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Maury Povich Biography
Review of veteran television anchor and interviewer Maury Povich and his varied career

Maury PovichThis weekday one-hour talk show features veteran television anchor and  interviewer, Maury Povich. Povich's journalistic sensibilities and sharp-witted style have endeared him to audience and viewer alike.

Treating subjects out of today's headlines and interviewing the people affected by them, Maury gets the personal story. On topics ranging from sexual harassment and the death penalty to news makers like Ross Perot  and celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Maury offers viewers insight into the subjects Americans are talking about.

According to Diane Rappoport, executive producer of the show, "Maury is regarded as one of the best in the business. His journalistic background, his nose for news, and his ability to get to the heart of an interview, both through on-target questioning and sharing his own vulnerability, provides viewers with a unique perspective on the headline  making stories and issues of today.

The hour-long talk show is hosted by veteran journalist  and interviewer Maury Povich. The syndicated Maury Povich Show is taped at Chelsea Studios, in New York City.
A proven leader in addressing contemporary news and social issues, The Maury Povich Show tackles  subjects torn from today's headlines and features interviews with people whose lives have been affected by them. Examining topical stories from a unique and in-depth perspective, The Maury Povich Show offers viewers true insight into the
subjects Americans are talking about. Rounding out these issue-oriented shows are revealing interviews with some of the country's most compelling personalities.

Maury Povich on The Maury Show TV Talk ShowDuring the past four years, The Maury Povich Show has welcomed such celebrity guests and news makers as Cher, Bill Cosby, Cindy Crawford, Kirk Douglas, Patti Davis, Lily Tomlin, Kathleen Sullivan and Ross Perot.
Host Maury Povich brings more than 25 years of experience as a tenacious news reporter and anchor to every edition of The Maury Povich Show. Povich works with his  staff to present real-life topics and timely ne
ws segments. He also credits his in-studio audiences with playing a key role in creating the excitement and success of his top-rated program.
Maury Povich Show debuted on September 9, 1991, and since that date, has  achieved many milestones and dealt with important issues including: on the job sexual harassment; the ongoing crusade for AIDS education; a special two-part edition on location in Waco, Texas, which allowed the residents of Waco to  confront the Branch Davidians for the first time on national television; a conversation with families whose loved ones were brutally murdered by Long Island serial killer Joel Rifkin; two back-to-back live shows from Union, SC,  chronicling the shocking news of Susan Smith's confession to the murder of her two children; and, an exclusive daytime interview with ex O.J. Simpson juror Michael Knox, who discussed his two-month ordeal as a juror for the trial.

Maury was born in Bethesda, Maryland, the son of legendary Washington Post sports columnist Shirley Povich. His father worked at the Post for an amazing 75 years. His passion for writing and reporting helped shape his entire career.

Maury began his broadcast journalism career in 1966 as a news reporter and sportscaster at Metromedia's WTTG-TV in Washington D.C. The following year,he became the host of a new midday talk show called Panorama.he immediately loved the format that combined news, politics and celebrities. He won many awards at Panorama and working in the nation's capital.

Following his stint in Washington,he anchored the news in many big cities across the country including Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Philadelphia. During his career in television,he learned never to say never. In 1986,he returned to WTTG in Washington to once again anchor the news and host Panorama. But not for long. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who bought the Metromedia station group, had other plans for him.

After 20 years in television,he was heading to the Big Apple, New York City. Rupert decided that he would anchor a new kind of show that had never been seen before. So in 1986, A Current Affair was born. Affair started on WNYW-TV in New York, as a local show and as its popularity grew, so did its reach. It became the first syndicated newsmagazine show and its enterprising reporting and no-holds-barred attitude became the talk of television. The show was groundbreaking and led to a slew of imitators. To this day,he still maintain that A Current Affair paved the way for the newsmagazine shows on all the networks.

In 1991 he returned to his talk show roots, this time, in national syndication, as host of The Maury Povich Show for Paramount, which ran for seven successful seasons.

In 1998 he partnered with Studios USA to create Maury, a brand new hour of exciting talk, with a fresh new look and attitude. Maury gives me the opportunity of dealing with compelling and sometimes controversial issues that impact teens and their parents.

On a more personal note, he has been married to Connie Chung since 1984. Connie is an anchor of 20/20 and a correspondent for ABC News. One of the biggest joys of their lives is their son Matthew. Two grown daughters, Susan and Amy, live on opposite coasts, with their families-Susan in New York and Amy in Los Angeles. Connie and Maury love to travel and spend time with their children and grandchildren.

He is an avid sports fan, both as a spectator and participant. One of his greatest passions is golf. he loves playing different courses all over the country.


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