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The Book of Mormon Discount Tickets

The Book of Mormon on Broadway - Tickets - Show Summary - Photos

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The Book of Mormon on Broadway Tickets

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The Book of Mormon Summary:

It is a satirical and raunchy story about two young Mormon missionaries who travel to Uganda in order to share the Mormon religion, only to make up some ridiculous stories in order to captivate their new African converts. African converts, who are a little preoccupied by the oppression of a warlord and the confines of their habitat which is ravaged by disease and poverty.

The Book of Mormon on Broadway Background:

The Book of Mormon is a rollicking and irreverent new musical written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with Avenue Q and Frozen composer Bobby Lopez.

When the show hit the Eugene O'Neill Broadway theatre in March 2011, audiences and critics claimed it was a riotous phenomenon causing laughter and tears throughout the show. Andrew Rannells' debut as Elder Price on The Book of Mormon tremendously helped carry out the plot of the musical.

The show is still a very hot ticket; it won the 2011 Tony Award for Best Musical and has been consistently sold out at the box office ever since. The show is consistently in the top 5 Broadway shows currently on Broadway.
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Noteworthy Dates For The Show

Previews Began: 02/24/11
Show Opened: 03/24/11
Show Scheduled To Close: Open Ended
Number of Performances: 8 Shows per week

Book of Mormon Discount Tickets

Ticket lottery and standing room only tickets are available for this show starting at $26.00
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Should your see the Book of Mormon on Broadway?

Book of Mormon Scene 1


Full of “potty humor” and clever wit, the show has been surprisingly well-received by a wide audience. Though admittedly offensive, the show strikes a balance that manages to cause much more laughter than offense, even to Mormon audience members. Ultimately, it is good-natured and fun-loving, and the musical numbers are extremely entertaining. The sets and costumes are elaborate, and the choreography is impressive. The show has made stars of its original leads, Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad, both in Hollywood and Broadway, other The casting on the show is consistently top-notch. The audience does not stop laughing from the first “Hello!” as the Mormon missionary rings a doorbell, and the string of hilarity continues.

Is THE BOOK OF MORMON Good for Kids?

There is a parental advisory for this show, primarily due to its explicit language as well as adult themes. It is most likely inappropriate for children under the age of 12, and even those older should be brought with caution. As always, children under the age of 4 are not permitted inside the theatre.
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'Book Of Mormon' Video:

Press Quotes For The Book Of Mormon:

‘‘The musical numbers are witty, ridiculous, impeccably executed and genuinely stirring.’’
Ben Brantley, The New York Times

‘‘The show is blissfully original, irreverent, outspoken and hilarious. And all that's tucked inside good -- no, great -- old-fashioned musical.’’ Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News

‘‘A spectacular, rather perfect Broadway musical not only grounded in a serious love and understanding of the traditions that make a Broadway musical great but also filled with love for the very flawed, mortal characters who populate this romp.’’ Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

‘Parker and Stone have created one of the freshest original musicals in recent memory. It has tuneful songs, clever lyrics, winning characters, explosive laughs and disarmingly intimate moments. ’’
David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

Types of Discount Tickets Available For The Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Tickets  

Getting Discounts on Book Of Mormon Tickets

The Book of Mormon show on Broadway has consistently been in the sales top 5 of current Broadway shows since its since it opened in 2011. Getting discount tickets to this show can be difficult. The producers of this show have actually increased the base ticket price of this show substantially, setting a new full-price ticket record on Broadway by offering top tickets to The Book of Mormon at the seemingly-insane price of $500 for premium seats on performances around the holidays. Even the lowest price tickets in the worst seats, are now $169. The price hike, was set mostly to dissuade ticket speculators and ticket brokers from reselling the tickets in these price brackets, but the price hike also benefits the production considerably and the extra income from ticket sales financed the touring version of the The Book of Mormon. where ticket prices and profits are considerably lower on both counts.

The only true source for discounted tickets to The Book of Mormon for the time being, is the ticket lottery (at just $32 per ticket) and standing room only tickets (at just $27). Details of which both can be found at:
Current BOOK OF MORMON Discounts

The Best Value Seats In The Theatre To See The Book Of Mormon:

With a seating capacity of just over 1,100 seats, the Eugene O'Neill it is a good mid-sized theater that's especially suitable for larger plays or more modest musicals - but as The Book Of Mormon is usually sold-out well in advance , having that few seats may make the show a lot more intimate, but does make tickets for this show a lot more scarce and therefore artificially raises the price of the tickets by keeping ticket inventory lower (A common practice by Broadway producers to drive demand).

The best sight lines for Book of Mormon can been seen in rows G through Row Q center orchestra, but be prepared to pay a premium for these tickets. The side orchestra in those same rows are the best value tickets although the extreme sides of the theatre are limited in their view and those tickets are not sold (or priced) as "limited view". Seats on the extreme sides of these rows are not very good value.
For a better idea of where the best value seats are please see the: Book of Mormon Seat Map
  Broadway Seats - Book of Mormon
Book Of Mormon Worst Seats  

The Worst Seats In The Theatre To See The Book Of Mormon:

