Disney On Ice Discount Tickets

Discounts for Disney touring shows and other traveling family and music shows are often hard to come by.

line Disney on Ice Discount TicketsTouring shows like Disney on Ice, Sesame Street Live, and Cirque du Soleil have been popular for many years and are likely to continue to be popular long into the future. The fact that they have broad family appeal, well-known characters, and limited duration can make it challenging to get discount tickets to see them.

From Disney to Cirque, Recognizable Brands Go On the Road

Established in 1981, Disney on Ice is the granddaddy of touring shows. The series is so popular that, at any given time, there are usually at least five different Disney on Ice productions touring. These Disney On Ice shows (originally titled "Walt Disney's World on Ice") often feature impressive production values, from elaborate sets and costumes to special effects -- and all on ice. The costumed figure skaters are usually performing in versions of well-known Disney tales or original stories that star existing Disney characters, sometimes in "mash-up" form, with characters from different Disney movies interacting.

Other "brands" like Sesame Street Live and Thomas and Friends have followed in Disney's footsteps and use the touring show format as an additional revenue stream. Classic properties like Peter Pan and movie tie-ins such as Madagascar Live! are also popular on the touring circuit. Cirque du Soleil is one of the most successful touring ventures in recent memory. Like Disney on Ice, Cirque du Soleil tours several different shows worldwide at once.

The Enduring Popularity of Family-Friendly Touring Shows

Touring shows give audiences the unique enjoyment that comes with live theater. But with theater having lost its status as popular entertainment in recent decades (the cheaper and more easily available TV, movies, radio, video games, etc. having surpassed it), theater producers have a hard time getting people into seats. A surefire way of drawing in audiences, then, is to entice them with titles and characters that they already know and love (e.g. Disney characters).

Touring productions are also popular because they are almost always family-friendly. This makes traveling shows a great family activity when everyone is together during the holidays, a great 'gift for mom' (ice skating, for instance, is often popular with moms and grandmothers), and an enjoyable treat for the kids. The kids' shows are, in fact, among the most common of these touring shows, taking characters from well-known children's cartoons and TV programs and putting them onstage in shows that feature a mix of familiar and brand new songs and stories.

Sesame Street LiveAre Discounts for Disney On Ice and Touring Shows Ever Available?

Families on a budget are always hoping to find discount tickets to these traveling shows like Disney on Ice, but finding touring show discounts can be tricky. Touring productions are limited-run by nature. This means that the show promoters can determine in advance how many tickets they think they can sell at full price, then schedule precisely that number of performances at the venue. This strategy prevents them from being left with extra ticket inventory and being forced to discount tickets.

Disney on Ice is perhaps the most notoriously difficult touring show to get tickets to. Its longstanding popularity and the fact that Disney characters are so widely loved (and by people of all ages) means that it rarely needs to sell tickets at a discount. However, it is not unheard of for them to do some limited discounting, particularly in advance of the show. The best way to get Disney On Ice discount codes is to sign up for the email list of the local arena where touring shows like Disney On Ice usually perform, and they may send around pre-sale discount codes if available. AAA, McDonald's, and Kroger have also been known to offer members and customers special Disney On Ice discounts.

Discounting is a bit more common for some of the other touring family and music shows, though the discount availability can depend greatly on city, venue, time of year, and the particular show. For instance, right around major holidays, discounts will be more scarce because that's when families are gathering and looking for child-friendly entertainment. When ticket discounts for children's shows, family shows, and music-related touring shows do become available, they are usually advertised through promotional emails, which include discount codes for advance purchasing.