9 To 5 – Broadway Show Review

Show Summary
Violet, Doralee, and Judy set out to make careers for themselves in the working world. Unfortunately, their boss is the most sexist, bigoted, egomaniacal liar imaginable. When the women finally reach a boiling point, their fantasies about what they would like to do to him turn hilariously real. With the big bad boss tied up, they use the opportunity to change their oppressive office into the kind of establishment where everyone loves to work.

Broadway Review
Based on the 1980 movie, the new Broadway musical 9 To 5 faithfully recreates the look of that era and also features Dolly Parton’s hit title song. Dolly has, in fact, written the entire new score, which displays her unmistakable voice, translated by the marvelous Meg Hilty, Stephanie J. Block, and Allison Janney as the mad-as-hell ladies who kidnap their piggish boss (deliciously played by Marc Kudisch). The show is big, brash, a little lowbrow at times, kinda crazy, and never subtle.
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