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Live with Kelly and Michael
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UPDATE: This version of the Live! Show is no longer in production.
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Live with Kelly and Michael - TV Show Summary

In January 2011, Regis Philbin announced that it would be his last year co-hosting Live with Regis & Kelly. His departure near the end of the year was met with many reminiscences and tears, but the show must go on, so Kelly Ripa continued hosting the beloved morning show as Live with Kelly and Michael. Kelly was joined by a wide range of co-hosts, such as Jerry Seinfeld and Neil Patrick Harris. On the September 4, 2012 episode of Live with Regis and Kelly, long after Regis Philbin had departed and a gaggle of other temporary hosts had been sitting in the spare chair, it was announced that the next co-host of Live With Regis and Kelly would be Michael Strahan. Strahan had already co-hosted 16 times, so it seemed only natural - but he was not the viewers favorite, Seth Meyers had co-hosted a few times and received more rave reviews, but it was only later that it became apparent that Meyers was being groomed for his own late-night show.

For twelve years, the popular daytime TV show Live with Regis & Kelly began as Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. But in 2000, Kathie Lee Gifford relinquished her spot as co-host of the hit morning show, leaving veteran TV personality Regis Philbin to fly solo briefly until new co-host Kelly Ripa (a well-liked soap opera actress) was found. From 2001 to 2011, the power duo brought a little extra fun to morning TV programming with Live. Their banter, the daily contests, interviews with celebrity and experts, musical performances, and a wide variety of segments that feature everything from cooking to pets made Live with Regis & Kelly a lively and enjoyable morning TV show, and the fun continues in its latest incarnation, Live with Kelly and Michael.

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Should you see Live with Kelly and Michael being taped?

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan Live
  Live! With Kelly and Michael was fun to see live in the studio, especially as the hosts seemed to have an excellent on-screen relationship. After Strahan announced he was leaving the show for GMA, after only being on Live for four years, things got bitter on the set. Stories came out on Page Six of Ripa being difficult to work with and Strahan acting like a diva, which ruined the on-air chemistry of the last few shows that they shot together. It was like being at a Thanksgiving dinner with your divorcing parents, not much fun. The show producers tried to record as much they could before the audience arrived, so they could introduce those pre-taped segments seamlessly, without the viewers at home noticing and without any live, on-air spats. Before the split, audience members got to see a great show, albeit a lot of it pre-taped. After the split announcement, most of the segments were pre-taped. This would not normally matter, but the show is called Live after all and the irony was is that most of the segments were not live at all, something that ABC showed little concern about. The final shows were strained and a lot of fake emotion was given by both hosts, who reportedly have not spoken since the nasty split.
  • Stephen Amell shooting a bow and arrow
  • Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler
  • John Cena on Live with Kelly and Michael
  • Ashanti sings on Live with Kelly and Michael
  • Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on Halloween as Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke
  • Nicki Minaj on Live with Kelly and Michael
  • Josh Hutcherson on Live
  • Michael Strahan signs audience member jersey
  • Selena Gomez on Live with Kelly and Michael
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Cast Members:
Kelly Ripa - Host
Michael Strahan - Host
Tony Pigg - Narrator

Featured Past Guests:
Cobie Smulders, Mike Tyson, Sharon Stone, Juanes, Megan Hilty, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tessanne Chin.
TV Studio Location:
ABC Studios
7 Lincoln Square
Corner of 67th Street and Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023

How To Get To The Studio:
Take the 1 train to 68th street Lincoln Center and walk down to 67th street and Columbus Avenue.
ABC Studio Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 9am - 8pm
Sunday: 9am - 10pm

Studio Entrance:
The studio entrance is on 67th street and Columbus Avenue
Noteworthy Dates for Live with Kelly and Michael   Get Free Tickets for Live with Kelly and Michael   Enter and win contests on Live with Kelly and Michael
Noteworthy Dates for Live: Kelly and Michael:
April 2012: Major set re-design since the show's syndication in 1997

September 2012:
Michael Strahan was announced the permanent co-host.

February 2014: Kelly and Michael surprise Mandy Patinkin by bringing two ex-girlfriends on the show
  Live with Kelly and Michael Tickets:
Both in-advance and standby tickets are available for taping of the transmitted show of Live with Kelly and Michael and Michael at 7:00 AM daily

Age Requirement:

You must be at least 18 years of age to attend a taping. Children under 10 aren't permitted to the taping.
  Enter Contests & Play Games to win prizes:
Live with Kelly and Michael present contests and games to their national audience. Past contests and challenges were 'Top Teacher', the 'Search for Unstoppable Moms', the 'Studio Halloween Contest', and trivia games. As shown above, families have won cash prizes as well as paid resort vacations. If you play Live's Web Trivia, there are chances to win lavish home and kitchen furniture.
Previous acting co-hosts after Regis Philbin

Co-Hosts After Regis Philbin's Departure:

Kelly Ripa was left without a co-host for some time after Regis Philbin left the show. To fill in the gap between Philbin's departure and the next new co-host, plenty of celebrities sat alongside Ms. Ripa as acting co-hosts. The show took this opportunity to test potential co-hosts by analyzing the chemistry Ripa had between each individual. Eventually the show announced that Josh Groban, Seth Meyers and Michael Strahan were up for permanent hosts before Strahan was announced The show brought in many actors, comedians, news anchors and hosts from other shows such as Cat Deeley (So You Think You Can Dance). There has been as many as 60 acting co-hosts sitting next to Kelly Ripa, including other women which is not the norm for this show. Ultimately, the choice of Strahan was a mistake, as he used the new found fame to springboard to Good Morning America and a whopping 250% salary increase to boot.
Director at Live with Kelly and Michael   TV Show Stage   TV Show Genre
Brian Chapman

Executive Producer:
Michael Gelman

Promo Editor:
Brett Snyder

Mariann Sabol-Nieves
Cindy MacDonald

Series Casting:

Annie Hamilton
John Crockett
Brian McCulley
  Staff and Creative Team:

Makeup Artist:

Mark Payne

Theme Music Composer:

Gabriel Saientz

Style Team:
Faith Cromas
Michelle Champagne
Diane D'Agostino


Live with Kelly and Michael is produced by WABC-TV and is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.
Live with Kelly and Michael is a morning talk show which consists of celebrity interviews, musical guests and games. The show also includes online and in-studio contests in which the at-home or live audience can participate in.

Show Taping Duration:
Live with Kelly and Michael is taped from 7:45 AM to 8:45 AM but may go on until 9:45 AM due to other segments.

Show Transmission Time:
Live with Kelly and Michael is broadcasted from Monday to Friday at 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST

Show Transmission Channel:
ABC and ABC Affiliates across the US
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