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War Horse Broadway Show War Horse on Broadway
A long-running hit at London's National Theatre and on the West End, the epic production War Horse finally comes to Broadway for a run at the Lincoln Center Theater. This moving WWI-set story of a boy's search for his beloved horse features amazing puppetry and set design.

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Broadway Theatre
War Horse is currently playing at the following Broadway Theatre:

Vivian Beaumont Theatre
Vivian Beaumont Theatre
150 West 65th Street
New York, NY 10020
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Show Synopsis:
As World War I begins, young Albert's horse Joey is sold to the cavalry and sent to France. Unable to forget his beloved Joey, Albert sets off on a journey to find him.


Seth Numrich
Stephen James Anthony
Zach Appelman
Alyssa Breshnahan
Richard Crawford
Sanjit de Silva
Matt Doyle
Austin Durant
Joby Earle
Joel Reuben Ganz
Ariel Heller
Peter Hermann
Alex Hoeffler
Brian Lee Huynh
Jeslyn Kelly
Ian Lassiter
Tom Lee
Jonathan Christopher MacMillan
Jonathan David Martin
Boris Mc Giver
Prentice Onayemi
Bhavesh Patel
David Pegram
Katy Pfaffl
Stephen Plunkett
Leenya Rideout
Liam Robinson
Jude Sandy
Hannah Sloat
T. Ryder Smith
Zach Villa
Elliot Villar
Cat Walleck
Enrico D. Wey
Madeline Yen

Production Credits:
Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris (Direction)
Rae Smith (Scenic Design)
Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler (Puppetry)
Paule Constable (Lighting Design)
Toby Sedgwick (Movement and Choreography)
Leo Warner and Mark Grimmer (Video Design)
Adrian Sutton (Music)
John Tams (Songs)
Christopher Shutt (Sound Design)

Other Credits:
Michael Morpurgo (Original Novel)
Nick Stafford (Adaptation)

Summary At the dawn of WWI, a boy's beloved horse is sold to the cavalry. But he can't get over losing his friend and eventually goes on a journey to find him.

May be inappropriate for 7 and under. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the theatre.

Our Recommendation War Horse is almost like two separate plays. The first is a sweet tale of boy meets horse, boy falls in love with horse, boy faces losing horse - you've seen many similar stories in film and literature, and it is both touching and family-friendly. The second is a fascinating war story that shows the horrors of World War I and how it senselessly devoured young men and animals alike - it is also very moving, but also frequently terrifying and not suitable for young children. Aside from its intriguing glimpse into the cavalry as it had its last gasp in the heavily mechanized First World War, War Horse's most distinguishing feature is its use of large, multi-person operated puppets that bring the horses to life onstage. Beautifully designed by Handspring Puppet Company, these human-puppet hybrids are remarkable characters in their own right and are vital in making us care about the animals and the relationships forged between them and the humans that encounter them.

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