Super Avid Broadway Show Fan

A new type of Broadway Show fan demographic has appeared

Crazed Super Avid Broadway Fan
There are certain target demographics for Broadway shows that are well-known: Tourists, of course, as Broadway is now a largely tourist-oriented industry. Tri-State area locals, sometimes known as "bridge and tunnel," who come into New York City from areas like New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, and Connecticut to see a few Broadway shows per year. There are also middle-aged women, gay men, families, church groups, and school groups. And then there are the Super Avids.

The Super Avid Broadway Fan

"Super Avid" is a term used by Broadway marketing firms to describe the Broadway fans who go to the theater compulsively, seeing as many as 100 shows per year - and sometimes even more. This group refer to themselves by a number of names (die-hards, theater geeks), and they are very plugged into the Broadway scene. They are usually the first to know any news about Broadway shows, they often purchase Broadway tickets as soon as they go onsale, and, in order to support their expensive habit, the super avids usually take advantage of Broadway discount ticket options like rush, student tickets, and discount codes.

Advertising to the Super Avid Broadway Fan

Interestingly, Broadway marketing agencies don't really advertise to the super avids. "You don't have to sell to the super avids," said Drew Hodges, CEO of the Broadway advertising agency SpotCo, in an American Theatre Wing seminar. Nancy Coyne, head of the other most notable Broadway marketing agency, Serino Coyne, agreed: "They're the people who, at the first preview, are text messaging or going on Twitter and Facebook and telling their friends and followers how the show is going. You don't have to do a thing." Broadway marketers feel that this particular group of theatergoers is already aware of what shows are out there and that they usually decide which Broadway shows to attend based on personal interest or recommendations from friends, so there is no use in spending advertising dollars on them. What's more, the super avids don't do much to spread word-of-mouth (the most vital marketing tool), except to their fellow super avids (who were probably already planning to buy tickets anyway).