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The Juice TV Show

Free Tickets To See The Juice TV Show Being Taped Daily In Secaucus NJ, An Eight Minute Train Ride From Manhattan.line

The Juice TV Show In New York
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Noteworthy Dates For This TV Show:
TV Show Started: February 12, 2014
Over 100 shows recorded to date
TV Show Closes: Open Ended
Number of TV Tapings: 4 shows per week
  The Juice TV Show Summary:
The Juice is an hour long, Veria Living TV's lifestyle TV show that is shot in Secaucus, New Jersey with a live TV audience. Audience members can walk away with giveaways, cool products and vacation getaways.
UPDATE: This TV Show was Cancelled in September 2014.
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Free Tickets to The Juice   Standby Tickets To The Juice
Free Tickets To The Juice:
You can order tickets to The Juice. Please check today's free tv show ticket list to see the availability. The show is taped in Secaucus New Jersey, just 8 minutes away from Manhattan by train. TV Show Ticket List
  Standby Tickets To The Juice:
Standby tickets are available for the TV show The Juice, although ticket numbers are limited. Please check today's free TV show ticket list to see the ticket availability TV Show Ticket List

Should You Be An Audience Member Veria Livings' The Juice TV Show?

The juice TV Show team shot
  What Is The The Juice TV Show?
The Juice is a daily lifestyle cable TV show in the New York city area that has a fast-paced mix of celebrity guests, pop culture headlines, food, fitness, fashion, beauty and health.  The hosts on the show  have featured segments from making meal makeovers to simple household secrets to dropping a dress size and looking ten years younger, The Juice is a fun-filled hour that gives viewers the tools to transform their lives. The show hosts are: Sonia Baghdady, Chuck Nice, Dr. Eveyln Minaya MD, FACOG, Matt McClure, Jaycee Gossett and Alyson Charles. Veria Living is the TV channel that brings you the Lisa Oz Show.

Where Is The Juice On Your Television?
DISH Network Channel 218
Verizon FiOS Channel 162
Optimum Channel 164
RCN Channel 226
  • Hosts Talking on The Juice TV Show
  • Sonia Baghdady and Latoya Jackson on the Juice TV Show
  • Montel Williams and Dr Oz  on The Juice TV Show
  • Working out on balls at The Juice TV Show
  • Hosts smiling on The Juice TV Show
  • The Juice TV Show
TV Show Director   Channel 9 Studios   Channel 9 Studios
Cast and Crew Members:
George Davilas - Executive Producer

TV Studio:
Channel 9 Studios
43 Meadowlands Parkway
Secaucus, New Jersey, 07096

Taping Days:
The Juice TV show tapes every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click Here For Tickets

You can get to the studio via car or get picked up by the free shuttle bus at the Secaucus train station

Studio Hours:
This TV show tapes at:
10 AM show (which dismisses at 11:15 AM)
1 PM show (which dismisses at 2:15 PM)
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Studio Location Map:
Click Here Channel 9 Studios
Broadway Show Parking
Parking For This TV Studio:
The Channel 9 studios in Secaucus, NJ provides free parking for this show at the studio.

Parent Company:
The Juice is a national cable tv show, produced by Veria Living TV in Secaucus, New Jersey. The show is available on various popular cable operators including DISH Network, Verizon FiOS, Optimum TV and RCN.

Airing Dates:
The Juice tapes a week in advance of its airing date. They air one show a day and on Friday they show a mash-up of the weeks shows, to make up for the fact that they only shoot four shows a week.