Cate Blanchett Sustains Minor Injury Onstage

Cate BlanchettAustralian actress Cate Blanchett, currently playing Southern Belle Blanche DuBois in the Sydney Theatre Company production of A Streetcar Named Desire, literally stopped the show on September 2nd following an onstage injury. During a fight scene with actor Joel Edgerton (playing Stanley Kowalski), Blanchett was accidentally hit by a prop radio. Though she continued with the scene, her head was bleeding and shortly thereafter the performance was stopped and the audience was asked to leave. Fortunately the injury was minor and Blanchett is fine – performances of the Tennessee Williams play are set to resume tomorrow. Although Cate Blanchett has plenty of stage experience, the beautiful actress is perhaps best known for her work in films such as Elizabeth, The Lord of the Rings, I’m Not There (in which she played an incarnation of Bob Dylan), and The Aviator, for which she won an Academy Award playing Katharine Hepburn.

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