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The President Show on Comedy Central

Donald Trump has his own TV show now taped in New York City.

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The President Show - Show Summary

The President Show is a new comedy series on Comedy Central, airing weekly on Thursdays at 11:30pm starting April 27, 2017. Starring Anthony Atamanuik, a veteran Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) performer, The President Show is a half hour comedy series in which Atamanuik impersonates President Donald Trump. This new addition to late night television is in the vein of Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report, in that both shows feature a comedian playing a character for the entirety of the show. Whereas Colbert played a fictional character, a satirical conservative version of himself by the same name, The President Show takes that concept to a new level, with Anthony Atamanuik portraying a non fictional character – who happens to be the President himself. Atamanuik first became famous for his impersonation of Trump at UCB in New York City, where he originated his show “Trump Dump” in the early days of the campaign. While he originally expected that the Trump presidency was far from the realm of possibility, his satirical approach has remained constant, even as the world around him became closer and closer to the imagined world he was portraying. For an entire year during the campaign, Atamanuik became increasingly well-known for his spot-on impersonation due to the success of a touring comedy show in which he co-starred, “Trump vs. Bernie.” Atamanuik teamed up with comedian James Adomian, who had meanwhile been cultivating his own hilarious Bernie Sanders impersonation, for an alternate reality debate comedy show in which Trump and Bernie went head to head. “Trump vs. Bernie” played over 40 cities and toured internationally, and even when Alec Baldwin was tapped to play Trump on Saturday Night Live, Atamanuik continued to receive praise that his impersonation was far superior. Now, that comparison is put to the test in this weekly sketch show, featuring Atamanuik’s Trump in the spotlight.
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Should you see The President Show being taped?

Anthony Atamanuik
  Anthony Atamanuik is a rare breed of comedian. His brain works at a mile a minute, and he is always ten steps ahead. He is an improviser by training, and his breadth of knowledge is vast. This allows him to pull from a huge range of comedic tricks in portraying Donald Trump. His impersonation has been reviewed as far exceeding Alec Baldwin’s portrayal on Saturday Night Live. Whereas Baldwin often uses cheap tricks, such as flat jokes and face gags, Atamanuik’s impression is much more intellectual and on-the-nose. Impressively, this does not take away from the wide appeal of his comedy.

Unlike other late night staples, such as Letterman, Colbert, or Comedy Central’s own Trevor Noah, Atamanuik did not reach fame in his younger years. In his early forties, he is only just now reaching the limelight. Instead of relaxing into a lazy routine, Atamanuik has been hustling for decades and his comedic chops have continued to sharpen and refine. While he has long been a legend within the world of the Upright Citizens Brigade, he is finally becoming a household name for the general public. And boy, has the wait been worth it!
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Anthony Atamanuik as Donald Trump on Midnight on Comedy Central   NEP Penn Studios   Get FREE tickets to this tv show

Host Profile Anthony Atamanuik:

Anthony Atamanuik has achieved worldwide renown for his original impression of Donald Trump, refined through such shows as “Trump Dump” at the Uprights Citizens Brigade, “Trump vs. Bernie” comedy tour, and the Fusion sketch special “Trump vs. Bernie: Shout the Vote”! He has also appeared on television shows including NBC’s “30 Rock,” Hulu’s “Difficult People,” and Comedy Central’s “Broad City.” He is a longtime performer and teacher of improvisation at New York City’s Uprights Citizens Brigade

The President Show TV Studio Address:

NEP Penn Studios
401 7th Avenue 33rd Street
(Between 6th and 7th Avenues)
New York, NY 10001

How To Get To The Studio:
You can take many subway lines directly to Penn Station such as the 1, A, C, E trains.

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You can get free tickets by filling out a short online form which includes your desired show date and a second option just incase seats are all booked.


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Noteworthy Dates for This TV Show:

TV Show Started: April 27, 2017

TV Show Closes: Open-ended

When Does This Show Tape?

The President Show tapes every Thursday night at 5:30 PM. You must be there at least an hour before the taping for check-in.

For stand-by tickets be at the TV studio two hours before, incase anyone with advanced tickets does not show up.

The President Show Genre:

Political Satire
Show Transmission Time:
The President Show is broadcast every Thursday night at 11:30PM.
Show Transmission Channel:
The President Show is broadcast on the Comedy Central channel.
Broadway Show Parking  
Parking For NEP Penn Studios
The closest parking garage to the NEP Penn Studios is located at:
QUIK PARK Garden Lots
126 W 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001
CENTRAL Parking System of NY
148 W 31st Street
New York, NY 10001
The closest parking is not always the best as it often takes longer to park and retrieve your vehicle as fellow TV show patrons have the same idea. A better choice of parking may be the second choice or further away by a couple of Avenues.