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Cancelled and Closed New York TV Show List and Summary

Complete list of TV Shows that have been recorded in New York City and are no longer taping

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106 & Park

Kanye West, 50 Cent and Chris Brown
106&Park ended its 14 year run as a pivotal part of hip-hop culture due to declines in ratings. Rumors surfaced that disparaging comments were made by guest hosts, Chris Brown and Karrueche about Blue Ivy (daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce), and contributed to the show’s demise. The show went on a week long hiatus following the backlash and was cancelled 3 months later, only heightening the rumors about the true nature of its demise. Following the show's cancellation, BET's president of music programming stated the show would move to a web-only format; however, that idea never became a reality.

Ainsley Harriot

Starring Ainsley Harriot
This British import "celebrity" chef tried to emulate Emeril Lagasse's charm and charisma but failed miserably to achieve his level of success. The TV show lasted one season before the Pepto Bismol police were called in to pump TV viewers stomachs.

Ali & Jack

Ali Wentworth and Jack Ford
Jack Ford's news experience and Ali Wentworth's comedic edge wasn't enough to get this Regis and Kelly look-a-like TV show with a canned laughter track and lackluster ratings off the ground. The show was canceled in 2004, after one season.

Al Roker

Starring Al Roker
The Al Roker Game Show was cancelled before it had the chance to air on NBC. The weatherman's game show did not make the cut, and was called off as the show was in pilot. Very little is known about the show, as it never saw the light of day.

Ananda Lewis

Starring Anada Lewis
Although quite hip and smart, The Ananda Lewis Show only appealed to a vertical "MTV type" market which is so fickle that the network only kept her show on for one season. The show had its last episode on August 12, 2002.

Anderson Cooper

Starring Anderson Cooper
CNN journalist Anderson Cooper took on this daytime TV talk show to explore his lighter side, but apparently audiences prefer Cooper as a serious news man -- the talk show only lasted two seasons before being canceled.

Best Time Ever

Neil Patrick Harris
The name apparently did not fit the show. Given a dismal 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, critics and audiences alike agreed that one season of eight episodes was too many for this failed variety show. The cancellation of this TV show was announced in 2015.

Caroline Rhea

Starring Caroline Rhea
The Caroline Rhea Show was known as the successor to The Rosie O'Donnell Show.The show was taped at NBC's Rockefeller Center Studios in New York City, and was cancelled after just a single season.

Carson Daly

Starring Carson Daly
After getting off to a rocky start, Last Call with Carson Daly was cancelled in Sep 2013. The show had a long run and lasted 15 seasons. The talk show featured interviews with notable people in Hollywood.

Change of Heart

Chris Jagger, Lynn Koplitz
Mother Love's LA dating game TV show moved to New York City but couldn't compete with the numerous other dating shows clogging the airwaves at the time - or hopefully the pool of singles willing to humiliate themselves on television dried up.

Chris Rock Show

Starring Chris Rock
After Chris's disastrous season on SNL, his one-man-show on HBO became a behemoth hit TV show of the same name and went on to three glorious seasons of success. This show finally established Chris as a household name in comedy. He moved on to big Hollywood movies when HBO could no longer afford him. He now vacations in St. Bart's and has never looked back.

Cold Pizza

Jay Crawford, Kit Hoover
All heart and no gumption - New York's most poorly funded TV show of all time had no set, no audience, no backdrop, no effects, no guests and only one camera - It lasted four seasons on a shoestring budget until it went stone cold itself.

Colin Quinn

Starring Colin Quinn
Funnyman Colin Quinn, best known as a former SNL cast member, and his "Tough Crowd" of comedian pals kept this late night yakker alive for two seasons. Colin Quinn lives on as a staple in Comedy Central's Celebrity Roasts.

