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The Caroline Rhea TV Show Tickets in New York City

The Caroline Rhea Show is Shot in New York City and Tickets To The Show Are Available To The Public

thin line Caroline Rhea UPDATE: The Caroline Rhea Show was cancelled after just one season due to poor ratings.

Caroline Rhea Biography:

Vivacious actress/comedienne Caroline Rhea, who plays the feisty Aunt Hilda on "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," is a "Hollywood Squares" regular and continues to perform to sold-out audiences in top comedy clubs nationally. Recently, Rhea was named as the successor when Rosie O’Donnell retires from her talk show next year.In 1989, this Montreal native ventured to New York to study the fine art of stand-up comedy. She participated in the stand-up program at the New School of Social Research, but her ultimate training would come at the comedy club Catch a Rising Star. With nightly gigs at New York’s venerable clubs, her status quickly grew and she became an integral part of the city’s competitive comedy scene. After her stint at Catch a Rising Star, she was highly sought after by college campuses. Her career was further boosted by numerous appearances on "MTV’s Half-Hour Comedy Hour," "Comic Strip Live" and "Caroline’s Comedy Hour." With Hollywood knocking on her door, she bade farewell to Manhattan and headed for Los Angeles, where she starred with Jeremy Piven in the television series "Pride & Joy."Her feature credits include working with Jim Carrey in a supporting role in "Man on the Moon," the story of the late comedian Andy Kaufman, and the wrestling film "Ready to Rumble" opposite Oliver Platt, David Arquette and Scott Caan. On the small screen, she guest-starred as Drew’s girlfriend on "The Drew Carey Show" and starred in the television movie "Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire." She is a regular guest on "Late Night with Conan O’Brien" and has also made appearances on Comedy Central’s "Pulp Comics," HBO’s "Curb Your Enthusiasm" written by Larry David, the Ms. Foundation’s "Women of Comedy from Caroline’s," and "Comic Relief 8." She has hosted her own VH-1 series, "Fool for Love," and Lifetime’s "The Great Lifetime Makeover," executive produced by Geena Davis. In her spare time, Rhea can be found practicing "spiritual twister" (yoga) and out on the greens hoping to score a hole-in-one. The working title of her autobiography, which she hopes someday to write, is I Ate All My Prop Food.

Is Caroline Rhea The Perfect Shoe For Rosie?

With "Rosie O'Donnell" gone, Disney and Warners are gambling on expensive replacements.
Disney's Wayne Brady-led variety show and Warners' "The Caroline Rhea Show" are stumbling over each other for a shot at carrying "Rosie's" torch. 
Both shows, which will likely cost $20 million each in their first seasons, came relatively late to the marketplace, after many plum time periods were gobbled up.
While Warners anointed Rhea its choice to continue the "Rosie" legacy, Disney, which owns many of those time periods, had other ideas.
Under the gun to claim the "Rosie" slots on a number of ABC-owned TV stations, Buena Vista TV, Disney's syndic unit, developed "Wayne" with the co-owned stations expressly for those time periods. The end of Rosie marks the first opportunity for BVT to develop a program for ABC stations since the companies were aligned in the mid-1990s. The ABC stations have had no need for anything new in years .Meanwhile, Warners needs to maintain the time periods and marketplace leverage "Rosie's" slots represent for a company that has no co-owned stations.The ABC stations have made deals to carry both shows come fall, but it's unclear if both will make it to air. Among the challenges facing the Brady project: BVT is employing a cash-only, slow rollout launch.It will debut the show only on the ABC stations and selected markets where it can land on top stations and time periods, and will not collect national barter ad revs against the production cost.

Disney defends the slow rollout as a way to incubate the show on a strong platform, then go back to the marketplace and line up deals as the show takes off. 
But ABC stations in Los Angeles and Chicago do not have "Rosie" -- and therefore do not have daytime periods available. Unless the station group allows BVT to find a better time slot on non-ABC stations in those markets, "Wayne" will air in the less-viewed late night in two of the top three U.S. markets. "Caroline," which Warners has been pitching since early last year, is cleared on stations on a cash-plus-barter basis repping coverage of more than 70% of the country .However, as part of the deal with the ABC stations, Warners gave up 50% of the show's backend to ABC. So if "Caroline" works and Warners finds itself in the black, it will be half as much."ABC got themselves a great deal, and at the end of the day, that deal might be worth somebody at ABC saying, `Why spend $20 million on "Wayne" when we can get profit from 50% of "Caroline" and not spend a dime"Caroline Rhea, please enter stage left.

Carolina Rhea outside NBC studios TV Show Taping Schedule:

The Caroline Rhea show officially begins taping on September 3rd 2002. There are, however, a large number of preview shows in the build up to that date. It is expected that these early versions of the show will never be aired.
The show will tape out of Rosie's old studio in the NBC studios at Rockefeller Plaza in New York. The show is syndicated by ABC.The normal schedule for the Caroline Rhea Show is Monday -Thursday at 10:00AM and one additional show on Thursday at 2:00PM. You may notice that it its very similar to the Letterman taping schedule.
Local comedian Joey Nova does the warm up

So, How Do You Get Tickets to the Caroline Rhea in New York City?

Caroline Rhea Tickets - Standby and Short Notice Tickets:

We have the latest standby and telephone ticket information for this show in our new TV Show Ticket Guide. The guide gives you all the telephone numbers and other information you will need to get a ticket for this show and all the other TV shows in the New York area.
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TV Studio Address:
NBC Studio 4a
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
48th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue

The Show does not have a large following yet, so standby tickets are fairly easy to pick up.

Mail in Tickets
Mail in requests are no longer accepted for any NBC show in New York.
This was brought on by 9/11 and the Anthrax letters that were sent to NBC.
All requests must now be made by telephone or email.

Show Transmission:
Usually the day of taping, a small amount of shows are stored for future use.

Travel Plans:

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