Because the Eugene O'Neill theatre is a little larger than most mid-size theatres, the rear mezzanine seats (especially the sides) should be avoided unless you are blind or have "Steve Austin" bionic vision. The former will just enjoy being there for the whole Book of Mormon "experience" and the latter will need binoculars to be able to see anything on stage that is worthwhile. These seats are not discounted, so seeing the Book of Mormon from poor seats can really damage the overall experience. The poorest viewing seats in the mezzanine are Rows JKL 1-14 and are not worth the high ticket price, but they are the most available tickets on after-market ticket sites like StubHub that is mostly frequented by ticket brokers.The discount tickets to The Book Of Mormon through the lottery are actually in the front row, although their price is terrific, this seat is just too close to see the show and lots of the big-show nuance is lost on the front row lottery winners. The other discount ticket to the show is Standing Room Tickets, which are at the back and on the sides, which are poor viewing angles, but still a bargain purchase, where more of the show can be seen. The Book Of Mormon is a musical with big numbers, so it pays to see a wider view.
Book of Mormon Ticket Lottery   Standing room only at Book of mormon   Standing room only at Book of mormon

Front Row Lottery Tickets For $32

The lottery tickets for are the biggest bargain at the Book of Mormon at only $32 per ticket. There are 20 seats up for grabs and each day there is a ticket lottery outside the theatre to decide who wins the right to buy these discounted tickets. There can be up to 300 people looking for these tickets. Our guide contains details of what days and times give you the best odds of winning the ticket lottery.

See the ticket guide here

Standing Room Only Tickets For $27

When the Book of Mormon is sold out (Which is every day) the show offers twenty eight standing-room-only tickets for $27 each. The location of the spots are on the sides of the theatre and some spots are at the back. These tickets are great value and are offered on a first-come, first served basis. More information about the standing room only tickets for Book of Mormon can be found in our ticket guide:
See the ticket guide here

Partial View Tickets At Full Ticket Price

On Broadway, partial view tickets have historically been offered at a lower price because of the limited views, poor sound or other distractions or obstructions that may impact the theatergoers enjoyment of the show. The Book of Mormon has experienced such strong ticket sales, the they do not discount their partial view seats, but availability is a little bit better than regular seats. These tickets should be avoided as you pay the same price as everyone else, but with a poorer experience.

The Book Of Mormon - Show Information

Hollywood Star Theatre   Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Broadway   Ticket Box Office

Book of Mormon Cast Members:

Nic Rouleau plays Elder Price
Chris O'Neill plays Elder Cunningham
Kim Exum plays Nabulungi
Stephen Ashfield plays Elder McKinley
Derrick Williams plays General
Daniel Breaker plays Mafala Hatimbi
Lewis Cleale plays Joseph Smith, et al

Broadway Theatre:

Eugene O'Neill Theatre
230 West 49th Street
New York, NY 10019
Click Here For More Info On The Theatre

Theatre Landlord:

Jujamcyn Theaters


49th Street, between 8th and Broadway

Eugene O'Neill Box Office Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: 12pm - 7pm

Seating Map for the Eugene O'Neill Theatre:
Click Here For the seating map
Book of Mormon Touring Production  

Touring Productions of The Book Of Mormon:

Like many other super-successful Broadway shows, The Book of Mormon is taking their show on the road to twelve major cities across America. There is in effect two tours, one semi-permanent show located in Chicago at the Bank of America Theatre and another traveling tour that tours across ten other states with stops in Canada. These tours have done little to quell the white-hot ticket sales demand on Broadway and return the show to just a red-hot status. The traveling tours run through the year and to keep the show peppy, many of the original cast will be going along.
Ticket prices for the traveling show are significantly lower than their Broadway counterpart, but many of the locations are too large and the production suffers, especially when compared to the production at the Eugene O'Neill theatre on Broadway. Other than Broadway and the semi-permanent show in Chicago, the tour includes stops in 47 other cities across the US and Canada. Highlights include Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Miami, Orlando, Dallas, Vancouver, Washington DC, Salt Lake City and Denver. Even London, England also gets a visit.
Broadway Show Director   Broadway Stage   Broadway Show Genre

Show Duration:

The Book of Mormon is 150 minutes long, including a 15 minute intermission.


Anne Garefino
Jean Doumanian
Jon B Platt
Kevin Morris
Roger Berlind
Roy Furman
Scott M Delman
Scott Rudin
Sonia Friedman Productions
Stephanie McClelland

Technical Supervisor:

Larry Morley at United Staging & Rigging

Staff and Creative Team:

Executive Producer:

Stuart Thompson

General Manager:

David Turner as Stuart Thompson Productions

Company Manager:

James Lawson at Stuart Thompson Productions

Production Manager:

Aurora Productions

Casting Director:

Carrie Gardner

Advertising Representative:

Serino Coyne

Press Agent:

Boneau Bryan-Brown

Production Stage Manager:

Karen Moore


Musical - World Premiere

Production Credits:

Trey Parker and Casey Nicholaw (Director)
Casey Nicholaw (Choreographer)
Ann Roth (Costume Designer)
Scott Pask (Set Designer)
Brian Ronan (Lighting Designer)
Stephen Oremus (Music Supervisor)
Larry Hochman (Orchestrations)

Other Credits:

Robert Lopez + Trey Parker + Matt Stone (Lyrics, Music, and Book)
Broadway Show Parking

Parking For This Theatre:

The closest parking garages for the Book of Mormon at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre are located at:
  Zenith Parking Garage
790 8th Ave, New York, 10019
(Enter on W 49th & 8th Ave)
Redball Parking LLC
225 West 49th Street
New York, NY 10019
  The very closest parking for The Book of Mormon Show is not always the best as it often takes longer to park and retrieve your vehicle as fellow theatre-goers have the same idea - everyone in the theatre will be getting out at the same time. A better choice of parking may be the second choice or further away by a couple of Avenues. Parking further out on the West side may be advisable, towards the West Side Highway. You can also try the strategy of going to the garage an hour after the show has ended, when retrieving your vehicle will be much quicker as the hordes have cleared out by then.