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Broadway Discount Ticket Source Comparison

Comparison Of Discount Broadway Tickets from various sources

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Discount Type

What Kind of Saving On Tickets

Discount Broadway Ticket Availability

Discount Ticket Codes Anything from 10% discount to 80% Discount The Top 25% of Broadway shows don't offer discount codes, but the other 75% of Broadway shows do
TKTS - Half Price Ticket Stand 25% to 50% discounts on Broadway tickets Only sold on day of performance and availability is erratic, but many Broadway shows sell discount tickets at the booth; the top shows don't offer discounts
Standing Room Only - SRO SRO tickets cost $20 - $35, depending on the show Only available when the Broadway show is sold out
Anyone RUSH Tickets Deeply discounted at a price of $20 - $30 per ticket About 1/4 of Broadway shows offer these ticket discounts, but they are only available at the box office on the day of performance, and they can be very competitive
Student RUSH Tickets Generally Broadway rush tickets cost $25 - $35 per ticket 1/3 of Broadway shows have discount tickets for students, but most can only be purchased on the day of performance at the box office with a valid student ID
Partial View Tickets 0% discount to 60% discount Availability varies wildly, and some Broadway shows will offer discounts on tickets designated as partial view, while others will sell them for the full ticket price
Audience Appreciation 10% to 80% discounts These special discount ticket codes for Broadway shows are not as widely available as regular discount codes, but they are usually unique offers with great savings
Student and Charity Tickets 50% to even 95% discounts You must fit the profile (i.e. student, teacher, civil servant, etc.) to qualify for these ticket discounts
Wednesday Matinees Usually a $5 to $20 discount per ticket At least half of Broadway shows discount ticket prices for Wednesday afternoon shows, making this a prolific discount
Starving Artist Tickets Generally cost $20 per ticket Few Broadway shows offer these discount tickets directly, but many universities and cultural institutions offer special ticket discounts for artists and students
Email Alerts Ticket discounts range from 10% to 80% These Broadway ticket discounts can be used by just about anybody, but you need to be on the right e-mail lists to get them
Group Discounts $5 to $20 discount per ticket Most Broadway shows offer group ticket discounts, but the required minimum of members in the group varies from 10-20, depending upon the Broadway show
Premium AND House Seats 0% to 75% less than the regular price for prime seats The availably varies, but take a chance and wait till the last minute, and you may score the best seats in the house.
Preferred Seating Up to 100% discount, or reserved seating at no discount Use rewards points to pay for all or part of the Broadway ticket price and/or get special seats reserved for credit card members only - 100% availability
Second Acting 100% Discount Sneaking in during the intermission if you have the courage to try it - and get away with it - although the theatres are now on the lookout for it since it was featured in NBC's The Office