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GirlCode LIVE in New York City at MTV Studios

MTV's New TV Show GirlCode LIVE Is Now Taped in New York City.

Girl Code Live
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Girl Code LIVE Update: This TV Show is no longer in production.
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GirlCode LIVE - Show Summary

Girl Code is a strong and smart women-driven television show on MTV that is now in its fourth season, which is a spin-off called Girl Code Live. The show airs on Mondays at 10:00pm on MTV. The entire show itself is a spin-off of its male counterpart, Guy Code, a show on MTV2 that has been running since November 2011, and whose cast includes Akaash Singh, Fahim Anwar, Sami El Kassmi, Timothy DeLaGhetto, and The Kid Mero. Girl Code is a reality comedy series that features female actresses, entertainers, stand-up comics, and musicians who discuss the sisterhood that exists between women. There are occasionally male guests as well. The very first season of this live version of Girl Code,premiered in August 2015, the hosts are presently Awkwafina, Nessa and Carly Aquilino.

Girl Code Live runs for 30 minutes and is presently slated to include a season of 10 episodes. This show differs from the original, called just Girl Code, because it is shot in front of a live studio audience. The executive producer is Ryan Ling, who is the creator of both Guy Code and Girl Code, and the MTV executives in charge of the show are Paul Ricci, the Senior Vice President and Head of Development and Production for MTV2 and mtvU, and Karen Frank, the Vice President of Series Development for MTV2, MTV Productions, and MTV Networks. All in all, this is a very experienced team behind this very exciting show.

On top of that, the hosts are known for addressing any topic under the sun. Some great examples are when Carly said, “The older I get, the dumber I get,” and Nessa being frank about needing people to cover their mouths when they cough. The topics also get much raunchier, but the candor and hilarity never disappoints.


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Should you see GirlCode LIVE being taped?

Carly Aquilino Nessa and Awkwafina
  The show is both a hilarious comedy and an irreverent reality series. Great tidbits from the show include a how-to manual of extravagant tips to open dialogue and raise important questions about womanhood, both its wonderful aspects and its unfortunate ones. Though this show is just getting off the ground, the first episode dealt with vomiting, taking pictures, and finding your one true love. Girl Code has incorporated topics ranging from health to race to divorce. As well as sexuality, money, humor, vacation, self expression and bad girls.
Other topics include: freshman year, strength, bad relationships, puberty, religion, nails, wing women, falling in love, kissing, snacking, texting, lesbians, one night stands, getting old, insecurity, DIY, turning 21, karaoke, contraception, shopping, public displays of affection, ex-boyfriends, social networking, frenemies, makeup, cheating, crushes, and many more. As this show is live for the first time, this is a very exciting time to catch these hilarious hosts talking about this wonderful range of topics relevant to women. In addition to Awkwafina, Nessa, and Carly Aquilino, there are always an excellent range of celebrity guests (often women) to make each episode fun and fresh.
  • Girl Code Live hosts
  • Girl Code Live hosts
  • Kelly Osbourne on Girl Code Live
  • Girl Code Live hosts
  • Girl Code Live hosts
  • Girl Code Live hosts
  • Amber Rose on Girl Code Live
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cast members   MTV studios at Times Square   Get FREE tickets to this tv show
Cast Members:
Carly Aquilino

House Band:
Lucky Chops House Band

Past Cast Members:
Alice Wetterlund, Jamie Lee, Nicole Byer, Shalyah Evans, Tanisha Long, Jessimae Peluso, Annie Lederman, Charlamagne The God, and Esther Ku.
TV Studio Address:
MTV Studios at Times Square
1515 Broadway #25
New York, NY 10036

How to Get To Studio:
It is fairly easy to get to MTV Studios because it is at the heart of Times Square. The MTA subway trains 1, 2, 3, N, R, Q and Shuttle trains all go to 42nd Street and Times Square.
Getting Tickets for GirlCode LIVE:
You can get FREE tickets to this TV show by going on an external audience ticketing website called Onset Productions. You must make an online profile (including a photo of yourself) to request tickets.

