The Ricki Lake Show has begun its eighth season in national syndication. Ricki Lake looks for continued success as the new season begins with fresh, expanded subjects that not only entertain, but also make a difference in the lives of her audience.

Since its smash debut over eight years ago, Ricki Lake has remained among the top national daily talk shows in syndication. It is credited with having created a new genre of talk TV and has spawned a slew of imitators that have since come and gone. Ricki Lake was the first talk show to speak to the hearts and minds of a young adult audience, focusing on relationship-driven topics. Ricki’s unique brand of edgy, hip talk for today’s generation continues to evolve, reflecting the tastes of its audience, as well as the many changes in Ricki’s personal life.

Ricki Lake returns to her youthful roots, infusing the show with high energy and lively content. She connects with her audience through a wide variety of entertaining, engaging and thought provoking show topics. From teen pregnancy to gangs and drugs to makeovers and weight loss, Ricki is not afraid to confront the issues that concern her viewers.

Some of the returning signature pieces that have positively affected viewers and audience members’ lives include “My First Time,” “Walk A Day,” “Ricki Makes My Dreams Come True” and “Diary Of…” The series will also continue to build show topics around the popular and suspenseful “Lie Detector” and “DNA Evidence” episodes.

As in the past seasons, Ricki will continue to be pro-active and solution oriented in order to have a greater impact. Contributing experts will also play a key role in resolving conflict on-air, as well as for after-care programs.

Whether showcasing her popular signature themes, interacting with audience members and guests, or discussing hot topics selected by viewers, Ricki Lake is once again the voice for today’s generation. Ricki’s continuing evolution as a television personality always reflects today’s current trends. As a groundbreaker of this genre, Ricki Lake looks ahead to a successful eighth season that combines a return to the show’s roots, with the fresh production elements that has made the program successful for so many years.


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