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Real Time with Bill Maher Free TV Show Tickets in Los Angeles

The Real Time with Bill Maher TV Show hosted by Bill Maher is shot in Los Angeles and Tickets To The Show Are Available To The Public

line Real Time with Bill Maher TV Show

Real Time with Bill Maher

After the ABC network axed his comic late night talk show Politically Incorrect (which initially began on Comedy Central), irreverent stand-up comedian Bill Maher took his act back to cable. Real Time with Bill Maher debuted on HBO in 2003 and has enjoyed a great deal of critical success since then, scoring multiple Emmy Award nominations. Real Time with Bill Maher is similar to Politically Incorrect in that it concentrates on current news events and political topics and features a panel of people with diverse viewpoints, but the new show is longer and allows Maher and his panelists to tackle subjects more in-depth. Real Time also features one-on-one interviews (sometimes via satellite) with politicians and news makers, as well as more comedic skits and longer monologues.

Bill Maher Achievements

In addition to his TV shows, Bill Maher has also hosted several stand-up comedy specials, starred in the documentary film Religious, and written several comedic rant-fueled books. A couple of the books are based on the popular "New Rules" segment on Real Time.

So, How Do You Get Tickets to Bill Maher in Los Angeles?
To Get Tickets to Real Time with Bill Maher call this number (323) 575-2345

Advance Ticket Requests:
Free tickets to Real Time with Bill Maher are available online or by phone.

Age Requirements:
You have to be 18 years or older to attend the Real Time with Bill Maher TV show hosted by Bill Maher.

TV Studio Address:
CBS Television City
Los Angeles, CA

Show Transmission:
Real Time with Bill Maher airs on HBO.