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Jerry Springer Free TV Show Tickets

A guide on how to get tickets to the Jerry Springer show in Chicago

Jerry Springer TV Show Ticket

TV Show Taping Schedule

The Jerry Springer TV Show tapes on the following days:
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7:30PM
This late taping time was established so that regular working people can come to the show too.

Taping Season

The taping season for the Jerry Springer TV Show is September through April, although there are week-long breaks for each of the holidays

The NBC Studio in Chicago for the Jerry Springer Show

How To Get Tickets To The Jerry Springer Show

More than any other TV show in Chicago, New York and LA, the Jerry Springer show has no less than 5 different ways to get tickets, including phone, mail, email,internet and standby

Tickets By Phone
Call 312-321-5365 to request tickets and to get more information about taping schedule in Chicago. Lines are often busy during the day, so try to call at off-peak times

Tickets By Mail
Send your mailing address, phone number, number of tickets and date desired to:

Jerry Springer Show Tickets
Priority Ref Code: www.nytix.com
454 N. Columbus Drive
Second Floor
Chicago, IL 60611

Ticket Request By Internet
Another way to request tickets for the show is on his website at: www.jerryspringertv.com
We have found this method less successful than the other methods posted above for gerring tickets to the show - possiblly because the website has often crashed after being deluged when he has promoted it on the air.

Ticket Request By Email
You can actually send an email directly to the Jerry Springer show to request tickets.
The email address is jerryspringer@nbcuni.com

Standby Tickets
Standby tickets do exist for this TV show, although all the people with prior tickets will be seated first.
All you need do is turn up at a day of taping, remember to call ahead to make sure they are actually taping a show that day, and they will give you a seat on a first come, first served basis until all the seat availabliity runs out.
Call 312-321-5365 and see the map link below.

The Jerry Springer TV Studio Location
The Jerry Springer TV show is shot in studio 2A, on the 2nd floor of the NBC studios on 454 North Columbus Drive in Chicago, Illinois
Click Here to See the map

The Springer TV Show Rules

  • You are not allowed to approach Jerry or the guests during the show unless invited by Jerry or the production team
  • You must be 18 years or older to attend
  • A photo ID is required to enter the studio
  • You cannot carry firearms, explosives or any photography equipment into the studio
  • Laser pointers are not allowed
  • You cannot take your pets or any other animals into the show unless previously authorized by the production team
  • T Shirts with branded orprofane messages are not allowed into the studio