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Noteworthy dates for this TV show   Taping days for Girl Code Live   Rita Ora Charlamagne Carly Aquilino and Nessa
Noteworthy Dates for GirlCode LIVE:

TV Show Started:
August 31, 2015
First Season Ends: November 02, 2015
TV Show Closes: Open-Ended
  When Does This Show Tape?
This show tapes LIVE every Monday night at 10:00PM. You must be at check-in time at 8:30 PM to get into the TV show. GirlCode LIVE is a 30-minute show so the taping ends promptly at 10:30PM.
  Notable Guest Appearances:
Girl Code Live has invited guests such as:
- Amber Rose (Model and Ex of rapper Wiz Khalifa) - Kelly Osbourne (Actress and host on Fashion Police)
- Rira Ora (Recording Pop Artist)
girl code live hosts purple background
The Hosts of GirlCode LIVE:
Nessa Diab is a radio and television personality, who in addition to hosting Girl Code Live has also hosted Hot 97, Teen Mom, The Real World, and Snooki & Jwoww. She was a VJ for The Week in Jams with Guy Code frequent guest, Charlamagne The God. She was discovered through YouTube, where she gave artist and celebrity interviews in addition to KYLD. Nessa is active with philanthropy, including the Hip-Hop-Has-Heart Foundation, and she spoke to the United Nations during Women’s History Month.

Awkwafina is a rapper from Forest Hills, Queens who is well known for satire and comedy in her music. She is the daughter of a first-generation Chinese American father and a South Korean immigrant mother. Her birth name was Nora Lum. She began rapping at the age of 17, and then went to the Beijing Language and Culture University to study Mandarin, followed by SUNY Albany to study journalism. Her solo album, Yellow Ranger, was released in February 2014.

Carly Aquilino is a stand-up comedian and television personality from Brooklyn, New York. She is best known for Girl Code, but she has also appeared on Gotham Comedy Live, Wolf Watch (Teen Wolf after-show), and Guy Court, which is a spin-off of Guy Code. She is well known on social media, having amassed over 500,000 Twitter followers by early 2015. She also appeared on the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.
Broadway Show Director   Broadway Stage   Broadway Show Genre
Rob George
Associate Director:
Corissa Mauroides
Sarah Schultz
Associate Producers:
Alex Bueno & Sara Karsh
Executive Producers:
Paul Ricci, Karen Frank & Ryan Ling
Co-Executive Producer:
Marc Victor
Production Assistant:
Ryan Obermeier
Concept Creator:
Ryan Ling
  Staff and Creative Team:

Music Director:
Gil Smith II
Creative Consultants:
Jenny Hagel, Cristina Kinon & Chelsea White
Coordinating Producer:
Nick Palladino
Stage Managers:
Jeff Buda & Zach Schiffman
Production Coordinator:
Jennifer Greenberg
Audience Warm-Up:
Rip Michaels
Line Producer:
Rebekah Kaplan
This TV show focuses on celebrity interviews & 'girl' talk.

Show Taping Duration:
A Girl Code LIVE taping runs for exactly half an hour from 10:00 PM to 10:30 PM.

Show Transmission Time:
New episodes of Girl Code LIVE airs from 10:00 PM to 10:30 PM on Monday nights. Encore episodes are broadcast on Tuesday mornings at 11:30 AM and again on Thursday nights at 12:00 AM.

Show Transmission Channel:
Girl Code LIVE is transmitted only on MTV.
Broadway Show Parking  
Parking For This TV Studio
The closest parking garages to MTV Studios at Viacom are located at:
ICON Resource Parking
164 W 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
QUIK PARK Theater Lot
223 W 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
The closest parking is not always the best as it often takes longer to park and retrieve your vehicle as fellow TV show patrons have the same idea. A better choice of parking may be the second choice or further away by a couple of Avenues.