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A View From the Bridge Broadway Show Review

A View From the Bridge Broadway ShowShow Summary
In this tragic drama by Arthur Miller, a hard-working Brooklyn man finds that his developing obsession with his wife’s niece leads to his downfall.

Broadway Review
Liev Schreiber and Scarlett Johansson (in her Broadway debut) star as Eddie Carbone and the orphaned niece that Eddie and his wife have raised in this excellent revival, and both give award-worthy performances. They are supported by an equally fine cast, including Jessica Hecht as Eddie’s wife, Morgan Spector and Corey Stoll as the illegal immigrant relatives whose arrival at the Carbone household sets the tragedy in motion, and Michael Cristofer as the neighborhood lawyer who narrates the tale. They just don’t make plays like this anymore, and Miller’s writing is so good that he invests these working class characters’ 1950s Brooklyn-based story with all the poetry and drama of a great Greek tragedy.

Mamma Mia Broadway Show Review

Mamma Mia Broadway ShowShow Summary
Set in the beautiful Greek isles, the Broadway musical Mamma Mia incorporates nearly two dozen songs by international pop sensation ABBA into its lively story about soon-to-wed Sophie, her free-spirited single mother Donna, and three men from Donna’s past — one of whom, Sophie hopes to discover, is her father.

Broadway Review
Mamma Mia has become a global smash since its 1999 London debut, and its biggest fans are usually the middle-aged crowd who fondly remember the disco days of ABBA. Women in particular enjoy watching fun-loving Donna and her two wacky best friends reminiscing about the wild days of their youth, when they were in a singing trio. Since the show’s plot is a bit thin and the tone decidedly silly, the upbeat musical Mamma Mia is best appreciated as a big Broadway-style ABBA concert.

The Lion King Broadway Show Review

The Lion King Broadway ShowShow Summary
Based on the beloved animated Disney movie of the same name, Disney’s The Lion King tells the tale of a young cub who flees his home after being convinced by his scheming uncle that he was responsible for his father Mufasa’s death.

Broadway Show Review
Though some aspects of this Broadway musical adaptation of the original film still seem a bit too cartoonish, the African-inspired music composed specifically for the show and director/designer Julie Taymor’s breathtaking puppetry and gorgeous stage effects make The Lion King Disney’s most innovative stage show so far.

Jersey Boys Broadway Show Review

Jersey Boys Broadway MusicalShow Summary
This thrilling biographical Broadway musical tells the amazing story of how a group of tough young guys from New Jersey became the internationally known hit-making pop group Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

Broadway Review
Jersey Boys is a both a smartly-written drama about four men chasing after — and grappling with the pitfalls of — fame, and an unforgettable concert rolled into one terrific Broadway show. Fabulously sung and staged versions of all the Frankie Valli/Four Seasons hits are here, including “Walk Like a Man,” “Oh What a Night,” “Sherry,” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”.

In the Next Room Broadway Show Review

In the Next Room Broadway ShowShow Summary
Set during the Victorian era, this new play by Sarah Ruhl is about a doctor who is treating his hysteria patients with an electrical instrument that releases pent-up energy in the womb. Today it’s known as a vibrator, but at that time the medical profession had not yet discovered its “recreational” uses. While the doctor’s patients enjoy the benefits of this treatment, his wife sits in the next room, craving his attention.

Broadway Review
Of course In the Next Room derives much humor from the basic premise, which is based very much on genuine medical history and captured hilariously onstage. But what playwright Ruhl is clearly interested in most is human relationships, and this play isn’t so much about the merits of physical stimulation as it is about the importance of emotional connection. It is a funny, touching, and intelligent play that captures an era when scientific curiosity and societal repression began to come up against each other.

Finian’s Rainbow Broadway Show Review

Finian's Rainbow Broadway MusicalShow Summary
An Irish man and his daughter are hounded by an irate leprechaun when they take his crock of gold and bring it to the mythical state of Missitucky in this revival of the 1940s musical.

Broadway Review
Finian’s Rainbow is a very unusual musical, with its mix of magic, wit, and socio-political commentary, much of which is still relevant today. It also happens to have one of the most memorable musical scores in Broadway history, featuring Burton Lane/E.Y. Harburg songs such as “Old Devil Moon,” “How Are Things in Glocca Morra?”, “If This Isn’t Love,” “Something Sort of Grandish,” “Look To the Rainbow,” “When I’m Not Near the Girl I Love,” “When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich,” “That Great Come-and-Get-It Day,” and “Necessity”. The songs are beautifully sung by a top-rate cast (including the radiant Kate Baldwin, handsome Cheyenne Jackson, and hilarious Christopher Fitzgerald) in this charming production.

Burn The Floor Show Review

Burn the Floor Broadway ShowShow Summary
Burn the Floor takes its audience on a thrilling journey through time and around the globe with Latin and ballroom dance (with a modern twist), as championship dancers Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Lindy Hop, Rumba, Jive, Waltz, and Tango their way across the Broadway stage.

Our Recommendation
This blazing hot dance show (which has already toured the world to great acclaim before finally arriving on Broadway) is an homage to the best of international dance, demonstrating nearly every style of dance imaginable. Fans of television shows such as Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance? will appreciate the opportunity to see this passionate art form in a live setting.

Avenue Q Broadway Show Review

Show Summary
A recent university graduate moves into his first apartment and has to navigate love, work, friendships, and the challenges of everyday life in this Sesame Street-style satire of post-college life, now playing Off-Broadway.

Broadway Review
The combination of puppets and actors may make Avenue Q look a little like a children’s show, but songs such as “The Internet is for Porn” and “If You Were Gay” point to a very adult sensibility. Clever jokes about everything from racism to the difficulty of finding your purpose in life make this contemporary musical comedy a favorite among twenty- and thirtysomethings. But just about anyone who has ever made the transition to adulthood (and, preferably, has also seen Sesame Street) can relate to both the people and the puppets of Avenue Q.

Ragtime Broadway Show Review

Ragtime Broadway ShowShow Summary
The lives of a New Rochelle family, a ragtime pianist and his girlfriend, and a Latvian immigrant and his daughter all collide in this adaptation of E.L. Doctorow’s novel about the beginning of 20th century America.

Broadway Review
Although it is not quite as visually impressive as the handsome original Broadway production, this revival of the epic American musical sounds every bit as beautiful, with a full orchestra and an excellent cast realizing Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens’ gorgeous score full of soaring ballads and syncopated rhythms.

Superior Donuts Broadway Show Review

Superior Donuts Broadway ShowShow Summary
Arthur Przybyszewski (Michael McKean), the proprietor of a dilapidated Chicago donut shop, hires a clever young black man from the neighborhood named Franco Wicks to help out – and gets a lot more than he bargained>

Broadway Review
Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy Letts’ newest play is nothing like his two best known works, the creepy psychological thriller Bug and the epic family drama August: Osage County. Unlike those plays, Superior Donuts is a surprisingly conventional comedy about a man with a painful past who finds that an unexpected friendship is what he needs to finally move forward with his life. It is a solid effort, both funny and touching, with notable performances from Jon Michael Hill as Franco and Yasen Peyankov as the Russian business owner who wants to buy Arthur’s donut>