“This is a forum where I can reach beyond the young people that I impacted in my court room…It won’t be enough to hit the gavel and make a judgment. It’s more important that they understand the life lessons after the judgment ends.”
— Judge Glenda Hatchett, Former Juvenile Court Justice


Judge Hatchett is a nationally syndicated weekday courtroom series created to appeal to young adults as well as viewers of all ages. Presiding in the courtroom is Judge Glenda Hatchett, one of the youngest and most distinguished African American women ever to serve as the presiding judge of a state court.

Russ Krasnoff, executive vice president, programming, Columbia TriStar Television Distribution, says, “Court shows connect with viewers by featuring the best elements of successful programming including drama, interesting personalities, emotional engagement, story telling and resolution. Glenda Hatchett is the ideal personality for this thriving genre who can broaden its appeal to a younger audience. She is experienced, direct, fair and passionate.”

Firm, yet compassionate, Judge Hatchett creates a courtroom environment aimed at offering solutions and “real life” lessons to be applied beyond the courtroom. The elements of early intervention and “aftercare,” specifically follow up visits and rehabilitation, will be emphasized throughout the series.

Offering younger litigants and a unique point of view, Judge Hatchett showcases a wide range of interesting and compelling cases that showcase a range of emotions. In addition to “tangible” disputes such as small claims, “Judge Hatchett” will introduce deeper, emotional issues such as cases involving personal family matters.

Judge Hatchett hopes to instill an optimistic outlook in those who enter her courtroom and help litigants to work with their families to find the positive side of discouraging situations. By making a pact with those who enter her courtroom, Judge Glenda Hatchett encourages open communication and people taking responsibility for their actions.



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