Broadway Ticket Brokers

Top Broadway ticket brokers that resell Broadway tickets in New York City

Broadway Ticket BrokerPlucked from a sea of Broadway ticket brokers and ticket resellers, we have put together a list of the largest and most established secondary market Broadway ticket sources. Of course, pretty much all ticket brokers will sell Broadway tickets to make money, but only a few actually specialize in it. Broadway ticket brokers make their profits from buying Broadway tickets at a lower value and selling for a higher value. Sometimes they will package the tickets with other products like hotel rooms or local attractions to increase profits.

Who Uses Broadway Ticket Brokers

Broadway ticket brokers are often shunned by private ticket buyers as the ticket service adds little value for them except an increase in price. If they are desperate for a certain show or popular date, they will grudgingly pay for the luxury.
The corporate client, however, views this ticket acquisition service as a boon as it means that the corporation can get Broadway tickets for any show, any day or any seat - providing them with ways to impress a client or as a "thank you" to staff or vendors - all at a price that was significantly higher than primary retail, but will be a tax write-off anyway. Often, one ticket broker will buy a Broadway ticket from another ticket broker if they have a client on the hook at a higher price, because their business is all about arbitrage - as ticket brokers don't actually produce anything nor add anything to the Broadway ticket buying process.

Bricks and Mortar BROADWAY Ticket brokers

Stubhub Ticket Office

Located close to Times Square at 1440 Broadway (at 40th Street), this ticket office is one of Stubhub's Last Minute Service Centers. It is for customers who have purchased their tickets on just days or even hours prior to an event and therefore need to pick them up last-minute. Stubhub users go here to pick up tickets purchased for events at MSG, Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall, Jones Beach, Apollo Theater, and for all Broadway shows. Any walk-in visitors to this location who wish to buy Broadway tickets are directed to the stubhub web site to make a ticket purchase as this office is really just a glorified Mail Boxes etc.
Americana Tickets NY
This New York based Broadway ticket broker, who is also a member of the NATB, makes a claim that it is the most respected in the business. Its office is located conveniently in Times Square at 115 West 45th Street. Americana sells tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, as well as concerts and sporting events. In a sea of Broadway ticket brokers, this one fails to set itself apart in any way.
Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service
Applause is a popular ticket broker that is located at 311 West 43rd Street. Applause specializes in the "personal touch," sort of acting as the ticketing equivalent of a travel agent, recommending restaurants and parking in addition to its primary job of procuring tickets for customers. It describes itself as a full service Broadway ticket broker. They also offer "Below face value" Broadway tickets, which is unique amongst Broadway ticket brokers - although they do tack on a hefty service charge.
Keith Prowse USA
Keith Prowse, originally formed in London, claims it has been selling tickets for 200 years. It's a well-established company that has offices all over the world. Naturally the USA office is right in the heart of the American theater world, right on West 44th Street in the Broadway theater district. However, as with most ticket brokers these days, it is preferred that ticket orders be placed online or by phone. Its business focuses on packaging theatre and other tickets with hotel accommodation and travel arrangements.
Broadway Inner Circle
This VIP ticket service, located on 8th Avenue in New York City, offers specialty Broadway ticket packages, such as dinner and a show deals, and special treats like private singing lessons with a professional and Broadway backstage tours. Its guest VIP treatment is not just rhetoric, as it often makes special arrangements for guests to be treated as VIPs with special entrances, preferred seating, and unique theatre experiences.

Web Based Traditional BRoadway Ticket Brokers
Often confused as being the official Broadway ticket seller, has an enviable domain name that leads customers to believe that it is an approved source for primary market Broadway tickets, which it is not.. The reality is that is a middle man that purchases retail Broadway tickets for the buyer, and then adds its own significant surcharge, much like a ticket broker.
Owned by eBay, allows private and broker sellers to sell Broadway tickets at a set price or auction style (although auctions are now less common on this site). Stubhub positions itself as a way for regular Joes to sell their unneeded tickets (their slogan is "Where fans buy and sell tickets"). The reality is that most sellers on are ticket brokers and most buyers are private buyers.
A popular online ticket broker that includes tickets for many of the most sought-after Broadway shows. Like many online brokers, don't count on them to have comprehensive up-to-date Broadway listings though (as we write this, they're advertising on their main Broadway ticket page that they have tickets to Broadway shows that closed three years ago).
Offering tickets to sporting events, concerts, and Broadway shows, this ticket broker claims to specialize in obtaining and reselling tickets located in the first 10 rows. However, a glance at their Broadway inventory reveals that plenty of seats are in the rear orchestra and even the rear mezzanine.
The Broadway and theater ticket information on this Broadway ticket broker site, which always ranks high in the search engines when looking for Broadway tickets, is more up-to-date than most broker sites. It is unclear, however, how this Broadway ticket broker provides any other significant value to raise it above other brokers.

Web Based Auction Style
Many ticket brokers list their inventory on eBay, though the site's waning popularity makes it a less desirable option. Traditionally eBay is known as an auction site, but more and more sellers are offering their items at a Buy Now price so that potential buyers aren't deterred by the thought of having to wait for an auction to end.
Although not a straight auction style site, Craigslist is still like the wild wild west as far as Broadway ticket brokers are concerned. The Tickets section is swarming with ticket brokers who will sell off their inventory to the highest bidder - or to anyone who shows interest as the event nears. Mixed in with the brokers and scalpers are regular folks who need to get rid of tickets they can no longer use. At Craigslist there is no telling how much you could end up paying for Broadway tickets - depending on who's selling, you could pay only face value, you could get slammed with a huge mark-up price, or you might get lucky and find a desperate person selling their tickets for a bargain. The biggest problem Craigslist faces is that, unlike, its sellers can lack credibility as there is no forum for feedback or complaints. This means that fake, stolen or non-existent Broadway tickets may be traded on the site.