The Dr. Keith Ablow Show

The Dr. Keith Ablow Show

Following in the steps of Dr. Phil, psychiatrist and author Dr. Keith Ablow has moved on from his position as regular contributor to shows like Oprah, The Tyra Banks Show , and Good Morning America, to host his very own daytime talk show. The Dr. Keith Ablow Show! comes from the creators of The Ellen Degeneres Show and The Tyra Banks Show


On The Dr. Keith Ablow Show, the good doctor uses his 20+ years of experience as a therapist to tackle a variety of issues, from family and relationship difficulties to personal struggles. Some of the earliest subjects dealt with on the show included money problems, appearance anxieties, terrible mothers-in-law, and even especially sensitive topics like the strain that a newborn can put on a marriage. It is Dr. Keith's objective to deal with all of his subjects in great depth, in order to not only help his guests deal with their troubles, but to illuminate the human condition so that the audience and viewers at home can better understand and connect to each other.

Dr. Keith Ablow's experience includes work as an expert witness in many major trials, and as a writer of six crime-based novels and the New York Times bestseller Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson. His TV appearances are numerous, and he has been featured on many popular daytime programs as well as on networks like CNN and Court TV.


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