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Ticket Guide Service Testimonials:

Here are just a few of the testimonials that we have received from some of our clients about the Discount Broadway and TV Ticket Guide Service, Obviously we have a lot more, but these sum up the general consensus :

Discount Broadway and TV Ticket Guide Service Testimonials:

Obviously we have a lot more, but these sum up the general consensus :

Your service is great, you reduced the price of my four Aida tickets to $250. If I didn't know about you I would have paid the full-whack price of $580 with TicketMaster! Thanks again. Greg Masters, Manhattan

Thank you guys at, I like your web site, it saved me time and money and I appreciate it. When we come to New York things are always so complicated and I am grateful that you helped us getting to the show and saved us some money too. J. S. Burton, Milwaukee

Christy, you got us a free dinner ! I cant believe that we ate for free last night because of the code you gave us when we went to see The Producers. My wife was cynical, but it worked out great. Her cynicism reduced with every bite :-) Thanks again. Mike Travers, Norwalk, CT

I liked your site, but don't understand why you charge 3 dollars, everything on the internet is free nowadays - so I don't understand why I have to pay 3 dollars to get access to the guide ? mg***
Sorry, good stuff is never free, welcome to the modern world - Editor :)

I got my discount Broadway tickets thru you and and am pretty pleased. We saved 40% overall which was great, but can you also include Off-Broadway please ? S. Michaels, Allentown, PA
Sorry, we only plan to offer Broadway Discounts they are where we can get you the most significant savings - Editor

We just had our discounted tickets to Lion King delivered. We are very happy we didn't have to get the full price ones, as money is a bit tight nowadays , thanks again. st******

We liked using you service instead of getting in line at the discount ticket booth. Its great that we were able to get discount tickets in advance and not wait around for the couple of hours in the rain like we have done about fifty times before ! C Carter, Westchester

We have been members for 3 months and its the best $9 we have ever spent. I have saved a barrel load of money on Broadway Tickets and am pretty pleased with myself. What I really like about the service is that it doesn't automatically renew my subscription, I must decide to renew it each month, and I am a repeat customer so it must be good ? S Howard, Trenton, NJ

Thank you - your service helped me find affordable Broadway tickets for five people for what is probably for us a once in a lifetime trip. Thanks! Janet G, Email

I didn't like your site initially because the $3 sign up feels like its an adult site and so it feels like a scam. I now feel differently after I signed up, because you don't get my CC info (Paypal gets it - not you) and you don't auto-renew the subscription. The discounts I got totaled over $400, not bad for $3 I must say....I think I will be using you again... J Howells, Paramus NJ
We are definitely not a scam. Check out our ebay feedback.

I've already left some feedback on your sale but now wish that I hadn't. I spent the equivalent of pocket change for the info and saved over $115.00 today on 2 FRONT ROW TICKETS for the Phantom of the Opera!!! I only wish Ebay would let me write more comments for you.. YOU ROCK!! Sincerest thanks! P.S. Feel free to post this note on your web site! John K. Long Island City, NY

I was in NYC 1/2-1/6/05 and wanted to see Dave Letterman & some broadway shows, and ran across your website. We subscribed and used your info with success! We got standby tickets to DL in one day, and tickets to the Phantom for $30, which was great since I had my family of four with me. Keep up the great work & thanks! Joe McKinney, email