Comedy Central Presents

Dane Cook, Daniel Tosh, and Zack Galifianakas
Comedy Central Presents had long been a staple of comedy central programming. It epitomized what some consider the essence of comedy, live stand-up. The show premiered in 1998 and gave way to many up and coming comedians who found notoriety (Zack Galifianakas, Patton Oswalt, Daniel Tosh, Carols Mencia, Dane Cook to name a few). In 2011 Comedy Central ended the program and re branded the show as The Half Hour which, as the name implies, provides a 30 minute show for stand-up comics to perform.

Conan O'Brien

Starring Conan O'Brien
This New York TV Show staple changed ownership to Jimmy Fallon when Conan moved to replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show in Los Angeles in February 2009. The show began in September of 1993, and had a successful run.


Bill Cosby after The Cosby Show
Long before the string of accusations of sexual misconduct and in a bid to resurrect his success as Dr. Huxtable on the Cosby Show (which ran from 1984 to 1992), Bill Cosby unsuccessfully tried his hand at one more sitcom before finally nailing his TV show coffin shut. The show did poorly in the ratings but managed to squeeze out four seasons from 1996 to 2000, before getting the axe. The show maybe only lasted mostly due to the juice Cosby had over TV execs, rather than the shows ratings or critical reviews. It is hard for anyone to actually remember this show, thank God for Youtube.

Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert provided entertaining commentary on real issues going on in the around the world. The Colbert reported aired its last episode on December 18, 2014 on Comedy Central, and enjoyed 1,447 episodes.

Crowd Goes Wild

Regis Philbin
Fox Sports 1 cancelled this alternative sports show for being a little too alternative as the show was never was able to gather a solid foundation of viewers. The hosts, led by Regis Philbin garnered mixed reviews. Viewers seemed to waffle on whether the show featured a little too much or too little of Regis, which is probably not what you want your audience's main focus to be for a sports program. It should have been about the sports first, hosts second.

Daily Download

Dylan Lane, Marianela Pereyra and Steven Smith
This upmarket "TRL" by Fuse TV was a video countdown show that was pretty popular before suddenly and mysteriously going on indefinite hiatus. The show was originally named IMX before it was rebranded into Daily Download. On IMX, viewers could trade "stocks" in music live and win prizes for their efforts. This stock trading element was removed with the rebranding.

Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Starring Jon Stewart
After 16 seasons on the air, the talented Jon Stewart decided to move onto other things including movie production. The final episode of his show took place on Thursday, August 6, 2015 at 11:00pm.. Comedy Central played a Daily Show marathon all day on August 6th leading up to the final episode. Final guests, included Amy Schumer, Denis Leary, and Louis C.K. In the remarkable number of seasons that Stewart has held this position, he has interviewed guests ranging from Barack Obama to Philip Seymour Hoffman to Kurt Vonnegut to George Clooney and he left an indelible mark on the industry.

Dave Chappelle

Starring Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle's "I'm Rick James, Bitch" mental breakdown and paltry salary from Comedy Central, made this top comedian go AWOL to Africa right in the middle of the taping of the third season. He eventually came back to the USA, but not to Comedy Central, leaving the TV show dead in its tracks and CC execs scratching their heads. He went onto bigger and better things including stand up specials and selling out soccer stadiums, which are better formats for the talent comedian.

Divorce Court

Judge Mablean Ephriam
Divorce Court revolves around the disputes of couples filing for divorce. Judge Mablean Ephriam was the adjudicator of the series for seven seasons, and is no longer on the show. All the couples portrayed on the show were real, with no scripted actors.

Deal or No Deal

Howie Mandel
The Howie Mandel-hosted hit went from network darling into cable syndication and finally made a move to Connecticut. The prize in a suitcase guessing game only lasted one brief season before shutting down production, though it became an instant classic. Howie moved onto America's Got Talent, a far more lucrative opportunity and hasn't looked back since.

Donny and Marie

Starring Donny and Marie Osmond
America's classic brother and sister team starred in this musical variety show which aired on ABC. The two are a classic, spawning memorable songs such as "I'm a Little Bit Country, I'm a Little Rock n' Roll", "Vegas Love", and "I Know This Much is True". In their heyday, their following was so fanatic it was dubbed "Osmondmania".

