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The Lincoln Center Theatre

This Lincoln Center Theatre is actually made up of three theatres: Vivian Beaumont Theatre, Newhouse Theatre and The Claire Tow Theater


Lincoln Center Theater

Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023
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The Lincoln Center Theater is in the North Western corner of the The LIncoln Center, a complex that stretches from 62nd to 65th Streets, between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues in NYC.

Previous Shows:

The three theatres of the Lincoln Center Theater have housed many Broadway and off-Broadway productions including:
Vivian Beaumont Broadway Theatre

The Lincoln Center Theater Background:

First developed in the 1950s, Lincoln Center gradually become New York City's most impressive cultural destination as new theaters, schools, and cultural institutions began to open in the complex. Handsome theaters and performance spaces like Avery Fisher Hall, New York State Theater, and the Metropolitan Opera House are part of Lincoln Center, as are educational institutions Fordham University and the Juilliard School. Lincoln Center even has its own Broadway theater, the Vivian Beaumont Theater, and Off-Broadway theater, the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater. Other highlights of Lincoln Center include the New York Library of Performing Arts, the Walter Reade movie theater, and Damrosch Park, the outdoor performance area where the Big Apple Circus pitches its tent each year.

Design of the Lincoln Centre Theater:

The massive Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts complex covers several blocks. The main entrance is a beautiful sight, featuring the gorgeous Metropolitan Opera House's distinctive arches and Chagall murals in the background, and Lincoln Center's famous fountain in the foreground. Every theater in the complex has its own special charm, and many of them are breathtakingly beautiful inside. The complex does have a reputation for being rather forbidding and almost fortress-like on the outside, which led to the "transformation" effort that is opening up Lincoln Center structurally so that it is better integrated with its Upper West Side neighborhood.
The Lincoln Center Theatre is made up of three theatres:
The Vivian Beaumont Theatre
The Newhouse Theatre
The Claire Tow Theater

The Vivian Beaumont Theater

Built in 1965 and with over 1200 seats in this delightful theatre,The Vivian Beaumont Theater in the Lincoln Center Theatre is the largest of the three with 1,200 seats the Vivian Beaumont has been home to many wonderful musicals throughout the years, Large scale musicals are a natural fit for its excellent viewing angles and superior audio, with ample backstage place, this theatre bucks the trend of other Broadway theatres with limited space. This theatre actually resides over twenty blocks North from the official Broadway central location in Midtown Manhattan, but it is still classed as a Broadway theatre given its size and the shows that are played there.

The Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater

This theatre opened in November 1967 and is located in the lower level of the Vivian Beaumont Theater part of the building at the Lincoln Center Theater. The space was originally called the Forum during the period of the now-defunct Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center and has 299 seats.

The Claire Tow Theater

This 112 seat theatre opened in June 2012 and is Lincoln Center Theater's newest production and theater space.  It is home to to the more avant-garde productions and a favorite for the work of new artists and its attempting to develop new audiences for new kinds of theater experiences, but often suffers in its ability to satisfy common-folk theatre desires, instead opting for artistic endeavors that often lack popular appeal.
Directions to the Lincoln Center Theater:
By subway, take the 1 to the 66th Street/Lincoln Center stop.

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