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Wonderland Broadway Show Wonderland on Broadway
Frank Wildhorn, composer of such Broadway musicals as Jekyll & Hyde and The Scarlet Pimpernel, returns to Broadway with a contemporary, pop music-infused update of Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland stories.

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Broadway Theatre
Wonderland is currently playing at the following Broadway Theatre:

Marquis Theatre
Marquis Theatre
1535 Broadway at 45th Street
New York, NY 10019
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Show Synopsis:
Alice's life seems to be falling apart. She is estranged from her husband and not getting along with her daughter, and her career is in jeopardy. But she soon finds herself in Wonderland, where she meets a world of unusual characters that will transform her life.


Janet Dacal
Darren Ritchie
E. Clayton Cornelious
Jose Llana
Karen Mason
Kate Shindle
Edward Staudenmayer
April Berry
Sae La Chin
Dan Domenech
Mallauri Esquibel
Derek Ferguson
Lauren Lim Jackson
Morgan James
Stefan Raulston
Julius Anthony Rubio
Danny Stiles

Production Credits:
Gregory Boyd (Direction)
Marguerite Derricks (Choreography)
Neil Patel (Set Design)
Susan Hilferty (Costume Design)
Paul Gallo (Lighting Design)
Sven Ortel (Video and Projection Design)

Other Credits:
Jack Murphy (Lyrics)
Frank Wildhorn (Music)
Jack Murphy and Gregory Boyd (Book)

Summary This modern adaptation of Alice in Wonderland is about a woman dealing with an estranged spouse, a troubled relationship with her child, and career woes. But her life is changed when she suddenly arrives in Wonderland and meets its many odd inhabitants.

Might not be suitable for younger children.

Our Recommendation
Wonderland's Alice is a modern woman living in Queens, New York, facing marriage troubles and dispirited because her career as a children's book writer has stalled before its even begun. Despite these grown-up circumstances, Wonderland is still a family show with colorful sets, playful costumes, and silly humor. The adults in the audience may become impatient with the musical's barely-there plot, but along with the kids they will likely laugh at the charmingly looney characters that Alice meets on her journey (notably Jose Llana as the Cheshire Cat), enjoy several of the show's tuneful songs (especially the humorous ones), and appreciate the numerous pop culture and NYC references.

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