Dr Joy Browne

Starring Dr. Joy Browne
This radio psychologist's in-person popularity and stage presence did not translate to TV. Despite her immense popularity on radio, her show ended after just one season and meager ratings in 2005.

Dr Keith Ablow

Starring Dr. Keith Ablow
Keith Ablow was a talented shrink, but his self-named television talk show just couldn't find an audience and it died after just one year on the air. Ablow later became a frequent contributor on Fox News.

The Early Show

Bryant Gumbel, Julia Chen
Much like ABC's Good Morning America, The Early Show was a morning news program that aired on CBS. The show was replaced after a twelve year run by a new interview-focused program, CBS This Morning.

The Emeril Lagasse Show

Starring Emeril Lagasse
Following the demise of his Food Network show, Emeril Live, celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse experimented with a program that was a mix of late night talk show (complete with a house band) and cooking show, but it quickly disappeared from TV. Fortunately for the charisma-filled Lagasse, this show was not his last, as he went on to star in several food related shows.

Emeril Live

Starring Emeril Lagasse
After a wildly popular run on the Food Network that lasted for over a decade, Emeril Live, Emeril Lagasse's live cooking show was inexplicably canceled, leaving Emeril's fans bereft. Bam!

Fashion Queens

Bevy Smith, Derek J, and Lawrence Washington
Reading celebrities for poor fashion choices and exalting them for good ones is at the heart of this Bravo show. According to a host, the show was only meant to last three episodes, but went on for far longer than initially anticipated. One of the hosts, Bevy Smith, confirmed on Twitter on August 8, 2015 that show had been cancelled after three seasons.

Father Albert

Starring Father Alberto Cutie
A popular television and radio personality in Spanish markets, Father Alberto Cutie failed to translate for a wider American audience and his show didn't get beyond a summer trial run where Latino's were entertained and left the rest of the audience bored.

Forgive or Forget

Jo Anne Hart
Jo Anne Hart, better known as Mother Love, helps guests move forward in this show. An intriguing premise -- people try to make amends with someone they've wronged -- wasn't enough to keep this show going beyond two seasons, but reruns are hilarious!

Girl Code LIVE!

Awkwafina, Nessa, and Cary Aquilino
Girl Code LIVE was a spin off of its male counterpart, Guy Code, and its not live counterpart, Girl Code. The reality comedy featured female actresses and entertainers Awkwafina, Nessa, and Cary Aquilino, all dishing the truth about womanhood. The show's last episode was aired on November 2nd, 2015 after just ten episodes.

Graham Norton

Starring Graham Norton
This openly gay and brash British import late night talker didn't survive long in the States doing his way-over-the-top gay jokes. Ratings suffered and advertisers pulled out when they had his jokes translated. Graham Norton moved his show back to the UK and went fro strength to strength, becoming a top 3 TV show in the UK in 2014.

Hope and Faith

Kelly Ripa
Real hope and faith wasn't enough to keep this "Kelly Ripa" slow-motion vehicle crash alive. The sitcom did manage to eek out three seasons, but was ultimately canceled and Kelly continued with her Live with Regis Philbin early morning yakker, where she dumped Regis and brought in Michael Strahan, much to the chagrin of her husband.

Howie Mandel

Starring Howie Mandel
Comedian Howie Mandel hosted the The Howie Mandel Show. The talk/variety daytime talk show was distributed by Paramount Domestic Television. Mandel was involved in writing and producing "Bobbys World", a hit animated series.


Mike Huckabee
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee announced January 2015 he would not continue his Fox News talk show in order to better assess a potential 2016 Presidential run. Huckabee had hosted the conservative leaning talk show since 2008 and the show generally received positive ratings over the course of its 7 year run.

Iyanla Vanzant

Starring Iyanla Vanzant
Billed as the East Coast Oprah Winfrey and produced by Barbara Walters, this ordained Yoruba priestess and self-help guru's show made it only one season before execs pulled the plug on the life support.

