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New York  Map of the  Movies


Our exclusive New York Guide and Map contains over 150 listings of New York City's most famous movie, film and TV filming locations and scenes throughout New York City. Some of the classic movies and TV shows that are New York Movie Mapcovered in the guide are: Addicted to Love, When Harry Met Sally, Chasing Amy, Some Like It Hot, You've Got Mail, Home Alone 2, Men in Black, Fatal Attraction, Seinfeld, Friends and many many other Movies and TV Shows
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This guide has great detail about the individual locations, for example, it informs us that:
"The Shop Around the Corner" that was featured as the location in the Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie "You've Got Mail" is actually the Maya Schaper Cheese and Antiques store - The store was temporarily converted for the movie shoot - And yes, you can now go into the store and browse. The shop is located at 106 West 69th Street - catch the 1 or 9 Subway to 66th Street/Lincoln Center - the shop is marked as position 150 and is easy to find.
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The New York Movie Map and Movie Guide measures 24 Inches by 18 Inches. (Folded up it's a neat 4 Inches by 9 Inches, fully portable in a small bag) On the front side of the New York Map of the Movies is a New York City map with markers indicating where each movie scene or TV show was shot. On the reverse side of the map is the list of movie scenes and the full text on the movie - including movie name, scene details, address, info on the exact location, stars, how to get there, what you can see etc.
The map is also very useful as a New York City Street map and tour guide map as it has all the important tourist destinations printed on it.
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