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Charity Discount Tickets For Broadway Shows

A ticket guide to charity discounts for Broadway show tickets

Student and Charity TicketsThere are many charitable agencies and clubs in New York City that sell student and charity discount Broadway show tickets. The ticket price for these Broadway tickets are discounted to a level where schools and charities can afford them on their limited budget.

TDF Discount Tickets for Civil Servants

Are you a teacher, civil servant, senior citizen, non-profit worker, arts professional, or a member of either the clergy or the military? You may qualify for special Broadway ticket discounts that you don't even know about. The Theatre Development Fund (TDF) has a program that allows qualified members (such as those above) access to discount Broadway tickets, as well as discount tickets for other theater and arts events in New York City. These tickets are generally about $30 each, and all you have to do is pay a small yearly membership fee to TDF.

High 5 For Teens Charity

Another group that can qualify for deep discounts on show tickets is teenagers. There is an organization called High 5 that gets theater tickets to teens for a mere $5. They're able to do this because of the generosity of theater/arts companies that give tickets to them. Unfortunately, Broadway shows rarely donate tickets to High 5, but there are occasionally exceptions.

Alternative Solutions For Charities

One of the more popular fundraising ideas for charity and other non-profit entities is to request complimentary Broadway tickets from Broadway theaters and producers and raffle them off to raise funds for their cause. This is a noble gesture, but one that often bears little fruit. The problem is that there are too many worthy charities, too many pleading letters, and just too much competition between the charities for these lucrative, but elusive freebies. There is a great story about this problem and the best solutions for it at:
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