Jack and Triumph

Jack McBrayer
Jack McBrayer and his stuffed dog starred in this partly-improv, partly-scripted comedy show. This under-the-radar TV show premiered on February 20, 2015, and had its final episode was on April 3, 2015, after a slim seven episodes.

Jane Pauley

Starring Jane Pauley
Fresh from NBC's Today Show, Jane Pauley used this show to educate people through her own experiences. The execs weren't so helpful, canceling the show after just one season due to her poor ratings.

Jeremy Kyle

Starring Jeremy Kyle
A British import that lasted five minutes in 2001. Jeremy Kyle loved to yell at all his idiotic guests. His favorite quip to camera was "This is my show, so shut up" Jeremy Kyle returned to the UK where he drowned his sorrows in their warm beer and stale cigarettes. The show lasted from July 2005 all the way to January 2010.

Joking Off

DeRay Davis
Comedian DeRay Davis hosted this comedy game show where teams of rising comedians reacted to ridiculous social media posts. The show lasted for three seasons, and the last episode aired on October 6, 2016.

John Edward

Starring John Edward
This TV psychic from Long Island did not foretell his own cancellation and he went down like the ceramic-potters-wheel scene in Ghost - quick and messy. Critics called him out for not being a bona fide psychic, and instead an expert on simply "cold reading". Notably, John Edward was crowned as "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" in South Park for providing families false hope.

John Walsh

Starring John Walsh
Though his America's Most Wanted TV show has been running 20 years, John Walsh was only able to keep this solo effort alive for two seasons before execs executed him. Crying shame, given what this man has done for the safety of our country.

Judge David Young

Starring Judge David Young
This openly gay judge may have delivered "justice with a snap," but audiences dismissed his court TV show and it was gone in a snap. The host was so flamboyant that he was known to burst into song and refer to himself as a "queen". His interactions with bailiff Tawya Young are particularly sassy. The show lasted 65 episodes.

Judge Hatchett

Starring Glenda Hatchett
Judge Hatchett lasted eight seasons before getting the ax. Her show was like most judge shows, except that she also included a few trashy talk show staples like wild teen, out of control trannies and who's-the-daddy paternity tests.

Judge Joe Brown

Starring Judge Joe Brown
Judge Joe Brown, the second highest-rated court show after Judge Judy was cancelled by CBS. The cancellation is believed to have taken place after a fall out on a new contract that trimmed Brown's salary.

Judge Karen

Judge Karen Francis-Mills
No-nonsense Miami judge Karen Francis-Mills only ruled for a short time before her court show was canceled due to lack of ratings. She went on to prosecute more fake criminals in Law and Order SVU.

Judge Mills Lane

Judge Mills Lane
Judge Mills Lane, also known for being a professional boxing referee, stared in his own reality court show on TNN. The show was cancelled after three seasons due to an increasingly crowded market.

The Juice

Sonia Baghdady, Chuck Nice, Dr. Eveyln Minaya and Matt McClure
The Juice was a lifestyle TV talk show, aimed at roping in the contemporary viewer by introducing a variety of topics. This resulted in a hodgepodge of a TV show that attempted to do too much. In their efforts to try to appeal to everyone, the show could not really grasp anyone as indicated by the ratings. Airing on little known Vieira Living TV channel and filmed in obscure studios in Secaucus New Jersey, the show had trouble assembling enthusiastic audiences. Despite the claim of celebrity guests, notable ones were few and far between. Much like the show's short run, the September 2014 cancellation was met with very little fanfare.

