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50 Cent's New Sketch Comedy Show 50 Central on BET

BET's New Sketch Comedy TV Show Is Taped in New York City Starring 50 Cent

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50 Central - Show Summary

50 Central is a new show on BET hosted by the rapper, actor and businessman Curtis James Jackson III, who is better known as 50 Cent. 50 Cent first rose to national renown in 2002, when the rapper Eminem heard his album Guess Who’s Back?. After that, Eminem introduced 50 Cent to Dr. Dre, and facilitated his signing of a one million dollar record deal. Later that year, 50 Cent released his second mixtape, No Mercy, No Fear, which included the track “Wanksta,” made famous on the soundtrack for Eminem’s film 8 Mile. In early 2003, he released his first major album Get Rich or Die Tryin’, which included the lead single “In Da Club.” Upon its release, that song set the Billboard record for the most radio plays within a week. His next album, The Massacre, came out in 2005 and sold 1.14 million copies in four days, staying at number one on Billboard for 6 weeks. Since his early music success, 50 Cent has expanded domains, becoming a successful businessman in industries ranging from artist management, to apparel and footwear, to liquor and fragrances, to video games and books, to health drinks and dietary supplements, to film and television production. As for television, his most successful venture to date is the show Power on Starz, a scripted crime series produced by 50 Cent. The show is presently in its fourth season, with a fifth season already announced. Beyond his outstanding music career, in which he has thus far won a Grammy Award, 13 Billboard Music Awards, 11 ASCAP awards,16 Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Awards, 2 MTV Video Music Awards and many more accolades and honors, 50 Cent has cemented his place as a producer of quality television. His first major venture, the Starz series Power, has been a massive hit, already renewed for five seasons and counting. In addition, he has announced another television program called The Oath, set to debut on Sony’s online streaming platform Crackle, which deals with the life of people in gangs and those who teeter on the wrong and right sides of the law, seen through the eyes of Joe Halpin, a former deputy to the Los Angeles County Sheriff. For the first time, 50 Cent in venturing into new territory: hosting a variety show in which he attempts to discover the world’s next great stand-up comedian.
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You can request free tickets to 50 Central. Please check today's free TV show ticket list to see the availability. The show is taped at Metropolis Studios.
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Should you see 50 Central being taped?

50 Cent on red carpet
  While 50 Cent's earlier scripted shows deal with the tragic and serious nature of the life he lived before finding success in his rap career, 50 Central is entirely different. It is an interactive and engaging sketch comedy show on BET in which 50 Cent discovers new stand-up comedians, much like Keenen and Damon Wayans succeeded with the early 90’s hit In Living Color. His cast is filled with brand new up and coming “instagram comedians,” which have all received a great following online but have not made it big on TV just yet. Jasmin Brown, Mark Harley and Tristen J. Winger are amongst the several faces bringing 50 Central to life. Thanks to social media, you can get a small taste of what you're going to get, by visiting their instagram profiles and watching their 60 second sketches. 50 Cent is filling big shoes as In Living Color, Saturday Night Live and Mad TV are all inspirations for this project. He also takes in some similar aspects of Wild'n Out, with games and contests. The show has hidden camera pranks, celebrity co-hosts and musical performances. 50 Cent is also surprisingly part of several comedy sketches and we see him in a new light, discovering that there is a jokester behind his bad boy, rugged exterior. 50 Cent ventures outside of music and into the fickle world of comedy and entertainment, the outcome is sure to be worth watching.
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50 Central Host profile   TV Studio location Metropolis Studios   Get FREE tickets to 50 Central

Host Profile: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

50 Cent is a multi-award winning musician, whose many songs include “In da Club,” “Candy Shop,” “Disco Inferno,” “How We Do,” “Outlaw,” “New Day,” and “Street King Immortal.”

He also produces the Starz television show Power, as well as the upcoming Crackle show The Oath.  As an actor, he has appeared in films such as Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and Spy.  He is also a successful businessman whose ventures span a range of industries.

TV Studio Address:

Metropolis Studios
105 E. 106th Street
New York, NY 10029

How To Get To The Studio:
You can get to Metropolis Studios by taking the E train to Lexington Avenue and 53rd Street to transfer to the 6 train towards Parkchester to stop at 103rd Street. Then, walk up the streets to 105 East 106th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues.

Get FREE Tickets to 50 Central:

You can get FREE tickets to 50 Central by simply going on the external ticketing website and applying for tickets.You can also get PAID $40 for attending the full taping of the show for that day!

Age Requirement:
Due to the content of this TV show, you must be 18 years or older to attend a taping.

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50 Central Cast Members   Noteworthy dates for 50 Central   Taping days for 50 Central

50 Central Cast Members:

Vince Swann
Kiya Roberts
Tristen J. Winger
Jasmin Brown
Mark Forbes Harley

Noteworthy Dates for 50 Central:

TV Show Started:
September 27, 2017
TV Show Closes:
Open Ended

When Does 50 Central Tape?

This show tapes twice a day Monday through Thursday afternoons at 1 PM and 5 PM at Metropolis Studios. Although call time is set to these times, we suggest you be there at least one hour before.
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Ian Gelfand

Executive Producers
Ian Gelfand
Stephen J. Savva
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

Hasmik Torosyan

Series Cinematography:
Ron Egozi

Staff and Creative Team:

Zach Broussard
Ayanna Dookie
Jourdain Fisher
Ian Gelfand
Shantira Jackson

Stunt Coordinator:
Dean Neistat


50 Central is a sketch comedy show including pranks, skits, games and celebrity appearances.

Show Taping Duration:
50 Central tapes for 3.5 hours.

Show Transmission Time:
This TV show broadcasts at 10:30 PM Pacific 9:30 PM Central

Show Transmission Channel:
This TV show broadcasts on the BET channel.
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Parking For This TV Studio:

The closest parking garage to the TV studio is located at:
ICON Merit Parking
12-14 E 107th Street
New York, NY 10029
ICON East 105th Street Parking
156 E 105th Street (Bet. 3rd Ave & Lexington Ave)
New York, NY 10001
The closest parking is not always the best as it often takes longer to park and retrieve your vehicle as fellow TV show patrons have the same idea. A better choice of parking may be the second choice or further away by a couple of Avenues.