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Penn and Teller on Broadway
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Show Summary
The comedic and magical duo Penn & Teller are back on Broadway for the first time since 1991, and back in New York for the first time since 2000. This limited engagement magic special is scheduled for a brief run of six weeks at the Marquis Theatre, and is simply called Penn & Teller. More specifically, the duo refers to Penn Jillette and Teller (who goes by only one name). In 2000, they played at the Beacon Theatre in New York’s Upper West Side, and they have been on Broadway twice before, in 1991 and 1987.

Currently, they have a long running show in Las Vegas, of which some elements will be incorporated into this Broadway engagement. Furthermore, the pair has a television show on the CW network called “Penn & Teller: Fool Us!” and they recently collaborated on a documentary entitled Tim’s Vermeer which received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Documentary. They have been performing together for 40 years, focusing on both magic and comedy, although they are principally categorized as magicians. They have also branched off and worked individually over the years, but this duo has also remained together as a tight partnership, to which this new Broadway run is a testament.
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Noteworthy Dates For The Show
Previous Start: 07/07/15
Show Opens: 07/12/15
Show Closes: 08/16/15
Number of Performances: 8 Shows per week
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Should You See Penn & Teller On Broadway?

Penn and Teller on Broadway
  What Is Penn & Teller Like?
Penn & Teller are illusionists as well as entertainers, comedians, and magicians. The style of their work varies greatly, including light hearted gags as well as political satire. Sometimes their effects are highly visual and are effective due to their shock appeal, and sometimes they even reach the brink of violence, but of course it’s all an illusion. Their routines can tend towards the intellectual, as they discuss the underpinnings of the magic they perform, or they can likewise be completely of the daredevil variety, shooting bullets or hanging upside down over a bed of nails. Sometimes they invent magic tricks with the purpose of explaining how they are done, with the bigger purpose being predetermined from the beginning. Overall, this comedic duo never fails to amaze their audiences, and this limited Broadway engagement is sure to be a spectacular experience.
Is Penn & Teller Good for Kids?
The show may be most appropriate for children over the age of 8, although some fake violence will be demonstrated. Children under the age of 4 are not allowed in the theatre.
  • Penn and Teller doing trick
  • Penn juggling fire
  • Penn doing trick on teller
  • Penn and Teller giant card trick
  • Teller pointing to audience
  • Penn and Teller on stage doing trick
  • Penn and Teller on stage doing trick
  • Penn and Teller on stage doing trick
  • Penn and Teller on stage doing trick
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Cast Members:
Penn Jillette
Broadway Theatre:
Marquis Theatre
1535 Broadway at 45th Street
New York, NY 10019
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Between 45th Street and 46th Street
Marquis Theatre Box Office Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: 12pm - 8pm

Seating Map:
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Broadway Show Director   Broadway Stage   Broadway Show Genre
Show Duration:

Marc Routh
Richard Frankel
Tom Viertel
Steven Baruch
  Staff and Creative Team:

Press Agent:
Boneau Bryan-Brown
Magic - Special Event

Production Credits:
Penn & Teller (Writers)
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EDISON Parkfast
307-313 W 44th Street
New York, NY 10019
QUICK PARK Theater Lot
223 W 46th Street
New York, NY 10019
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