The Katie Show

with Katie Couric on ABC
Katie was a “lifestyle” talk show, hosted by journalist and anchor Katie Couric on ABC. The platform featured typical current events akin to what Ms Couric had done during her entire news career, while introducing elements reflecting her own interests. On June 6 2011 it was announced that Couric and ABC had mutually agreed to end the show after its two year run. It is not clear why they 'mutually agreed" to part ways. It could have been the fact that Couric was being underpaid at ABC, had less creative control than anticipated or it may have been because the second season ratings took a dive. The decision to go may have been made a little easier for Couric, as it has been reported that Yahoo offered her a $5 million dollar salary to headline their News team, which is where she went with little fanfare. The show had 195 episodes.

Knife Fight

Ilan Hall
The reality cooking competition show was hosted by Bravo's top chef Ilan Hall and aired on the Esquire Network. In the show, a group of talented chefs compete to prove who is the best. Knife Fights' last episode aired on December 29, 2015.

The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn

Starring Craig Kilborn
Craig Kilborn took over The Late Late Show with on CBS in March 1999, when Tom Synder announced he was leaving. The Late Late Show covered various topics such as news, weather, love, and question games. Segments included What Up?, In the News, and The Weather With Petra Nemcova. Kilborn announced he was not returning to The Late Late Show as the time slot was too crowded for his success. Killborn's departure lead the show into a frenzy where new hosts were tried out until finally settling on Craig Ferguson. Guest hosts inclued Drew Carey, Rosie Perez, and Bob Saget.

The Late Show with David Letterman

Starring David Letterman
The Late Show with David Letterman was a comedy talk show on NBC , hosted by David Letterman. The show ran until 1993 when Letterman left NBC and moved onto The Late Show on CBS. Letterman is the longest running talk show host in American history, surpassing Johnny Carson. The show lasted a staggering 22 seasons and over four thousand episodes. In 2000, Letterman underwent quintuple bypass surgery, after which sparked The Late Show Backstage.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Starring Jimmy Fallon
Actor and comedian Jimmy Fallon hosted Late Night with Jimmy Fallon which aired on NBC until Feb 2014. In 2013, Fallon was selected by NBC to host The Tonight Show. After a monologue, Fallon would perform "desk pieces" to officially start the show, consisting of "Pros and Cons", "Late Night Hashtags", and "Thank You Notes".

Later Today

Florence Henderson, Asha Blake and Jodi Applegate
NBC's 1999 failed attempt to add another hour to the popular morning news program The Today Show was called Later Today and featured Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson, Asha Blake and Jodi Applegate. However, the lively show only lasted a year as Today Show viewers could not stomach another hour of this format.

Lie Detectors

Rove McManus
On this show with Rove McManus, comedians would make up two lies and one truth based on pop culture, and audience members would guess the veracity of these claims. This TV show was announced cancelled, after only one season on August 24, 2016.

Life and Style

Jules Asner, Kimora Lee Simmons, Cynthia Garrett and Lynne Koplitz
Like The View, but for people younger than 50. Four beautiful women talked about clothes and makeovers and other girly matters for about a year, until they were canceled. Even though the hosts seemed to be full of pep, some were reportedly difficult to work with. Kimora Lee Simmons in particular was alleged to have licked every donut on the catering tray just so her coworkers would not be able to eat them, and allegedly repeatedly stole props from the show.

Linda Vester

Starring Linda Vester
Vester was the popular host of Fox's lunchtime show DaySide until she left on maternity and the misogynists at Fox didn't bring her back.. After a season with different hosts taking her spot, the show was finally replaced with cartoons, I mean Fox News.

Live! with Kelly

Hosted by Kelly Ripa
This TV show was renamed Live! with Kelly after Philbin's departure from the show and again after Michael Strahan's departure in 2016. Kelly Ripa welcomed various guest co-hosts such as Russell Brand, Howie Mandel, Tyler Perry, and Neil Patrick Harris.

Live! with Kelly and Michael

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan was introduced as Kelly Ripa's permanent co-host in 2012. The show kept up good ratings as the No.2 syndicated talk show. Despite the name Live!, many segments were not live, and instead pre-filmed weeks earlier and shown to a live studio audience to capture their reactions. Many celebrities graced the show over the years, including Will Ferrell, Billy Crystal, and Cher. On April 18, 2016, Strahan announced he was leaving Live! to join Good Morning America. The departure was reportedly a surprise, as Kelly Ripa only found out about the move the day it was announced.

Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee

Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford
Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee aired on WABC from 1988-2000 , when Kathie Lee Gifford finally departed the show. This departure did not create a rift between Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford, as Gifford was back to honor Philbin during his last episode on Live! with only warm statements about the co-host. During Philbin's time as a solo host, he tried out a variety of potential co-stars. Kathie Lee Gifford was officially replaced by Kelly Ripa on February 5, 2001. Gifford went on to host Today with Hota Kotb, a show that sometimes competes with Live!, due to the similar time slot.

Live! with Regis and Kelly

Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa
For twelve years, the daytime TV show Live with Regis & Kelly was known as Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. In 2010 Kathie Lee Gifford left the show, leaving Regis Philbin solo until new co-host Kelly Ripa was found. The power duo brought joy into the morning TV programming with daily contests, interviews, and musical performances.

The Marriage Ref

Tom Papa
This Jerry Seinfeld brainchild that had comedians deciding the winners of real-life marital squabbles only survived two short seasons. Clearly, NBC would have done a comedy show about the holocaust to get get Jerry Seinfeld back.

Martha Stewart

Starring Martha Stewart
After her prison stint, the homemaking guru returned to promoting her food and lifestyle empire by hosting her own popular morning TV show, but the show went off the air in 2012 after internal wrangling's and power struggles were leaked to the press which thoroughly embarrassed the heads of the studio. Martha quit the show and decided TV wasn't for her after all.

The Martin Short Show

Starring Martin Short
The Martin Short Show was a late night syndicated American television show that aired for one season. The talk show was hosted by Martin Short and his announcer Michael McGrath. The show failed, but one surving aspect was the character Jiminy Glick, played by Short, which spawned the spin-off show "Primetime Glick". The show had its first episode on September 13, 1999, and concluded with the final episode on December 31, 1999, spanning 80 episodes.

Maya & Marty

Maya Rudolph and Martin Short
This variety show only taped for the summer of 2016. Maya Rudolph and Martin Short, both celebrated Saturday Night Live alumns, used their short run to broadcast funny skits with a star-studded guest list. Kenan Thompson, another revered SNL star, frequently joined the pair. The variety show aired on NBC, the same network that hosts Saturday Night Live.

Meredith Vieira Show

Starring Meredith Vieira
A popular game show host and reporter, Meredith Vieira was experienced in a variety of television show genres, except talk shows. Unfortunately, the experimental venture into talk show hosting proved to be a failure, and audiences around the world responded with a resounding "meh". The Meredith Vieira Show was cancelled after its second season due to low ratings.

Million Dollar Password

Regis Philbin
Following the success of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Regis Philbin tried to make lightning strike twice with this reboot of an old celeb-driven TV game show - but to no avail. Only a dozen episodes were aired before it disappeared from TV. It seemed that American audiences just weren't into this vintage format, or perhaps they enjoyed the original Password more. The show had its first episode on June 1, 2008 and ended its brief run on June 14, 2009.

Montel Williams

Starring Montel Williams
After over 15 years on the air, the Montel Williams Show ended its lengthy run in 2008. He featured a number of topics and guests on the program, but his most popular was psychic Sylvia Browne, who is now deceased.

The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet

Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy
Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy received their own variety show after serving as co-hosts on Dayside and Fox & Friends. The Morning Show offers an alternative for audiences who don't relate to conventional talk shows, which often touch on parenting, married life, and other topics geared at a more mature audience. Mike and Juliet prefer flirtatious banter and musings on pop culture instead. Though the show has since nosedived into obscurity, one enduring incident was the famous "Spaghetti Cat". During a segment on drunk driving, editors cut to a picture of a cat poised to eat spaghetti at a table, which has since become a meme of sorts. Unfortunately, Spaghetti Cat is the most famous thing to come out of this otherwise decent show.

