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Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy Broadway Show

Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy on Broadway

CIRQUE DREAMS JUNGLE FANTASY is the latest brainchild of Neil Goldberg’s Cirque Productions, creators of international performance and touring sensations Cirque Ingenieux, Cirque Dreams Coobrila and Cirque Dreams Illumination.

The critically acclaimed CIRQUE DREAMS Jungle Fantasy, a theatrical, acrobatic and musical adventure, has toured the country extensively and become an entertainment sensation with audiences of all ages.

“CIRQUE DREAMS JUNGLE FANTASY remains true to my original CIRQUE DREAMS vision which began with the company in 1993 - to blend European artistry with circus and Broadway theatrics in a dramatic fashion that transcends imagination and leaves its’ narration to the eyes of the beholder,” says Goldberg. 

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Broadway Theatre
Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy is currently playing at the following Broadway Theatre:

Broadway Theatre
Broadway Theatre
1681 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
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Show Synopsis:

CIRQUE DREAMS Jungle Fantasy is an exotic encounter inspired by nature’s unpredictable creations that are brought to life by an international cast of 25 soaring aerialists, spine-bending contortionists, acrobats, jugglers and musicians.  The astounding feats performed in this action packed Cirque Dream are enhanced with over 150 spectacular costumes and set in a fantastical jungle ignited by striking visual effects.   From the breathtaking aerial ballet of butterflies to the balancing giraffes, gigantic flowers and trees, this world-class explosion of athleticism, theatre and imagination is a Broadway first.

USA Today hails CIRQUE DREAMS JUNGLE FANTASY “Dazzling…A fantastical tale in an enchanted jungle,” Newsday proclaims it “Spellbinding …will have you believing anything,” The Los Angeles Times calls it “a whiz bang family friendly spectacle” and the Chicago Sun Times declares it “executed to perfection.”   Critics and audiences alike have praised Cirque Dreams shows as “A circus to blow your circuits” (San Diego Union Tribune), “Acrobatic audacity and limitless imagination” (New York Daily News), and “A mind-tingling spectacle” (Dallas Morning News.) 

Show Advisory:


Run Time:
Two hours, including 20-minute intermission

Production Credits:
Director: Neil Goldberg
Choreographer: Tara Jeanne Vallee
Music and Lyrics: Jill Diane Winters

Other Credits:
Written By: Neil Goldberg