Broadway Week 2-For-1 Discounts

This New York City discount initiative provides two for one ticket discounts for a period of two weeks.

line Broadway WeekAn initiative by the New York City tourism organization NYC & Company, Broadway Week is a periodic event in which Broadway musicals and plays offer special two-for-one discounts on tickets. (The name Broadway Week is actually a bit misleading, since these 2-for-1 discount deals are actually offered for a two-week period.) The two for one tickets for Broadway Week generally go on sale a couple weeks prior to the event, and buyers simply need to use a special discount code to purchase a pair of Broadway tickets for the regular full price of one ticket.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, yes and no. With Broadway prices at astonishing all-time highs ($140 was the top price as of 2011), half-price ticket deals are definitely a nice break for the cash-strapped. But 2-for-1 deals aren't as extraordinary as they might seem at first glance. The fact is that many Broadway shows already regularly offer discount codes that give ticket buyers a 50% discount.

Broadway Times SquareHit Broadway Shows at Big Discounts

What does make Broadway Week unique is that it includes the participation of a few top shows that seldom discount otherwise, such as Wicked and Jersey Boys. Even The Lion King, which is notoriously unwilling to discount, was among the participating shows for the January 2012 Broadway Week. Of course even then there was a catch. Within a few days of tickets going on sale, The Lion King and Wicked allotments were already sold out. With The Lion King being a longstanding hit and frequently selling much of its inventory months in advance, it is highly likely that the Disney musical only set aside a limited number of 2-for-1 tickets for Broadway Week to begin with. And naturally they sold out their half price tickets right away, since so many theatergoers are desperate to see it at a price that they can actually afford. Other top-selling Broadway shows usually have a limited inventory of these half-price tickets, with many performances selling out their 2-for-1 tickets before Broadway Week even commences.

The Best Broadway Week Deals Are For Less Popular Shows

If you're interested in Broadway shows that aren't selling as well, you can get a real bargain on great seats. For these less popular shows, we found that good mid-orchestra and front mezzanine seats were available with Broadway Week's 50% off discount. The Broadway Week two for one deal is even better if you don't mind sitting in less glamorous seats, like the rear mezzanine, allowing you to nab two tickets for under $100. For Broadway lovers, Broadway Week can definitely be an opportunity for great deals if you buy fast or are willing to consider seeing a less well-known musical or play.