MTV's The Seven

Kevin Manno and Julie Alexandria
As an attempt at replacing the beloved countdown show TRL, The Seven failed miserably and sent away its screaming teenage fans after less than a year on the air. Total Request Live, rest in peace, cannot and will not be successfully replaced in its entirety, and The Seven proves this. The Seven went live in 2010 and shut down not too long after.

Naomi's New Morning

Naomi Judd
This short-lived Hallmark Channel show, which featured health topics, family issues, inspiring personal stories, and music, aired on Sunday mornings and was hosted by country singer Naomi Judd. The show deals with spiritual topics such as faith, and the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. Naomi's New Morning ended September 23, 3007.

Politically Incorrect

Bill Maher
Hosted by Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect was a late-night American show that ran for 30 minutes. It premiered in 1993 on Comedy Central and moved in 1997 to ABC. Politically Incorrect was cancelled in 2002 and was replaced by Jimmy Kimmel Live. It was speculated that the show was ironically cancelled because of Bill Maher's politically incorrect remarks about 9/11.

The Nate Berkus Show

Starring Nate Berkus
The Oprah Show alum shared his designing expertise in an upbeat daytime format for awhile, but ultimately the ratings weren't good enough to keep him on the air. The show was set to replace The Bonny Hunt Show, but struggled with ratings as NBC's daytime programming can best be described as lukewarm, with few exceptions.

Queen Latifah

Starring Dana Elaine Owens (Queen Latifah)
Having conquered music charts and TV comedy, the Queen reigned over her own talk show for two seasons before poor ratings forced her to step down. The show covered pop culture, featured interviews, and held live performances. Though Latifah couldn't secure sufficient viewership, she was named "Best New Talk Show Host" at the People's Choice Awards.

Quite Frankly

Stephen A. Smith
An unusual mix of sports and current events, this ESPN2 show featured interviews with some fascinating people, but was canceled after a year and a half because of poor ratings. The show aired from 2005-2007.

The Revolution

Ty Pennington, and Tim Gunn
Revolution was a television show centered on providing women with lifestyle tips ranging from fashion, health, exercise and more. Some of the cast included Ty Pennington (Home Improvement star), Tim Gunn (fashion Guru) and a team of life improvement specialists. The well intentioned show could not garner the audience necessary for a renewal. Some had claimed that Tim Gunn, who is considered an omniscient fashion expert provided extremely sub par fashion advice. While that was probably not the main reason for cancellation, but it certainly did not help endear their targeted female demographic.

Ricki Lake

Starring Ricki Lake
Ricki's hit show was canceled in August 2004 after 11 tremendously successful seasons. Martha Stewart picked up her TV studio, but, alas, Ricki's devoted audience did not stay around to watch. Ricki attempted a comeback show in Hollywood in 2008, which lasted just one season, but sadly, she could not return her to the old success. Audiences around the nation still love Ricki, and continue to chant "Go Ricki" at her many bar mitzvah appearances.

Robin Quivers

Starring Robin Quivers
This TV show was canceled before it even shot an episode. This show was Robin Quivers' insurance policy in case her switch to Sirius radio with Howard Stern failed. In the end, she didn't need the insurance and the TV show was never to be seen by anyone. She later was diagnosed with cancer, but is now a cancer survivor.

Rosie O'Donnell

Starring Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie's TV show was a hit for six seasons until she quit to do more important things, like raise a family, create the Rosie Gay Family Cruise, and then co-host The View for one mindless season. Her varied career post 'view' continues to flourish


Starring RuPaul Charles
Everyone's favorite drag queen lasted two seasons on VH1 with his/her lively celebrity interviews and variety TV show. Notable mention of sidekick Michelle Visage who served as co-host. RuPaul went onto host "Rupaul's Drag Race" with Michelle Visage in 2009, which became an instant cult hit and still airs to this day.

