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line Here is an example of just one movie entry on the map. Each entry on the map comes complete with legend marker, address, real name of location, subway access and lots of additional notes - remember there are over 150 more of these entries for some really great movies !
Many movies have more than one shooting location as indicated below:!


Location 1
- Marked as Location 150 on map
106 West 69th Street/ Maya Schaper Cheese and Antiques (Subway 1/9)
This rather odd looking shop was transformed into Kathleen's (Meg Ryan) bookshop - named "The Shop Around the Corner"

Location 2 - Marked as Location 151 on map
541 Amsterdam Ave / Barney Bluegrass (Subway 1/9)
This is where Kathleen (Meg Ryan) and Birdie (Jean Stapleton) ate dinner at the beginning of the movie.