Hair Broadway Show Review

Hair Broadway MusicalShow Summary
Led by charismatic hippie Berger, a group of spirited and idealistic youths enjoy lives of free love and pacifism in New York City’s bohemian East Village. But eventually “the tribe” must face the harsh reality of the Vietnam War draft.

Broadway Review
Even the most jaded theatergoers can’t help but dig classic tunes like “Age of Aquarius,” “Good Morning Starshine,” “Easy To Be Hard,” “Hair,” and “Let the Sunshine In” in this sensitively directed, well-choreographed, and Tony Award-winning production of the 1967 classic musical. Although many of Hair‘s other songs are less-than-classic, and the humor can be pretty sophomoric at times, the energetic show certainly resonates emotionally. And the Baby Boomers will go crazy for it – especially the part where the audience is invited to jump up onstage and dance with the cast at the end of the show!