show that breezes by in no time.
Tonight's opener -- TCN is airing three episodes pretty much in chronological order from day one -- features O.J. lawyer Johnnie Cochrane and The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.
Whether it's in his monologue or interviewing guests, Rock manages to be naive, insightful, cynical and wry all at once.

Chris Rock Comedy Style

Some people say that Chris Rock has developed the "Eddie Murphy" disease which means he can no longer perform in front of a live audience and must star in lame-ass, blacksploitation movies that fail dismally both critically and at the box office. We don't believe that and we hope to have Chris back in New York soon ! While he takes a sharp look at race relations, somehow he seems to be pointing out the logic of a situation, not playing it for cheap laughs. And sure, Rock's talk is littered with profanities, but he cleverly times them as meaningful punctuation. With Cochrane, Rock both asks the questions any journalist would (Does race matter? What's the media's role?) and others only he has the guts to (Does O.J. owe you money?). In praising Cochrane's career, Rock mixes respect with mockery: "Todd Bridges shot at someone eight times. You got him off! Michael Jackson had a kid staying at his house. You talked to someone and he's a free man! "Then there's the guy who "threw that white girl out the window." When Cochrane cuts in to add " ... just an allegation," Rock has a field day: "Just an allegation? Yeah. Some people think they can fly I just helped her..." If Rock's taped segment is any clue, these might be the show's strong point. He heads to whiter-than-whitebread Howard Beach, Queens, in a postered mini van blaring rap -- proposing a street change its name to Tupac Shakur Blvd. And Rock has the coolest house non-band on television ever: Grandmaster Flash spinning vinyl, smooth as silk. My only criticism has nothing to do with content, but with timing. Much of Rock's genius lies in his biting insight into current affairs and touchy political headlines. Tonight's opening monologue is funny; It just would have been funnier when the topics he covered were still hot. On ebonics, he says: "Yeah. There are two ways (of speaking). One way if you want a job ... and that other way," he says, shooting a sideways glance at the camera. Even jokes about one of his favorite subjects, O.J., fall a little flat, in light of recent news.

We'd love to see Chris get all over O.J.'s recent, "If I did kill her ..." hypothetical dance. (Actually, TV critics were treated to a taste on preview cassettes as Rock introduced us to the first show ... maybe that's why I'm a little bitter). And, the flip side of the matter is that because all this stuff is still hilarious, we can only imagine how warped his take would be on recent events. Who knows what kinds of programming deals and restrictions came into play when The Comedy Network made a deal with HBO. Whatever they are, we're always going to be a season away from Chris Rock at his hottest. Good thing it's still a funnier place than most TV talk shows.

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Chris Rock records his weekly show for HBO "The Chris Rock Show" in New York every Friday night at 6:30PM in the Circle in the Square Theatre on Broadway (50th Street Between 8th Avenue and Broadway)

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