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Rockettes Dancers on 2014 Roster

2014 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Final Dancer List

Radio City Christmas Show 2014 Rockettes

List of Rockettes Dancers

2014 Dancer Roster for Radio City Christmas Spectacular:

Stacey Sund Abeles
Brooke Averi
Lori Barber
Samantha Berger
Danielle Betscher
Tiffany Billings
Torrie Bogda
Elizabeth Bork
Samantha Beary Burns
Sarah Burns
Bailey Callahan
Jeanne Logan Cargill
Mary Cavett
Christina Cichra
Jennifer Clavin
Jessie Crouch
KT Wilson Curry
Jessica Molly Davidson
Gabrielle Del Re
Alina Duncan
Shelby Finnie
Eleni Gavalas
Lauren Gibbs
Kari Gregg
Tiffany Griffin
Sarah Grooms
Katie Hamrah
Morgan Hartley
Christina Hedrick
Nikki Hester
Melissa Hillmer
Sara Michelle Hoenes
Sophie Rose Holloway
Lindsay Howe Candace Jablonski
Kristin Jantzie
Lisa Jantzie
Sarah Lin Johnson
Naomi Kakuk
Tara Dunleavy
Ashley Kasunich
Allyson Kelly
Amy Klingler
Heather Langham
Alyssa Lemons
Megan Levinson
Amanda McCormick
Ellen Mihalick
Megan Miller
Mindy Moeller
Danelle Morgan
Alexis Thebolt Olson
Jessica Osborne
Amy Love Osgood
Jessica Palu
Stacy Paydo
Theresa Pelicata
Kimberly Petros Nassif
Logan Reginato
Natalie Madison Reid
Sierra Ring
Karen Ritchie
Sagan Rose
Nicole Shuman
Taylor Shimko
Hannah Sides
Christine Sienicki
Brittany Paige Snyder
Elizabeth Sousek
Sarah Staker
Karilyn Ashley Surratt
Emily Tanner
Audrey Thelemann
Katie Elizabeth Walker
Christine Walsh
Brittany Werthmann
Raley Zofko
Alyssa Epstein
Katie Fergus-Jean
Traci Reszetylo

The Rockettes is a dance group best known for its appearance in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular which is a live theatrical event performed at the The Radio City Musical Hall in New York City. The show runs from early November through to late December every year and has become a perennial favorite among locals and tourists alike. The show has a punishing schedule of up to seven shows a day during the peak performance days and is a testament to the dancers training and professionalism. The Rockettes have to contend with microphones in their shoes, 10lb costumes and even seven costume changes a night. The rigorous show also holds many secrets from times gone by in many of the scenes like the parade of wooden soldiers, a fan favorite for its difficulty in execution, that has been in the show since 1933

The Rockettes were founded in 1925 in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 1932 The Rockettes have been based out of the Radio City Music Hall in New York City and were originally incorporated as dancing entertainment for the intermission between the movies that were shown there. In more modern times The Rockettes became part of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular on a full-time basin in 1989. More recently the Rockettes were also the centerpiece in the ill-fated Heart and Lights show and are now part of the Radio City Spring Spectacular, scheduled for Spring 2015 at the Radio City Music Hall

Originally known as the Roxyettes, the Rockettes are best known for their routines that incorporate a chorus high leg kick in unison. Rockettes auditions are in April each year in New York City and women who audition must show proficiency in several genres of dancing, mainly ballet, tap, modern, and jazz.. For the coveted eighty spots, over four hundred women apply to be a Rockette every year. Samuel Roxy Rothafel would be very pleased.
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