The Sally Jessy Raphael Show
Procter and Gamble - The Satanic Connection?

The real story about Procter an Gamble and the Sally Jessy Raphael Show

A E-Mail hoax has been sent (and subsequently resent) to many millions of unsuspecting computer users.

If you have not received the mail, the E-mail states that on Monday March 1st 1999 (Or July 19th 1999 - depending on which version of the mail you got) that the President of Procter and Gamble went on Sally Jessy Rapheal's Television show and declared that the company gives part of its profits to fund the Satanic Church. The mail also states that the company is involved in other satanic and demonic pursuits - Other companies are also named as part of this dastardly plot against Christianity, Specifically Liz Claiborne".
A "Button pushing" statement in the middle of the e-mail talks about "There are not enough Christians in the United States to make a difference"
And in some cases - depending on what part of the e-mail thread you got  - there may also be a list of all the Procter and Gamble products.(Some dumb fellow added this part to the mail not suspecting that it was in fact a hoax)

Although there was a show that day - The Sally Jessy Raphael Show on March 1st 1999 (there was no show on July 19th) focused on "Jennifer Reeve" who suffers from a panic condition that makes her act violently in public. Some other sufferers were highlighted and discussed the merits of seeking counseling. Procter and Gamble were not on the show.
Proctor and Gamble have never been on the show  - and probably never will be (Who wants to learn about cleaning products anyway? - not exactly interesting stuff!)
Oh, and the address to send your $3.00 to for the transcript - The Sally Show moved from that address years ago.

This E-mail hoax is just another classic example of urban legends being created by smart people with access to the right tools - Other such notable urban legends are: "The wet poodle that was dried in the microwave",  "Elvis Presley's Harley being found in a barn", "An computer virus that not only wipes your computer - but infects your bodyt" and the "Ghost of the dead boy on the set of Three men and a baby".

I hope I can now assume that you are very clear on the message we are giving here.
What is surprising, is the number of people who ask odd questions even after reading this article - The best so far have been (See if yours made it into the listing):

It is often said that people in New York treat everyone in the US the same.
Smart, innovative and a bit nutty
I hope you are smart enough to understand that there is no conspiracy, Innovative enough to find some other pursuits other than surfing the web - and sane enough to realise that murder is never the answer.


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