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Steak House Restaurant Review in the Broadway Theater district In New York City


Churrascaria Plataforma

316 West 49th Street (Between 8th and 9th Avenues)
Phone: (212) 245-0505

Churrascaria Plataforma New York City Restaurant Carnivorous: adj. 1. Belonging or relating to the order carnivora. (yeah, I knew that much) 2. Flesh-eating. Being hungry and of this particular order, it must have been fate as we wandered past the Churrascaria Plataforma when my stomach began to rumble. After a good two hours in the Brazilian Meat- Mecca that exists at 316 West 49th street, it took nearly 48 hours until I could eat again.
But this place…this place was tremendous! A group of us arrived at a table fit for The Last Supper and gazed longingly at a high-end buffet that had everything from seafood stew to casseroles to sushi on it. Your mouth begins to water, the waiter says something that sounds like “On your mark, get set…” and the next thing you know, you’ve left skid marks that start at your table and end at a vat of paella. Just to set the record straight, this is how I behaved. It was also the road to how I imploded. Most people enter the large space with high ceilings (and poor acoustics) and gaze at the wine list, mayhaps order a drink while the waiter explains how dinner works and then proceeds to the buffet area with caution. Dinner goes like this: each person gets a coaster-shaped object when they are seated, green on one side, red on the other. When the coaster is red side up, it means you are nibbling at the buffet that is offered in the middle of the massive dining room. The choices at this table are endless and have loads of fresh seafood, rice and pastas, vegetables… more food than you can imagine. This is meant to whet your appetite… not satiate it. But then, once you flip the card over… the game begins (pardon the pun). Meat of all different types, flavors and varieties is brought over in a continuous stream until you flip the card back to the safe, red side (a.k.a. the my-pants-don’t-fit,-please-stop-bringing-me-food side). Meat varieties that include steak, rabbit, veal, turkey, liver, venison… every kind of wildlife imaginable strolled by. The deal here is 100% prix fix and while it’s not cheap, it’s no less than any other steakhouse in the tri-state. This all-inclusive meal rounds out at $31 for lunch and $47 for dinner. If you leave enough time to enjoy it and actually digest your meal, you will be very happy you made the trip.

-Accepts all major credit cards
-Reservations not necessary
-Open Monday 4:30pm-10:00pm, Tuesday-Saturday: 11:45am-3:30pm (lunch), 4:30pm-11:30pm (dinner), Sunday 11:30am-10:30pm

Del Frisco’s

1221 Sixth Avenue (in the McGraw Hill Building)
(212) 575-5129

Dark and sexy atmosphere meets hot, eye catching meat… and the steaks are great too.
Recommended dishes: Ribeye steak, boneless strip steak for two, spinach supreme, onion rings,
Price Range: Lunch: appetizers ($7-$20), entrees ($16-$30)
Dinner: appetizers ($8-$20) entrees ($19-$45)

Keen’s Steakhouse

72 West 36th Street (Between 5th and 6th Avenue)
(212) 947-3636

Beware the decadent martinis at this enormous yet charming steakhouse or you may end up crashing someone else’s party.
Recommended dishes:, English-Cut Prime Rib, Poached White Asparagus, Aged Porterhouse
Price Range: Lunch: appetizers ($8-$16), entrees ($21-$35)
Dinner: appetizers ($8-$16) entrees ($23-$45)

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