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Broadway General RUSH Tickets & Broadway Ticket Lottery

Guide To Getting Discounted Broadway Show Tickets through Broadway RUSH and Ticket Lotteries

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Broadway shows often provide discounted tickets through various mechanisms including; general rush, in-person ticket lotteries and online or mobile phone lotteries.

General Rush Tickets:

With its roots from the Student RUSH tickets, General RUSH tickets (also known as Anyone RUSH) tickets were created In an effort by Broadway producers to make Broadway tickets more affordable for the less well off, building word-of-mouth for a show and to create and reward loyal fan bases.
Rush tickets became a true phenomenon with the musical Rent, where "Rent-heads" would line up and sleep overnight on the pavement so that they could get their rush tickets at a ridiculously low price. Many Broadway shows still offer these discount "Rush" tickets at a very low price, but don't skimp on the quality - often these tickets are in great locations in the theatre. The amount of tickets that they distribute in this way is limited and often its first-come, first-served.

Pricing Varies, But Always A Bargain

RUSH ticket pricing can be anywhere from $25-$45, but they are always great bargain. These tickets are often for the front rows of the theatre. The face value of these tickets can be six to ten times the price that you actually pay. You will often be seated next to someone who paid full-price.

First Come First Served

Policy General Rush tickets are usually "first come, first served". This means that if you plan ahead, you may need to get to the box office a few hours prior to it's opening Cash in usually the form you can pay in. Fans can show up at the theater box office first thing in the morning and buy Broadway show tickets (often the front row for just $25).

Some Exceptions

Some less-popular Broadway shows distribute Anyone Rush tickets the old-fashioned way, too, by asking ticket buyers to arrive when the theater box office opens in the morning, or at a specific time during the day (we also detail these policies in our Broadway Discount Tickets Guide). Anyone Rush tickets are usually about $20-$25 each, but occasionally the tickets are up in the $30-$40 range.

Please Pay In Cash

Remember that you are usually expected to pay for these discount tickets with cash, and often a photo ID is required, as they limit the total amount of discount tickets you can buy on any one day.

General RUSH Ticket Distribution Schedule

You can see the -up-to-date RUSH ticket schedule at:

Broadway Ticket Lottery:

Wicked Ticket Lottery at the Gershwin TheatreSimilar to RUSH tickets, Broadway lottery tickets were developed by producers to create interest in the show and to keep a few tickets for the show within price-reach of fans who cannot afford the prices that some Broadway shows have escalated to. Providing the ticket lottery also stops die-hard's from camping out overnight on the New York City streets, as many Broadway shows may annoy neighboring businesses if they allowed this to happen on a daily basis.

Lottery Rules Vary From Show To Show

The rules for the lottery (ticket price, time of lottery drawing, etc.) vary for the different Broadway shows, and we detail each of the rules in our Broadway Discount Tickets Guide for each Broadway show. Click Here For The Guide

Government ID Required

To stop people entering the lottery more than once, most ticket lotteries require to see government ID to be able to enter the lottery.

Lottery Winners are Excluded For A Year

Many shows instituted a ban for a year for all winners, as some ticket brokers would turn up daily with all their staff and resell the tickets. Now, if you win the ticket lottery, you are not allowed to enter the same lottery for a year.

In-Person Ticket Lottery

Rapidly becoming a thing of the past, the in-person lottery where fans of the show would line up in an orderly fashion outside the theatre and put their name into a drum, where many lucky fans would win the right to buy front-row seats for pennies on the dollar is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, giving way to the the much more streamlined operation of the online ticket lottery. With the demise of the in-person lottery, what is lost is the sense of camaraderie and fellowship of Broadway show fans who would give up time in their day to come over to the shows to enter for the chance of winning. Stories abound of people meeting at the lottery line - long lost cousins, unknown family members and budding new relationships have all been discovered in the lottery line, where you can only but talk to the next person in line, as what else are you going to after you played with you cell phone for 30 minutes and ran out of juice.

The Online Lottery

With the online lottery becoming the de facto standard on Broadway, long gone are meet-ups of the in-person lottery, but now the Broadway shows can attract a great deal more entrants into the lottery and use the collected email data to market to them afterwards. Ticket brokers love this new online service as the are able to load the entrants top heavy with their own staff in a bid to sell any winning tickets onto one of their clients - something that producers have to police every day. The ticket lotteries do not disclose how many entries they have, but recently the top Broadway show Hamilton went from 750 people on the street, to an unprecedented 50,000 entries online every day.

Lottery Schedule

You can see the -up-to-date lottery schedule at:
Broadway Lottery Schedule