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Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, and Edward Asner star in this darkly comic crime story by Craig Wright.

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Broadway Theatre
Grace is currently playing at the following Broadway Theatre:

Cort Theatre
Cort Theatre
138 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10019
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Show Synopsis:
Steve has gotten himself involved in a shady real estate deal to convert hotels into Christian inns. Meanwhile, Steve's wife ministers to their neighbor, a disfigured NASA scientist.


Paul Rudd
Michael Shannon
Kate Arrington
Edward Asner

Production Credits:
Dexter Bullard (Direction)

Other Credits:
Craig Wright (Playwright)

Summary While Steve is getting himself embroiled in a shady deal to convert hotels into Christian inns, his wife is busily ministering to their neighbor, a disfigured NASA scientist.

Teens and Up. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

Our Recommendation
Grace has a small but impressive cast, headed by film star Paul Rudd and TV legend Ed Asner (who makes a big impression with a relatively small role), along with indie film and TV actor Michael Shannon and Kate Arrington. The quartet are uniformly excellent as they explore the relationships of writer Craig Wright’s complex characters. From the opening scene–which, intriguingly, plays out backwards–we see that Grace has serious undertones. It addresses themes of redemption, predetermination, faith, loyalty, love, and what our place is in this world. But it’s also very funny and well-observed, and seeing the culture clash between a pair of well-meaning Christian Minnesotans and their new Florida friends is enjoyable. Each of the four characters seem pretty set in their view of life at the beginning of the play, none more so than Rudd’s, whose initially certain faith sends him into a tailspin as soon as it is challenged by major setbacks in his marriage and work. But the other characters too have emotional and spiritual experiences–subtly and convincingly rendered by the playwright–that leave them changed before the play’s dramatic conclusion.

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