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Total Request Live Free TV Show Tickets in New York City

The Total Request Live (TRL) TV Show is Shot in New York City and Tickets To The Show Are Available To The Public

TRL Tickets

Total Request Live:

Total Request Live, or TRL, is an hour-long weekday afternoon show broadcast live from MTV's studios in the heart of Time Square. TRL brings the hottest music and biggest celebrities to the 12-18 television audience. Each day, TRL counts down the 10 most requested videos in the country, as chosen by fans who vote online.

Celebrity Guests:

TRL's celebrity guests range from actors such as Will Smith and Tom Cruise to musicians such as Eminem and Kelly Clarkson. The Total Request Live studio at MTV is quite small so the audience gets to surround and interact with the guests which makes the TV show a unique and personal experience. As the limited tickets for this MTV show are so coveted, TRL attempts to engage its viewers at home by allowing them to call into speak with celebrity guests and win prizes on air. Additionally, when the limited budget allows, TRL sends VJs and fans to various locations around the world to visit movie sets, cover concerts and premieres, and attend events such as spring break and the MTV Music Video Awards.

TV Show Taping Schedule:
Unfortunately Total Request Live (TRL) has been canceled and is no longer taping new episodes.

But There Are Still Many Other Wonderful TV Shows To See in New York City!

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Travel Plans:
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