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travelers today press article

Travelers Today: Travel Tips: How To Get Cheap Broadway Tickets in NYC

Even though there's a steady rise in the popularity of films and TV shows, many people still crave going to the theater and watching some live-action Broadway shows and musicals. Not all can actually get the chance of watching these shows because mostly, the ticket prices can get quite expensive. Here are some tips that you should check out:
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time out press release article

Time Out: How to Get Discount Broadway Tickets For Kids

Looking for discount Broadway tickets? NYC families can snag cheap seats thanks to these sites and services.The Internet offers many other options for those who want to plan farther in advance. Consider visiting all of these sites and shopping around for the best bargain. Consider visiting all of these sites and shopping around for the best bargain.  
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pix 11 news article

Pix 11 News: Cheap Broadway Tickets, Online Shopping Codes and More

Bad money habits can be a hard to break. In this PIX Financial Fix, we are teaching you how to spend money the right way. Bobbi Rebell, financial columnist and author of the book "How To Be A Financial Grownup," shares her tips on Broadway deals, online shopping, and more.
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the guardian press release

The Guardian: Broadway Blockbusters: Why the Theater Attendance is at an All-Time High

Statistics compiled by the Broadway League, Broadway’s trade association, revealed that the Great White Way had bested its own astonishing records.This is all the more impressive as only 33 shows were playing, an arguably low number for Broadway and significantly behind last winter’s 38 shows.
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univision news article

Univision: Musicals on Broadway You Can't Miss (In Spanish)

Chosen by critics, winners in the latest Tony Awards and box office favorites, these are Broadway musicals that you can not miss in 2016.
Do not settle for watching the 'shows' from the last row. These are the key tips to get the best discounts
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cruise mates article

Cruise Mates: I'll Take Manhattan

Everyone knows New York's iconic lures - Broadway shows, world-class museums and architectural skyscrapers top the list. Book tickets way in advance for Broadway shows, particularly the hot shows, to ensure good seats.
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courier post press release

Courier Post: Fill That Free Weekend With a Last-Minute Getaway

It’s a dream come true for road-trippers. You find yourself with a free weekend (or a few days off) and decide to take a last-minute trip. Several well-traveled locals who are proficient in planning weekend and last-minute jaunts have shared their tips about choosing a destination for a fun mini-break.
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Wall Street Journal Press Release

Wall Street Journal: Now You're the Ticket Master

What do commercial airlines and Broadway theaters have in common, beyond cramped seats, negligible leg room, ill-mannered neighbors and sometimes iffy entertainment? In both cases, that woman on the aisle or that couple seated in front of you may have paid substantially less for their tickets than you did for yours.
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Wall Street Joural Press Release

Wall Street Journal: Scoring Seats for a Broadway Show

Getting last-minute tickets to a Broadway show often means standing in line at the box office for a chance to get "rush" seats that are released shortly before the curtain rises, or joining the queue at the TKTS booth near Times Square, where discounted seats are sold the day of the show. A third option has cropped up in recent times: Web sites that help theatergoers snag discount seats.
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