Broadway Meets Reality TV Again. Sort Of.

Another musical is going to feature on a network reality TV show soon. But this time it’s not a Broadway musical, like this season’s Grease. Instead, it’s a TV musical — High School Musical, to be exact. The Disney Channel TV movie has become a ubiquitous brand name, spawning a sequel, stage shows, a forthcoming feature film, and more. It is now coming back to its roots on television.

Many details of the new ABC reality TV show are yet unknown, but Variety has reported that the summer series will involve a national talent search which will have the contestants competing in High School Musical-themed challenges. Exactly what they’re competing for is still unknown, but stars of the HSM movies are expected to appear on the program.

Now that this little Disney TV movie has exploded into an inescapable cultural phenomenon, could High School Musical: The Broadway Musical be far behind?

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Pawdesh Salawi

Broadway Theatre Writer at New York Show Tickets Inc.
Pawdesh has been writing about Broadway ever since seeing her first show on the great white way in 2001. Now she sees over one hundred Broadway (and off-Broadway) shows a year. She is also a member of the Drama Desk and would love to vote on the Tony's one day. The Office Voted Her Most Likely To: Marry rich and divorce young