Sally Jessy Raphael

Starring Sally Jessy Raphael
A pioneer of the issue-oriented daytime TV talk show in the mid-'80s, Sally Jesse went on to provide several seasons of mindless "low road" entertainment until lousy ratings finally got her show canceled in 2002. Her legacy are the bright red glasses and her catch phrase "You are an idiot", which her audience just lapped up.

The Bill Cunningham Show

Starring Bill Cunningham
Though the show was successful on paper, audiences were not kind to Bill Cunningham, calling him an inept, wannabe Maury. Even with poor critical reception, the show enjoyed a five year run, and had its last episode on September 9, 2016. Bill Cunningham retired from TV to work on radio and his law career. The Robert Irvine Show went on to replace it.

The Tony Danza Show

Starring Tony Danza
Brooklyn boy Tony Danza of Who's the Boss? and Taxi fame charmed his audience for two seasons with his song and dance routine on this daytime yakker. House frau's loved him, NBC ad execs barfed up their $100 lunches. Tony went on to become a schoolteacher in Pennsylvania and later starred in various Broadway shows.

Totally Biased

W.Kamau Bell
Even with Chris Rock as the executive producer, the comedy talk show starring W.Kamau Bell just couldn't seem to find its viewership. The show was canceled in November of 2013, ending with a total of 52 episodes.

The Nightly Show

Larry Wilmore
The show seemed to be going smoothly, until the infamous episode featuring guest Bill Nye. While the popular scientist attempted to explain the implications of finding water on Mars, Wilmore's panel made it clear that they found no interest in the subject, and rudely interrupted him during the entirety of his segment. The episode sparked outrage, and ratings suffered and never bounced back.The Nightly Show was canceled after just two seasons on August 15, 2016.

Total Request Live

Carson Daly
It is amazing that this MTV video countdown show was so massively popular, but between the departure of host Carson Daly and the increasing popularity of watching videos online, MTV and TRL could not attract enough of an audience to keep it on the air.The show ran ten seasons from 1998 to 2008 and In its heyday, the show stopped traffic on Broadway, got Mariah Carey to have a meltdown on live TV, transmitted Carson Daly saying the eff-word under his breath and had the musical debuts of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson. This show went out as fast as it came and the format worked so perfectly in those naive times. Many shows have since tried to emulate the success of Total Request Live, but failed.

Trisha Goddard

Starring Trisha Goddard
The Trisha Goddard Show was a TV talk show starring Trisha Goddard who originally gained notoriety in her native England, but failed to make a name for herself in the US market. In the US show, Goddard's British success was unable to carry over and NBC cancelled Trisha in 2014, after just two seasons - although it is a wonder how the show lasted that long. Trisha recorded paltry 0.6 household rating and a .04 rating in the demographic of women 25 to 54. Clearly the producers were waiting for the big break in numbers, but it never came. It will never be known if Goddard could have improved the numbers by doing something outrageous in the vein of Jerry Springer, that could have possibly turned it all around.

The Tyra Banks Show

Starring Tyra Banks
America's Next Top Model guru Tyra Banks became a hero to women everywhere with her brash, female-focused daily talk show, but after five seasons Tyra decided to cancel the show so that she could concentrate on producing projects. Always gunning for Oprah ratings, Tyra quit when Oprah moved to her own channel and bombed. Tyra is still seen on reruns and on Next Top Model.

Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer

Alexis Stewart, Jennifer Hutt
Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis, and her best friend Jennifer, brought their funny syndicated radio show to TV, but TV audiences said "whatever" and the show ended after a short life span. After the cancellation of Whatever, the two came out with Whatever, Martha!, a series that provided their reactions to various Martha Stewart episodes. Since then, the two wrote a book called Whateverland, and broke up their friendship, which became apparent after an awkward interview from Alexis on The Today Show.


Whoopi Goldberg
Just one season was all it took for the TV execs to determine that this vehicle for Whoopi Goldberg's amazing comedic talent was a non-starter. Whoopi later found a better fit when she went on to co-host "The View" to replace Rosie O Donnell.