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The Present starring Richard Roxburgh and Cate Blanchett
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Show Summary - The Present
The Present is a new adaptation of the great Russian playwright Anton Chekov’s first large-scale, but infrequently performed play, Platonov. Originally written in 1878, the play was rejected by the Russian actress for whom he had written it, and it was not published until 1923. Since then, it has gone by the name Platonov in the West. In 2015, Andrew Upton wrote a new adaptation of Platonov, which he called The Present. Upton is married to the actress Cate Blanchett, who also stars in the production, and who received the 2016 Oscar nomination for her work in the film Carol Blanchett has previously won two Academy Awards for The Aviator and Blue Jamine. Upton and Blanchett also served as co-artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company from 2008 to 2012, and then Upton continued on in the post until stepping down this past September. The play also stars Richard Roxburgh as Platonov, and additional casting will be announced.

The Present had its world premiere at the Sydney Theatre Company in the summer of 2015, receiving wide acclaim. The production is directed by John Crowley, a revered director of stage and screen who recently directed the film Brooklyn, which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. This production is sure to be brilliantly conceived, directed and performed, in a historic adaptation of a lesser-known Chekhovian drama.
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Noteworthy Dates For The Show
Previews Begin: 12/17/16
Show Opens: 01/08/17
Show Closes: 03/19/17
Number of Performances: 7 performances per week
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Should You See The Present On Broadway?

Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh
  What Is The Present Like?
Upton’s adaptation of The Present is set in Russia in the 1990s in the post-Perestroika period. The Present takes place at an old country house, and the central female character is a once-wealthy, yet still independent widow named Anna Petrovna, played by Cate Blanchett. The story is centered around Anna's 40th birthday weekend followed by the effects of the characters' choices. The other leading male protoganist is named Platonov, a former schoolteacher who is beloved by four women in the play, including Anna. Platonov is played by Richard Roxburgh (Moulin Rouge), who co-starred with Cate Blanchett four years ago in the Lincoln Center Festival production of Uncle Vanya, also adapted by Andrew Upton. While Blanchett has appeared on the New York and Sydney stages many times, The Present will be her Broadway debut, as well as the Broadway debut for Roxburgh.

Is The Present Good for Kids?
Due to coarse language, gunshots, adult themes and smoke effects, this show is appropriate for children over the age of 12. Broadway theatres do no allow children under the age of four
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Cast Members:
Cate Blanchett plays Anna Petrova
Richard Roxburgh plays Platonov
Anna Bamford plays Maria
Andrew Buchanan plays Osip
David Downer plays Yegor
Eamon Farren plays Kirrill
Martin Jacobs as Alexei
Brandon McClelland as Dimitri
Jacqueline McKenzie as Sophia
Marshall Napier plays Ivan
Susan Prior as Sasha
Chris Ryan as Sergei
Toby Schmitz plays Nikolai
Broadway Theatre:
Ethel Barrymore Theatre
243 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10019
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Theatre Landlord:
The Shubert Organization 

47th Street, between 8th and Broadway
Ethel Barrymore Box Office Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: Noon - 6pm

Seating Map:
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Show Duration:
The Present runs for 2 hours and 55 minutes including 1 intermission


Sydney Theatre Company
Stuart Thompson

Other Credits:
Anton Chekhov (Book)
Stefan Gregory (Sound & Original Music)
  Staff and Creative Team:

General Manager:
David Turner at Thompson Turner Productions

Press Agent
Boneau Bryan-Brown
Play - American Premiere

Production Credits:

John Crowley (Direction)
Alice Babidge (Scenic + Costume Design)
Nick Schlieper (Lighting Design)
Stefan Gregory (Sound Design)
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Central Parking System
257 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10036
Quik Park Garage
201 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036
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