Graham Norton Tickets On Comedy Central

Graham NortonTicket Information for the Graham Norton Effect Show on Comedy Central In New York

The Graham Norton Effect tapes at 7:30pm Tuesdays at Studio B - All Mobile Video - 221 West 26th street in New York City.

Standby Tickets:
If you want to get Graham Norton tickets, we can tell you how to do it. Our guide will give you access to all the latest information including essential how-to’s, (including secrets to the best seats in the house) methods and details. Click Here For Access

Age Requirements:
You must be at least 18 years old to attend the show. Parents be forewarned: the show contains loads of racy material.

Mail in Tickets:
There is currently no mail-in ticket policy.

On-Line Tickets:
The only way to get tickets to The Graham Norton Effect is via email request. This guide has all the information you need to ensure you know how to get one of the hottest tickets around.

The show is broadcast Thursdays at 10:00pm and Fridays at 8:00pm on Comedy Central.

Travel Plans:
Want to make it to the show on time? Here’s the latest local transit information.


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